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Home made Christmas ideas

homemade christmas ideas

I don’t think there’s anything better than a home made Christmas. Really. Anytime I receive a home made anything during the holidays I’m so grateful someone has taken the time to make something personal and give it to me.  Moi.  Yours truly. I don’t mind making home made holiday gifts either, it’s pretty great.  Easy on the wallet, great on the return, and on and on.  So to help you along in your gift making {and gift giving!} I’ve rounded…
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how to make wood shutters for your house

wooden shutters

You want to learn how to make wood shutters for your house?  Today I’m your gal. We live in a super windy city, and over the summer a particularly vicious storm ripped off what was left of the plastic window shutters on the front of our house.  The plastic cheap-os have been driving Viktor crazy forever, so he decided to take action and make some wood shutters on his own. You cannot BELIEVE how easy this project was.  Peasy. The…
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how to organize your kitchen drawer

kitchen utensils

I don’t know about you, but my utensil drawer in my kitchen was a mess.  M-E-S-S.  I almost wish I had a before photo to show you so you’d believe what a train wreck it was.  You probably don’t have a messy drawer anywhere in your house, but I do.  I have plenty of them. After a little bit of begging from me, Viktor created some organization, and made me want to marry him all over again. The best part?…
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how to display hotel keys

hotel keys

I’ve been traveling a lot over the last few years, and somewhere along the way I decided to start collecting my hotel room keys.  I have some pretty great ones, really clever ones. The Joie de Vivre hotels do a really good job making appropriately themed keys, they’re kind of my favorite. I’ve been thinking of a bunch of different ways to display these, but I need some ideas from my smart readers. I’m thinking I’ll get an old window,…
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office remodeling

office remodel

A couple months ago I realized I really need an office of my own.  I’ve been working in an office/study/playroom in the front room of our house and it’s been driving me slowly crazy.  I really needed a space of my own, someplace to go to close the door and make conference calls.  Someplace besides my closet, where I was working/hiding from the kids while making cross country business calls and silently slamming my bum against the locked door to…
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how to: votive candle holder.

glass votive holder

Not too long ago I read an article in Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart, I forget which, about how to make your own votive candle holder.  I loved the idea for the 4th of July, so I made this one with coordinating holiday colors. Two months ago. Hey, it’s been a busy summer. At any rate, this super easy project could be transferred to fall colors, Christmas holiday colors, Valentine’s Day, you name it.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy….
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Do It Yourself Kitchen Remodel

remodeled kitchen

Proceed into a kitchen remodel with total caution, sanity, and an intact marriage.  You might, *might* come out with one of the three. We started the kitchen remodel in January of this year, figuring since we were getting new kitchen appliances from Frigidaire we ought to update the kitchen to match.  We’re now seven months into the kitchen remodel project and we still have half an un-tiled floor and no cabinet hardware {read: knobs and pulls}.  I love the way…
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happily ignorant

I can honestly say, this is one of those times when I’m thrilled about the fact that I don’t speak Polish. I have no idea what’s going on at the rip roaring speed of sound between these two, and I have no intention of finding out. I’ll be in my happy place if you need me.

shelter warning: it’s not safe to come out yet.

I know it’s not life or death, this kitchen remodel we’re doing, but it’s a little hectic at my house right now, and I feel like posting this sign on the front door: Marie and I ended up in the basement at BlissDom, shelter level. I thought it was hysterical, being relegated to the floor where all the staff were hanging out, smoking in the stairwells. I kind of wish I were hiding out with them right now so I…
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