camera bag giveaway

camera bag

You know my new cute camera bag?  The one I’m guarding from my children to within an inch of my life?  I worship my camera bag.  It has taken away the common conundrum of carrying around both an ugly camera bag and a cute purse, and guess what?

I have one to give away.

camera bags

This camera bag isn’t just adorable, it’s practical too.  I can carry around my camera, three lenses, a wallet, and a handful of my favorite lipsticks.

So get in on the camera bag love by entering the giveaway, it’s up for a week.

Giveaway Details:

1. Leave a comment telling me which Epiphanie bag is your favorite.  I want them all!

2. Giveaway ends next Monday December 13th, 2010 at Midnight MST.

3. If you want to Like Petit Elefant on Facebook, you’ll have the inside track on giveaways like this one.  If you don’t want to Like it, that’s cool too.

Good luck!

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  1. Jaclyn :

    I love the Belle! It is just too beautiful.

  2. Pam :

    You know, I still covet the old school Ginger style in black.

    A lot.

  3. Kristi :

    It’s hard to choose a favorite but I think I like Lola the best.

  4. Jess :

    I’m sort of in love with the lime green lining of the blue Belle bag. Is that weird? Probably.

  5. Jess :

    Also, apparently I didn’t already Like you. Fancy that oddness.

  6. nic @mybottlesup :

    i LOVE and LUST for the new clover bag. tres chic and very user-friendly PLUS space for macbook.

  7. Donna :

    I love, love Lola!

  8. cat/@dearbadkitty :

    The Clover, of course! Partly because it’s good luck, partly because it’s in the name of my site, and partly because it makes my seemingly impossible dream of a *cute* combined camera and computer bag come true! In Clever Girls teal, naturally.

    I would seriously carry every single one of these bags! I pulled them up on my iphone last night to show my MIL, her BFF and HS-age photog daughter. They all agreed that they’re genius and gorgeous!

  9. DeeDee :

    I love the Belle, but Lola is a veryclose second. So dang cute.

  10. Brenda C :

    I love the clover bag! I don’t know how I would pick a color, I love them all.

  11. Peggi :

    The Belle bag is my favorite – in aqua of course! I love the lime green lining :)

  12. Jen McDonald :

    LOVE the lola…don’t know how I’d ever choose which color though. They all look gorgeous!

  13. Amanda Cotcher :

    Ohh–I LOVE the Lola!

  14. Jerilee E. :

    oh, I’ve wanted an Epiphanie bag forEVER! I’ve always loved the Ginger in black, but the red Belle bag is pretty fabulous as well…

  15. Nanette :

    I love the Belle! It’s my favorite. Love it teal and in brown.

  16. kj :

    my fave is the lola in black. :)

  17. Paige H :

    Lola and the inside color is fun.

  18. Sarah :

    I can’t decide! I think the Lola. No, the Ginger. Or the Clover. They’re all so cute!

  19. Andria :

    I am torn between the Ginger and the Belle.

  20. Hil :

    loving the Lola bag in red! They are all too cute.

  21. Trainer Momma :

    Guess who is getting a big girl camera for Christmas! Yeeha! The pink Belle all the way. She’s who needs to be in my life.

  22. Robyn :

    I am a fan of the Belle in Hot Pink. I consider it my signature colour.

  23. Marie :

    I so need this. I’ll take one in RED!! Then it will match my M&T logo!! :)

  24. Kari :

    I love the LOLA in black :)

  25. Myrnie :

    The clover in green is just too cute!

  26. Kristen :


  27. Kathy :

    Lola most definitely!!

  28. Amie aka MammaLoves :

    Ooooh! Belle has been my favorite from the beginning. But now that it’s in pink????

    You know this girl needs it to go along with her new photography business. ;-)

  29. Barb @ getupandplay :

    I love the Ginger (black) and the Lola (red or turquoise). Gorgeous!

  30. Shannon :

    I love Love LOVE the Lola. In red. Amen.

