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Master bathroom remodel supply list

Master bathroom remodel supplies

  A couple of months ago I shared with you the finished product of our master bathroom remodel.  It was a tremendous, almost year-long project and I’m thrilled it’s finally over.  I’m even more thrilled about the fact that right now there’s nowhere in the house I’d rather be than my bathroom.  That sounds weird, but it’s true.  I never want to leave.  I just head into the bathroom and roll the big sliding yellow door closed and pretend the…
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Master bathroom remodel design ideas

master bathroom remodel

A master bathroom remodel is way less fun than you think it would be, and I know you think it would be fun.  The most fun in all the land, ripping apart your personal space and tearing out your closet.  So much fun they should have entire TV shows dedicated to remodeling people’s master bath … oh wait. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’re in the middle of our master bathroom remodel part I aka ripping up moldy…
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Giving the gift of art to ones you love

giving gifts of art

Have you ever thought of giving someone you love the gift of art?  I’ve done it a few times in small ways; a print of painting by a favorite artist, a beautiful photograph of a happy memory or wonderful vacation. I have yet to meet someone who wouldn’t love to receive such a thoughtful gift, have you? I’ve wanted to turn some photos of my family’s favorite travel moments together into canvas and hang them in a gallery all along…
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HGTV iPad 2 winner

house hunters international

I don’t know about you, but I had so much fun: a) talking about finding your dream home b) watching House Hunters International {live! on the tee vee!} and live tweeting while a very, very young and uh, very “American” couple chose an apartment in Vienna.  {side note: Heather Spohr and I were texting back and forth during the show: “Seriously?  $1,800 buys THAT in Austria?!  Why are we still living in the U.S.?”  double side note: Rebecca Woolf is…
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I’m giving away an iPad tonight

I'm giving away an iPad 2 tonight

*This post was sponsored by HGTV’s House Hunters the most entertaining and living vicariously show on the tee-vee.  See also: anything HGTV is a bestie of mine and I’m thrilled to bits and pieces to be working with them on this.* UPDATED: I will announce the winner of the iPad next week, stay tuned! Straight up, you heard me right: I’m giving away an iPad tonight.  Follow me on twitter: @petit_elefant, and don’t forget the underscore, it’s pretty important. Enter…
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House where time stood still

record player

I recently read an article about this house in New Zealand that’s blowing my mind. It was built and completely decorated + furnished right after World War II for a navy man’s mother and sister, never to be lived in. Ever. All the original furnishings are still intact: dishes, record player + records, light fixtures, original parquet floors. I’m honestly melting a little inside just thinking about it.  Can you even imagine?  This little treasure of mid-century modern is just…
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how to make your own inspiration board

style collage

In January I spoke at a design conference called Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City.  I was one of the teachers of a design camp class about making your own design boards.  I’ve been making inspiration boards for a while now and find them to be really useful in helping the creative process no matter what I’m doing.  A ton of you have asked me to guide you to a resource for creating your own design boards, and since I couldn’t find a great one, I’ve created a how to post just for you.

Here’s How To Make Your Own Inspiration Board.  By the way, this post is long.  If you’re not interested, come back tomorrow or go check out my nit-picky opinions on the Best and Worst Dressed Oscars from Sunday night.

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top design sites.

My panel at Alt was about how to find the best design blogs on the web, a tricky prospect at best. The panel consisted of me Petit Elefant, Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely, Jaime Derringer of Design Milk, and Karey Mackin of Mackin Ink. A fabulous panel of rockin’ women. We came up with a seriously hefty list of our picks for the best design blogs out there in the following categories: 1} Do Not Miss2} Everyday Reads3} Next…
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what’s your favorite design blog?

So, remember how I’m speaking at Alt, a design conference in SLC? Well, my panel is all about how to find the best, most inspirational, wonderful, tickle-your-fancy, design blogs out there. And I need your help. So if you’d be so kind would you tell me where you go online to get inspired? What are your favorite design blogs?