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kitchen remodel part one

This is what my kitchen looks like normally: And this is what my kitchen looked like on Friday: I haven’t even shown you the worst of it. The floor is ripped up, there’s half eaten food on the counter, kids dodging in and out, a father-in-law heating tea in a corner, and me hurriedly trying to paint the walls before I head out of town to Houston for Mom 2.0. The end result will be phenomenal, but right now? I’m…
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how to: make homemade sugar scrub.

This year for Christmas we’re doing a little less of everything. A little more homemade, a lot less commercial. My kids are getting a small smattering of presents {and I do mean small} and Viktor and I are keeping the gifts between us pretty basic and practical. I already bought myself the camera I wanted, the only thing left on my list is every available song from the Glee Soundtrack. But I digress. My point was that we’re keeping it…
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how to: create a laundry room nook.

Our laundry room is much like a galley kitchen in a Manhattan apartment: long and narrow without much space to work with. I’ve been brainstorming over the last few years about how to make it a little more user friendly, a little more family friendly. The solution went thussly: Step A}: Buy a coat rack from IKEA in the As-Is section for $3.99. Bring it home and screw it into the laundry room wall. Stand back and admire your work….
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what to do when your house floods.

A few things making this situation more tolerable: Diet Dr. Pepper with pebble ice from the local dive diner. French fries + fry sauce Turkey club sandwich Two, count ’em TWO trashy magazines. I don’t really care for whatsherface from the dance show but US Weekly always saves the day. Plus OK! magazine, while not renowned for journalistic excellence, has a front page story about Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s love nest. I don’t really care if it’s true or…
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how to: make homemade bath salt.

About this time of year, when things get really cold, I start spending a lot of time in the bath. A lot of time. At some point last winter, I realized I feel much better if I add Epsom Salt to the water every time I hop in the bath. It’s a wonderful anti-inflammatory, in addition to having a whole host of other benefits. Plus, it’s super cheap; I’ve been buying it in bulk at the dollar store. Here’s what…
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finished bathroom remodel.

The beautiful kids bathroom project {nightmare} is over. It took approximately 4 years, 285 days, and 3 hours. Not too shabby. I am proud to say however, we didn’t hire out a single part of the bathroom. Viktor did all the wiring, plumbing, & tiling. I did the grunt work like the paint, grout, scrubbing. Awesome. The grant total price of the bathroom, top to bottom was $1,200. I’m really proud of that. Especially considering the fact that when we…
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children’s bathroom remodel.

Shortly after C was born we gutted the second bathroom upstairs. We needed to renovate, bring the bathroom into the 21st century. A little more functional. In fact we just wanted function, period. You realize C just turned 5. FIVE. This bathroom has been a sore spot in our lives for several years, and finally, finally, FINALLY it is almost done. Victor is pretty handy with a tile saw, I’ll give him that. In fact, I can’t really think of…
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sustain eco store.

I’m making all sorts of efforts to help my family go a little bit more green each year, and this is the year of composting. We had a lovely garden last Summer and are starting a new one right now, are using the clothes line Victor strung from the backyard play set to the fence, and this Summer, we’re going to compost. Stainless Compost Pail 3 quart {via Sustain Stores} $42 I’ve started with this counter top compost pail, which…
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how to make a men’s tie.

Forget the same old department store tie you usually concede to gifting your favorite dads. Check out these instructions for making a one-of-a-kind-just-what-he’d-totally-dig necktie for your one-of-a-kind dads.  Courtesy of the talented minds at the Purl Bee blog, courtesy of Purl Soho. Don’t forget to check out their fabulous fabric selection. I’m thinking this Amy Butler option would make a very nice tie for Mr. J.