  31. Jessica @ One Shiny Star :

    I like the Lola… I love shoulder bags! The straps looks like they are the perfect length and thickness. :)

  32. Emily :

    Awesome! I like the Paris in purple,

  33. Addi :

    I never win anything but these bags are all SOOO CUTE! I love LOLA but Belle is a close second. Both in red would be SO yummy!! If only they had a bag that was compact to not only keep your camera safe but double as a diaper bag!! I don’t know if anyone else is this way but when I started having babies my diaper bag became my purse. A catch all sort of bag which I NEVER trusted my camera in; so often times it got left behind!

  34. Marisa :

    Hmm. I love Lola best, but I’d have to go for the functionality of Clover. Being able to bring my macbook with me is pretty much a deal-maker or -breaker.

  35. jayna :

    What perfect timing- I just got my new DSLR this week! And it reeeeeally needs a ginger bag to be its friend.

  36. Carrie S. :

    I so lust after these bags! I keep dropping hints to my husband about them. I’m getting a new camera for Christmas so I need to protect it somehow. :) My favorite is the pink belle!

  37. Kim Stuart :

    You would think that because i am a ginger that i would choose the ginger bag, but no. I LOVE the grey clover! Its too cute!

  38. Jamie S :

    I’m completely smitten with the Ginger bag

  39. Jenny H :

    They are all gorgeous! But i *think* Belle is my favorite.

  40. Leana :

    The Lola in turquoise (just like at the top of your post) is my absolute favorite. If I had this amazing bag I’d steal back the DSLR from my husband and take far more fabulous photos of my friends and family. Love these bags.

  41. Someone Being Me :

    I love the Clover but the Lola is a close second. So adorable.

  42. Rachel TF :

    I am in love with the clover in grey! So adorable.

  43. Boston Mamas :

    Oh man. I crafted a DSLR cozy for myself (for bag switching) but I would *love* a Lola Epiphanie bag. Just. gorgeous.

  44. Jenna Nelson :

    oooooh I love ephiphanie bags. that pop of color on the inside is the best.

  45. Lorena Morgan :

    the paris…no, no the ginger…or who am I kidding? All of them!

  46. Amy Smart :

    Oh man, I NEED one of these! For me it’s a toss-up between Paris and Clover.

  47. AmyS :

    I want one or two of each.

  48. christina j. :

    i LOVE the clover…and the belle…and the lola. ugh, i have to pick just ONE?!

  49. Shari (fruitloopgirl) :

    Definitely the Lola bag… probably in black, so it goes with pretty much everthing, but really the turquoise made me go…. “ooooooohhhhhhh”

  50. Lacretia :

    I think the Lola would be my pick! Love!

  51. Liz Lemon :

    lola lola! Actually, they’re all GREAT!

  52. Lisa Boshell :

    I like the Lola or the Clover!

  53. amyb! :

    I would love them all too but my FAVORITE one is Clover! drool!!

  54. Erin Marie :

    Mmmm…Really leaning towards Lola….or Colver! Can’t decide – they’re all awesome, like the giveaway!

  55. Amy W :

    Loving the clover one!

  56. Amie :

    I like the Lola in red and the Belle in pink!

  57. Amy :

    Clover or Ginger…tough to decide…I want them all!

  58. Lindsey Johnson :

    Hmm…can’t decide between the Ginger or Clover. (I already liked you a long, long time ago. Does that still count?)

  59. Natalie :

    So I would eat my words for a free one :). The blue is my fav color so I’d pick that one

  60. Melis :

    Love the Clover. I’m an Irish girl, after all. :)

  61. Michelle :

    Ginger! Paris! I mean Belle! I have no idea how I’d pick these are amazing :)

    I liked you a while ago on facebook!

  62. Elizabeth Finfgeld :

    Drooling over the black Lola bag — perfect design and size :)

  63. Sara :

    I love them all too…my fave would have to be the red Lola bag. It makes me smile!

  64. Ailie :

    These are gorgeous. Gorgeous. And I am in love with the Lola.

  65. KaLee :

    I love the Lola bag! Would love to win it!

  66. kariane :

    It’s a serious toss up between the lola and the clover. All are so cute. You’d never know it was a camera bag… I hope I win! Thanks so much for hosting!!

  67. Allison Arsenault :

    I’m loving the Lola and the Belle. I just can’t decide!

  68. Becki O'Brien :

    My favorite is Paris for sure. :) So pretty!!

