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what it’s like to have Lupus.

Friends, I’ve been missing for a few days. Not because I don’t love you, or blogging, but because I’m having a hard time functioning right now. One of the best things about blogging {for me} is that no one can see when I’m sick, well, tired, happy, in my pajamas, in bed, or at my desk sipping {another} cold Diet Dr. Pepper. I can conceal when I’m not feeling up to snuff, which I kind of love because that’s pretty…
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my new oven is made of pure awesome.

Let me tell you something awesome about my new Frigidaire oven. Aside from the fact that it’s made of pure fabulous, it can fit so much food inside it’s almost criminal. You see the arrow in the photo? That rack of the oven comes apart so I can technically cook a Thanksgiving turkey while cooking a handful of pumpkin pies on the side. Made of awesome? Yes please. I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by…
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what’s under your fridge?

You really don’t want to know what was under my fridge when we pulled it out. But I’m going to show you anyway, because that’s what bloggers do. We show you the worst of what’s going on in our lives, because we’re all on the same team here. Are you ready? I’ll let you look at the old fridge first. We bought it from a guy at Viktor’s office for a steal when we moved into our house. It was…
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thrift store find.

I took a huge load of kitchen goods to the thrift store on Friday. I’m trying to get rid of as much stuff as humanly possible before the kitchen is put back together; I don’t want to put anything back in those cupboards that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Which is great in theory, except that I can’t just drop a load off at Savers without going inside, looking around, and coming out with one. But I got some…
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how to stage your home: by guest blogger ronique gibson

Ronique Gibson of the blog Home Stagetecture, a home staging company, is guest blogging today. And I’m excited. I love going into staged homes to get ideas for decor in my own lived-in house. So whether you’re in the market for selling your home or you just need ideas for keeping your home beautiful {me, me!}, this one’s for you. Enjoy. Make your space inviting and fun! You know that feeling when you stay in a posh hotel? The great…
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top design sites.

My panel at Alt was about how to find the best design blogs on the web, a tricky prospect at best. The panel consisted of me Petit Elefant, Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely, Jaime Derringer of Design Milk, and Karey Mackin of Mackin Ink. A fabulous panel of rockin’ women. We came up with a seriously hefty list of our picks for the best design blogs out there in the following categories: 1} Do Not Miss2} Everyday Reads3} Next…
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what’s your favorite design blog?

So, remember how I’m speaking at Alt, a design conference in SLC? Well, my panel is all about how to find the best, most inspirational, wonderful, tickle-your-fancy, design blogs out there. And I need your help. So if you’d be so kind would you tell me where you go online to get inspired? What are your favorite design blogs?

my office.

home office

With the flooding, rearranging, and new flooring in our house came a shifting of furniture. The study, formerly only home to my desk {$30 at a yard sale} and some bookshelves, turned into a major family hub when the sofa from the family room moved in. I had to move my desk over to a blank wall and away from the front window, {a perfect eagle’s eye view to Charming’s daily activities outdoors} a move I wasn’t thrilled about, but…
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new laminate floor.

I promise I’ll get back to more fun and interesting things, like fashion and style, once I get this post out of my system. I just can’t help myself, I’m too excited about my new floor. You might remember that we had the great flood of 2009 way back in October and I’ve been living with a cement slab for a family room floor ever since. Well, last week Viktor must have felt guilty about the fact that he bought…
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