Casual Studious Fall Outfit Idea For You

Casual Studio Fall Outfit Idea


Need an outfit idea for Fall, now that we’re almost heading into Winter?  I’ve got a great outfit for you: a combination of casual, sexy, + studious.  How can that be, you ask?  Easy.  Mix some sophisticated pieces with some ripped boyfriend jeans (or maybe just some skinnies, your choice) and you’re ready to roll whether you’re headed into the office (I wouldn’t maybe wear ripped jeans there unless you’re a pretty casual bunch) or to the classroom, or even to your local Starbucks for an afternoon coffee date.

Here are the components you need to hit the style mark this Fall:

Casual Studious Fall Outfit Idea For You

  • gorgeous Fall blazer (I’m partial to herringbone)
  • long sleeve button down shirt (plaid or check is adorable)
  • skinny jeans or casual boyfriend jeans
  • ballet flats (live a little – go nuts with leopard)
  • leather satchel (fake or real – leather, I mean)
  • earrings (bold or delicate, totally up to you, but these fox earrings are amazing)
  • delicate statement bracelet
  • watch, or another delicate bracelet of your choice
  • statement ring, or two

(alternately, you can wear leather riding boots instead of ballet flats.  if it’s freezing where you live, go with the boots.)

The basic idea of the outfit is a casual pair of ankle length pants or skinnies with a super cute blazer and a longer shirt underneath.  Even if the blazer is tailored (and it absolutely needs to be tailored or you’ll look like a bad 80’s movie heroine) don’t wear pleated pants (never, ever wear pleated pants anyway, I don’t care if J.Crew is trying to make it a thing again) you’ll want to wear pants that are skinnier than not.  Skinny jeans, really thick leggings (NOT tights), or ankle length skinny cigarette pants are perfect.  You’re creating an illusion of perfect proportions whether you have them or not, but you (yes, you) certainly don’t need a herringbone blazer to show the world you know how to put an outfit together.

Paige Denim destroyed jeans $415 / Lucky Brand ballerina shoes $63 / Leather satchel / Michael Kors watch / Hive Honey wide bracelet /Ginette_NY onyx jewelry $865 / Foxy Originals fox earrings / Suede blazer, $93



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  1. Nicole :

    I love this outfit. I especially love the jewelry you chose.