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Making Biking A part Of Your Every Day

biking to work

Biking is quickly becoming a part of my daily routine since my new bike came into my life, and is my new favorite way to get around.  Most of us grow up riding bikes as kids, but not many of us keep riding as adults, especially as a primary mode of transportation. But we should all be out biking, all the time.  It’s so much fun I almost feel like a kid again, and it’s such great exercise.  I love…
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E-Bikes Are The Glorious Future Of Transportation

Electric Bikes Are The Glorious Future Of Transportation

Transportation by electric bikes is the way of the future!  I’m serious, so let’s talk about why. // Thank you for your support of Petit Elefant sponsors!  This post is brought to you in partnership with eSpokes Electric Bikes, the largest electric bike retailer in Utah. As always, all opinions are my own. // Last month I shared with you how in love I am with my electric bike as a new mode of transportation around my city and why. …
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How An E-Bike Is Getting Me Outside More

How An E-Bike Is Getting Me Outside

// Thank you for your support of Petit Elefant sponsors!  This post is brought to you in partnership with eSpokes Electric Bikes, the largest electric bike retailer in Utah. As always, all opinions are my own. // Are you an outside kind of person?  I love being outside as much as the next girl, maybe even more.  I’ve lived in the Wasatch mountain range in Utah my whole life, camping and fishing, biking and hiking in the mountains and desert…
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How To Walk Ten Thousand Steps A Day


Some time ago, someone from on high recommended walking ten thousand steps a day for optimal health and wealth.  Minus the wealth part.  When it was recommended, I was probably taking well over ten thousand steps a day so I sort of ignored it, as one does to advice that doesn’t apply, and went on my merry way. And then I started a blog. I’ve become so sedentary over the last few years, tap, tap, tapping away on my computer,…
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training for a relay


Remember a few months ago how I was supposed to run this awesome relay race with a team my blogging B.F.F. Marie LeBaron put together called Eat. Blog. Run.? I trained, I got blisters, I cried, I worked really hard, and in the end stupid Lupus won and I had to drop out of the race.  I still went to San Francisco to cheer my teammates on in their amazing race, but it nearly broke my heart. When I got…
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how to increase your daily water intake.

It’s no secret that I’d rather drink Diet Dr. Pepper than water any day of the week, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up. Not really, but work with me here. Since my new fridge showed up I’ve been amazing at drinking water. I dare say my water consumption has increased by about 400%, and I’m not just pulling that number out of nowhere. Okay I am, but it feels like 400% because I’m drinking cold ice water all…
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great running advice {updated}

{UPDATED} Thank you so much for all the great running advice! Keep it coming in the comments and I’ll just keep adding your suggestions to the body of the post. You’re the best! It became abundantly clear after I posted a photo of my bandaged feet, I am still quite a novice in this running arena. I’m logging the miles, but I’m probably doing it all wrong. I received so many awesome comments and emails with great suggestions about what…
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running woman.

I figured you wanted to start your day with a photo of my hurting, blistered feet. You’re welcome. {yes, I gave myself a pedicure in the dark, why do you ask?} Up to this point I’ve been hesitant to call myself a bona fide runner, but I think I’m there. All the training for the relay in May is starting to get to my body. And not in an eat-all-the-creamies-you-can-in-one-sitting way, although I’m giving that my best. Charming couldn’t figure…
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running in the rain.

I’m training for something that I can’t really talk about yet, but am crazy excited to be doing. Crazy excited and just plain crazy all at the same time. But it involves running, lots and lots of running. I needed to go for a run the other day but the weather weather was really crummy; someone on Twitter dared me to go anyway, and I did. I took a picture so I could show you just how drenched I got….
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