  69. Denise McK :

    Allison…I soooo need this camera bag. My black one is just not cutting it for me (even though it has a cute pink and green lining…who sees the lining???). Can’t you just see me carrying around the red Lola bag? Yep…I thought so. Pick me, pick me!

  70. Rachel S. :

    The Lola bag is my favorite in any of the colors!

  71. Elizabeth :

    I have been wanting the Lola bag ever since I read your post several months ago. Such a gorgeous bag!! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway :)

  72. Christie :

    Ohhh dear! The Lola for sure. My husband just surprised me with a Nikon D3000 for our anniversary this year. (for the full, sweet story, go to A new bag for something we had saved for forever would be just, well, icing on the cake!

  73. Sarah Fuller :

    I looove the Belle in teal. I would love to see the Paris in gray though..

  74. yasmara :

    I love the Lola, in red of course!

  75. Maya :

    I love Ginger :)

  76. Cathy :

    Ginger would be perfect for me…. great christmas gift from you to me!

  77. Emily W :

    I LOVE the lola bag! And I love the font I’m seeing while typing this comment! ;-)

  78. Emily :

    Definitely, and I mean DEFINITELY, the Belle!

  79. Nelka :

    They all look so well designed and constructed. But if we’re just going for style… It is a toss up between LOLA and GinGer. LOLA is so cute, but I feel like I could take GinGer more places. It looks roomy enough for my SLR and a toy camera or two. Or maybe a land camera.

  80. amy b :

    belle in any color. for shizzle. love it.

  81. laura :

    i love the look of the lola, but belle is near and dear to my heart. (my college’s mascot were the belles, and who doesn’t love beauty and the beast?)

    would definitely choose turquoise or red though!! sassy!!

    merry christmas!

  82. Shelli Bunn-Petterson :

    I love the red lola bag. That is such a wonderful idea. :) Thanks for sharing.

  83. Jamee Block :

    I love the Lola…the three colors are great…I think I am liking the red! But black will go with everything!

  84. lilian :

    i love them all… but it’s a tie between ginger and lola. =)

  85. nicole b. :

    Sweet bags! They are all fantastic, but especially the Clover and Lola! Thanks!

  86. Natalie :

    love the Lola!!

  87. Kathleen :

    LOVE that bag. A camera bag (cute one) is on my Christmas list this year. I like the Belle bag the best.

  88. Jen King :

    I love Belle!!!

  89. Kathy Beemer :

    It’s a toss.up between Lola, Belle and Ginger. (Love the names of the bags.)

  90. Mindy :

    Ginger it is!!!! :)

  91. Kari :

    Oh Lola.. I love ya.

  92. amy b :

    i love the lola!

  93. Karina :

    Love love love the LOLA! Especially in red.

  94. Ali :

    I’m in love with the Lola bag in red. I’ve only asked for one thing for Christmas this year (a new canon digital rebel), so this would be the absolute perfect accessory!

  95. Stacey :

    Loving Belle!

  96. Julianne :

    I love the Lola.

  97. Andrea :

    The Clover. In gray. Swoonage.

  98. christy spurlock :

    Beggars can’t be choosy, but I like them all…..especially in BLACK.

  99. Megan :

    The turquoise “Paris” was made for me – I just know it :)

  100. Ashley :

    Clover, please! If I win this bag, I’m sleeping with it.

  101. Cathryn :

    My sad, shabbily dressed camera hearts the Lola (in red!)

  102. Amanda :

    Ell-Oh-Ell-Eh…Lola. Great colors too!

  103. Laura S :

    they are all adorable but I think my favorite is the Lola!

  104. Rebecca :

    I like Ginger because she’s sporty like me! Actually, wasn’t that Sporty Spice and not Ginger?

  105. Lacie@creative attempts :

    I cant get the names of the bags to show up on the website but I love the purple one with the silver buckle on the side sooooooo beautiful

  106. Tiffany :

    Love, love, love the Belle Handbag! So dang cute! And I love that the insides are a different color. Really clever.

  107. Sue J. :

    This is like choosing a favorite child. Ginger is lovely and safe. Lola is dangerous. Clover is ruffled up for the fair. Paris is periwinkly delightful. Belle is totally sassy. My camera would be ecstatic in any of them, thank you very much!

