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DIY Make A Thread Wrapped Belt

how to make a thread wrapped belt

Time to make your own DIY thread wrapped belt, guys.  Check out the cute refashion DIY Steph has cooked up today.  -Allison Hi friends! You know when you’re flipping through catalogs or surfing the web checking out the latest fashions, and you see something that is just sooo DIY doable you say to yourself, “why would I pay that much money when I could just make it myself!?” Well, guess what. That totally happened to me a few weeks ago…
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DIY hardware bracelet tutorial

A DIY tutorial is so much fun.  Do you love a fun hardware bracelet DIY as much as I do?  They are easy (well, usually), fast and stylish. The craft trifecta! I’ve been playing around with sequins, trying to make earrings or even decorate a shirt. But you know how they looked the best? As a bracelet. Lucky me.  So I have an easy tutorial for you to make your own. And you know my love of hex nuts.  My…
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How to make a DIY stud bracelet

how to DIY studded bracelet

// Learn how to make a DIY stud bracelet in today’s post from new contributor Stephanie Gerber of the blog Henry Happened.  She’s wicked talented and you’ll know how-to make a DIY bracelet before you even know what hit you. // Hi! I’m Stephanie of Henry Happened, and let me introduce myself by saying that I’m a bit of a magazine hoarder. Ever since my first subscriptions to Sassy and YM checking the mail has been one of the highlights…
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Make your own DIY hex earrings

// Make your own DIY hex nut earrings with a tutorial from new Petit Elefant editor Stephanie. // Hi! It’s Stephanie from Henry Happened. Still looking for Christmas gift ideas? I’m so far behind on my shopping it’s not funny! Today I’m sharing how to make your own super simple pair of earrings that involves one of my favorite crafting activities – a trip to the hardware store! You can make this project in bulk and whip up several sets…
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Pick a bag and fill it with fun jewelry

pick a bag and fill it with jewelry

Need a fun gift idea? Pick a bag and fill it with fun jewelry for the people in your life you love the most. New teen-beat editor Lindsey shares her gift idea today just in time for a little last minute shopping. This holiday season I am absolutely loving the fun fill a bag idea. The whole point of this gift is to buy a functional and cute purse, then fill it with different types of jewelry. The reason I…
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My Frida Kahlo earrings

frida kahlo earrings

A dear friend gave me these amazing Frida Kahlo earrings over the weekend.  For Christmas, and also for not killing anyone last week when I had a migraine for 6 days straight. Probably mostly for Christmas. Anyway, I wore them to church yesterday with a part down the middle and my hair in a ponytail and the first thing I said to myself in the mirror was: ‘Frida Kahlo!’. But not in an I-haven’t-plucked-my-eyebrows-this-year kind of way, in a very…
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new trendy glasses for women

new trendy glasses

You guys, I totally gave in to the new trendy glasses for women craze. I couldn’t help myself. These glasses are so close my original first pair of tortoiseshell frames from the 3rd grade, I had to get some.   They’re wicked cute. And I’m willing to fully embrace the fact that they make me look a little bit nerdy. I kind of like them. A lot. I’m not super hot on the diamond studs on the side, but you…
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funky hand made jewelry

keep calm

I met some ladies last week who made the trip to Nashville, Tennessee for BlissDom {a social media conference} completely worth the plane ride.  Two of these ladies were introduced to me the day before the conference actually started, and it’s like we’re sisters from another mother. April let me root around in a plastic bag until I found just the right piece of jewelry in the perfect color, which happened to be a grey ‘Keep Calm and Carry On‘…
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