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unique russian matryoshka dolls.

Inga, (burgundy), $25 Oksana (blue), $25 There’s something so enchanting about traditional Matryoshka dolls. I’m rather fond of these soft, limited edition, hand-crafted beauties. Quiet Hours Toys (discovered via Design Mom) is an on-line shop featuring limited-edition, handcrafted children’s items. These sweet one-of-a -kind Matryoshka dolls, by Denise Mollison, are just one example of the many treasures you’ll find there. I think they’d make a lovely gift for a lovely little girl. FYI: Items sell out quickly, as nothing is…
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First Aid for Children

Last week, family friends almost lost their little boy to drowning. When they pulled him out of the water he wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse. They had just started CPR when a neighbor saw what was going on and rushed over to help. She told the family that they were administering CPR incorrectly because the boy was under five, and she took over. They were able to get the boy breathing again and they rushed him to the…
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simple birthday parties for kids.

As M nears his 2nd birthday, I realize that the era of birthday parties will soon be upon us. We are foregoing a party this year, but plan to involve his playmates at his 3rd birthday celebration. A daunting feat, must admit. But, ta da!  Just a couple of days ago I received my bonus family issue of Real Simple (a perk of subscribing faithfully–I don’t know what I’d do without it). It’s a great issue, and happens to feature clever…
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safe wooden teethers.

Look at these cool teething toys from the etsy shop Little Alouette. They’re made from Maple wood so they’re 100% natural for your baby to chew on, and the teethers are filled with brown rice to keep your little one entertained while they munch. I always gave my babies frozen bagels, which worked great until they bit off chunks of bagels and tried to choke themselves. Wood is better, much better. Maple Waldorf Teether/Rattle. $14. {via littlealouette}. Made with love…
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Old Wives’ Tales

Mike and I have our ultrasound appointment on Wednesday. We’re going to find out the sex of our baby! And of course, there’s not one or another that we’d prefer. We’ll be happy to have a boy for a lot of reasons and happy to have a girl for just as many great reasons. So I thought that I’d share some of the fun with you, and you can weigh in on what you think we might be having. To…
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Cito by Guidecraft

Our playroom, like many,  is a dizzying menagerie of brightly colored plastic. Which is fine, but really, who doesn’t love quality wooden toys for their heft, simple appeal, and environmental soundness? Among M’s most beloved toys are the wooden choo choo train and semi truck that were made for him by a talented relative. I display them proudly. I can only imagine his joy were he to receive one of these super-cool oversized trucks on his upcoming birthday: Cito forklift by…
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beijing summer olympics 2008.

Only one more day until the official start of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. I don’t know about the rest of you but the Olympics are my favorite. Athleticism. Inspiration. Heroism. Achievement. Perseverance. I love all of it. And how cool is it that one of the top contenders is a mom? I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Dara Torres. She rocks. Photos found here and here.

TV Dinners Revisited

Back in the day when my parents hired a babysitter for me and my sister, we considered having TV dinners a special treat. The salisbury steak and apple cobbler came in aluminum divided trays that went in the oven (not the microwave) ’til all their sodium and preservatives were cooked to piping hot perfection. I think we only found them edible because of the fun divided plate! I’ve been searching for something similar in function, but better looking in form. …
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