  108. Holly :

    The Lola bag in red is my favorite, but I like them all!

  109. Stacy :

    I’ve fallen for Ginger. Love ’em!!!

  110. Tiffany :

    I’ve been wanting the Lola for a while now. It’s so cute! Red please!

  111. Shelby L. :

    Love the LOLA bag!!

  112. Sarah L :

    Clover all the way! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it :)

  113. Meghan :

    I love them all! But, Lola is fab.

  114. Andrea P. :

    After spending too much time looking at the site, I think the Belle best fits my personality.

  115. Jenny, Crash Test Mommy :

    Oh, that’s an easy one — Clover in grey is my absolute favorite. I think I’ve entered every single contest in existence to win one of these beauties. Alas, no luck. Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes…..

  116. Michelle :

    It’s a toss up between the Ginger and the Clover!!!

  117. Debra Norton :

    The Belle although I Iove them all!

  118. Natalie :

    I ADORE the Lola in blue! It would be perfect for my new camera (kinda broke the bank on our med-school budget getting my camera, so of course I couldn’t get a cute case…)!

  119. Hilary Mercer :

    I love all of them but I love the Lola and the Ginger

  120. Cece :

    I would love to have the Ginger. Simple, stylish, and useful…now that’s my kind of bag!

  121. Cheryl Mosley :

    I love the Lola! What a fresh idea to have a cute camera bag! Lord knows I hate carrying around the old school, manly camera case! I am hoping to win!!

  122. Rebecca :

    The Ginger is my favorite!!

  123. Sarah R :

    Well if I can only pick one . . . Lola in teal.

  124. Claire :

    I would love the brown Ginger. I have been thinking about that bag for months!

  125. Ashley :

    Oh, the Lola! It’s just too beautiful! :)

  126. Katelyn :

    OMG – I would love the Clover or the Ginger. Pick me! Pick me!

  127. Tsh @ Simple Mom :

    Love the Lola bag in red! Soooo perfect! Thanks so much for the chance.

  128. Suzy :

    I like the Ginger the best. I like it in black, I think. Or maybe brown….

  129. Beth :

    Lola. L-O-L-A, LOla. In red, mmmm delicious!

  130. Adrianne Foreman :

    Definitely the bright red Lola. (but I like the Ginger too…and the Belle…Oh man it’s hard to choose)

  131. Payal :

    Love the Lola (and the Ginger, too).

  132. man :

    um, that belle in fuchsia is DELICIOUS!

  133. Hilary :

    LOVE the LOLA!! Red is my favorite – with that lovely purple lining, it beats the black version by a hair.

  134. Amy :

    Oh man, I LOVE the Paris. It would become my new constant bag. Love it.

  135. Abby - Bright Yellow World :

    I LOVE the Lola. This would make my camera so much happier – right now, it gets stuffed in a hot pink knit hat and tossed into my regular purse!

  136. whitney :

    I love the belle bag. Oh my, who knew camera bags could be so wonderful?

  137. Misty Weed :

    I covet the teal beauty for my new Nikon that lives in a pitifully awkward Pentax bag with not enough room for all my lenses…

  138. Katherine @ Grass Stains :

    I love the Lola. Turquoise? Red? GAH. Gorgeous, all of them!

  139. mskaz :

    I would take any of them and run run run! But I *love* clover in turquoise. Yes please.

  140. Misty Weed :

    By “teal beauty”, I meant Lola. She is certainly beautiful.

  141. Ashley :

    Oh my goodness hard to choose! Clover is adorable and the Paris is so perfect for toting everything around as I tend to do!

    Oh, I hope I win!

  142. Jenn T. :

    OH, the ginger in brown! Or the Paris in turquoise! Love them!

  143. jane :

    um, you KNOW I NEED this.

  144. Kathy O :

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been in love with these since right after they came out! I LOVE the Belle bag in the turquoise.

  145. Aimee Giese | Greeblemonkey :


    Um, Can I have some Ginger in brown please?

  146. jane :

    um, you KNOW that I NEED this.

    I’ll take ginger or belle in brown because I’m exciting like that. okay, you may be able to persuade me to choose a color. and I’m just acting like I already won…then maybe that random number generator will get confused and pick me. ;)

  147. Christina Mira :

    The Lola is so charming. I’d love it in any of the three colors.

