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Shopping For Social Good fashionABLE

leather tote bag

Are you shopping for the holidays yet?  I know I’m jumping the gun a little bit, but it’s never too early to be prepared is it?  That’s the Boy Scout motto and everything, so let’s all get prepared together and be shopping scouts on our A-game.  I believe in us, you guys, I really do. I traveled to Washington, D.C. last week to participate in the first AYA Summit hosted by in Google’s offices in D.C.  It was a…
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How To Accessorize Your Watches With Jewelry

how to accessorize

Learning to accessorize can seem a bit daunting sometimes, right? And it seems like the rules of fashion change all the time; sometimes it’s okay to stack bracelets like crazy up both arms, but other times you’re supposed to accessorize with nothing but a simple necklace and a watch. What the what? No worries, you’ve got this. It’s okay to accessorize the way you want, but I have some tips in case you’re worried about the fashion police knocking on…
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Cool Wood Jewelry Watches and Accessories for You

wood watch

You know what I like more than almost anything else?  Accessories.  I really, really, rilly love me some accessories, don’t you? Cool, bold jewelry and accessories can take an outfit from meh to bangin’ in the time it takes to slide each piece onto your hot body.  Think about it; if you’re wearing regular jeans and a tee but you throw on a statement necklace and some boss rings, topped off by a cool watch, forget it.  Game over, hands…
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Sequin Bracelet DIY To Make Now

sequin bracelet

Just look what our newest contributor, Andrea, has been up to in the craft department! Read on for this fabulous sequin bracelet DIY. I’ve loved the look of stacked sequins in jewelry for a while now. I have a long boho-type necklace that mixes metallic sequins with all sorts of funky beads to make a very unique and pretty statement, and I’ve gifted a couple sets of simple sequin bracelets for birthdays. The store I had picked up a couple…
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Traveling Toiletry Cases Cute + Stylish

traveling toiletry cases

Traveling is one of my favorite things, my very special, very favorite things in the whole world.  But travel has its ups and downs.  Air travel usually means heading somewhere exciting, but just thinking about getting through security makes me break out in a sweat.  I’m getting better at the whole process, but almost always something goes wrong; last time I flew from LA —> SLC my Cookie Butter was confiscated by the T.S.A..   It was all very traumatic. …
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Great Scarves for Plus Size Women

Years ago my mother-in-law gave me a silk scarf she picked up on a business trip to India.  I wanted to show it off, but I was intimidated. I didn’t know how to wear it! Being a plus size woman, I don’t want to be overwhelmed, or add any bulkiness to my frame with a scarf. Recently I’ve been more adventurous and given a few scarves a try. One of the most important things I’ve realized is having the right scarf…
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Looking for some hot nerd glasses? I can help!

This hot nerd glasses post is sponsored by eBay. Follow my eBay collections to see regularly updated style in every category you can dream up, including an entire shrine collection dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes.  He’s so hot right now. Your mom’s so hot right now.   I’m curating collections by the minute over on eBay, and I have a couple I’m a little obsessed with.  That’s not weird is it, to love your own collections?  Anyway.  Weird or…
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How to geometric earrings

diy geometric jewelry

Today, how to geometric earrings, a DIY involving clay and and Xacto knives.   Get excited, this is a how to DIY you want to pay close attention to so you can whip up some earrings this weekend.  Check out the how to details. Have you guys noticed this geo trend going on? There’s been geometric shaped everything lately, from how to jewelry to candles to how to geometric planters; even holiday decorations are getting geodified. Yes, geodified. Well, now…
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Easy knit bracelet DIY

diy easy knit bracelet

My easy craft technique of choice is knitting. I love that it is portable, quiet, and easy to work on while relaxing for the night. However, now that the warm weather is finally starting to come, (knock on wood) I lose all motivation to make any sort of scarf, blanket or any other cold weather necessity. What’s a girl to do? Make easy knitted jewelry, of course! Don’t be intimidated by the small stitches, even if you are a total…
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