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Organizing Your House Week Three

Organizing Your House Week 3

Guys, it’s house cleaning central over here these days.  I’m a cleaning / organizing / tidying fool, and I’ll tell you what: my house has never looked better. If you’re new to this challenge, let me catch you up to speed.  This year I’m tackling one organizing project at a time in my house, in an effort to help my life become more tidy and simplified. In the end simplification + tidiness = happier everyone. Read the beginning of the…
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Organizing Your House Week Two

organize your house week two

Organizing Your House Week Two:   I’m an organizing fool up in here these days!  I’m so excited so many of you are with me on getting your homes + lives organized in the new year (and hopefully for years to come).  We can totally do this one week at a time.  Thank you for the feedback on Organizing Your House Week One!  Leave comments or email me if you’re really stressed about one area of your home / life…
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Organizing Your House Week One

organize your house week 1

Organizing Your House Week One: Do you remember how I talked about how we’re about to get all organized up in here?  Go read my post about organizing your house one week at a time, and then come back.  I’ll wait. Okay, now that you’re up to speed, let’s get started. This week’s Organizing Your House Objective: clean and organize the worst cupboard in your kitchen I don’t know about you, but I have at least one cupboard, drawer in…
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Organizing Your House One Week At A Time

organize your house week 1

Hello, friends, Happy Monday!  It’s time to clean house.  Don’t sad sigh on me now, we can totally do this, one week at a time, which is exactly what we’re going to do. Last year was the year of if-it-doesn’t-kill-you-it-will-make-you-stronger.  It almost did me in, 2014, but guess what suckas? (I’m referring to the universe, not you)  I’m still here!  My baby girl has turned a corner and is slowly, slowly but surely getting a little better every day.  Things…
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Please Save Me From My Laundry Room

save me from my laundry room

My laundry room is no different than any other laundry room in the country, in that most of the time I’d love for it to just disappear. Poof! Absorb itself right back into the atmosphere from whence it came, never to harass me again. The laundry room really isn’t terrible in and of itself, but the muck and mud, swim gear, random tools, shoes from people who don’t even live here, in addition to the shoes of those who do,…
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Natural home made wood polish

home made wood polish

You want home made wood polish?  I’ve got your home made wood polish. I’m your best friend like that. A little while ago I needed to have the kids clean the wood floors and dust the wood furniture, (I’m a mean mom) only to discover we were totally out of wood cleaner / wood polish.  I’m no Becky Home-Ec-y, sometimes we run out of cleaning products and it takes me months to notice. Shut up, I’m busy. Anyway, two things…
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How to screw up the laundry at home

how to screw up laundry

How to screw up the laundry at home, a comprehensive guide. OK so maybe this isn’t an all-inclusive, super secret handbook on how to screw up the laundry system at your house, but it might be a good substitute until someone decides to write that book.  It won’t be me though, I’m the girl still working on last month’s laundry pile-up. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So how does it go down in your house, the laundry?  Does one…
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3 great organic cleaning + bath products

3 organic product

Today: 3 great organic cleaning + bath products for your pleasure.  Get excited.  You know I love me some good bath products, and even though I haaaaaaaaaate cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms, there is a great smelling delicious organic cleaner to ease my pain a little so you probably want on that train. Where does one find such magic?  The Honest Company.  You’ve heard of Jessica Alba, yes?  Me too.  She seems like a girl I’d want to have lunch…
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Banana hanger for the kitchen

how to make a banana hanger

This week is choc-a-bloc full of how-to’s for you.  First it was how to dye your hair at home, and now I’m going to show you how to make a banana hanger for the kitchen. It’s like I can’t even help myself anymore. I know this is the simplest of simple things, but a banana hanger in your kitchen {if you’re one to eat bananas that is} not only saves space, it saves you from the misery of mushy brown…
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