  148. Natalia :

    Oh, I want them all too! Belle bag in turquoise please!

  149. John :

    Belle bag(turquoise) for my wife

  150. Emily :

    Love Lola and Clover…so hard to choose!

  151. sarah kay :

    LOLA!!!! owow!

  152. deb :

    I have loved these bags for an eternity. I love, love, love the Lola. And it makes me want to sing the Lola song too. Fancy that.

  153. Yvonne Pingue :

    I would lovvvve to have the purple Paris bag. So beautiful!

  154. Tracy Manford :

    Ack! My very very favorite Epiphanie bag is the one you have pictured! The Lola in lipstick RED. My soul craves that bright red! :D Right now I carry around a large, bulky black backpack with my camera equipment and it is neither attractive OR comfortable. I want an Epiphanie bag so I can be a photographer AND a girl! ;)

  155. liesl :

    Oooh! The CLOVER is my fave!! In that beautiful teal colour! And so so stylish!!! Beats my ugly grey one :)

  156. Michaela :

    I can’t decide between Lola and Belle!! But either one in RED!!

  157. Elizabeth :

    Not sure I have a “favorite”, per se, but I love the brown one. (I am on my. IPod and can’t see the names for some reason). I’ll take one of each! Afterall, beggars can’t be choosers :)

  158. Jeanette :

    So hard to choose, but I think Belle is my favorite!

  159. Vera :

    I love the Lola!

  160. Ella :

    I *think* I love the lola! its soo hard to choose! the colours are amazing!
    Ps I’ve liked you on facebook for awhile, thats how I remembered to enter the contest! :)

  161. Sarah K :

    I love the Lola!!! I think the size is just perfect!!

  162. Sara Boggs :

    Oh wow, my sister needs one of these! The lola is just irresistible!! Especially in red. :)

    ~ Here from Facebook!

  163. Alecia :

    Love love the Ginger. That is my first choice. Second choice, the Belle. They are all beautiful and so functional! Love it!

  164. Marianne :

    Oof, I covet one of these bags so much!

  165. Tami Warner :

    I’m in love with Lola the showgirl!

  166. samantha :

    ooh la la, the paris is fab!

  167. Alicia W. :

    I love browsing through their bags online! I love the classic look of the ginger, but could be persuaded to take the belle!

  168. Karen :

    Loving the Belle bag!

  169. Beth :

    Lola, lola, lola in red!

  170. Megan :

    I adore them all, but the Lola is my favorite…can’t believe how much it looks like a regular purse. Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Julie :

    I’m loving the clover in the grey color. If i don’t win (pick me, pick me!) this will have to be tops on my birthday list! thanks!

  172. Michele :

    I would normally go for the Clover very big and practical…..but since I’m tring to change my style up a bit the stylish Lola would be my choice in the aqua blue.

  173. Rebecca :

    Oh definitely the ginger for me.

  174. AshlyR :

    Belle…all the way to the ball and back! I’m all about the way it is organized inside, and not too deep!

  175. Candace :

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Lola Bag! Probably in black to go with everything but I Love the Turquoise color too!

  176. Melanie :

    I love Ephiphanie bags! The Ginger is my favorite.

  177. ellen patton :

    I love the red Lola bag. :)

  178. Domini :

    I think for me its Lola!

  179. Nicole :

    Oh I love the Lola. Can’t decide between the red or the black…..

  180. Tina :

    I adore the red Lola bag! I am getting a new camera for Christmas and this would just be perfect to complete the gift.

  181. Adrienne :

    I love the Lola! Such a great giveaway. Thank you!

  182. mrs. r :

    uhm, these are ah-mazing. so much so that i am included to add h’s to words that do not require them.

    we all struggle with this, don’t we??? camera bag and purse and children and errands, etc. do not mix.

    love the lola and love it in red. amen.

  183. Stacia :

    I think santa might bring me a 15″ macbook pro, so I want either the Paris or Clover – Teal!

  184. Zorah O :

    Lola! In teal! Gorgeous.

  185. Deanne :

    Love the Clover bag…in all colors!

  186. Doni :

    Love the Lola!

  187. Katie :

    I like them all but the clover in teal is great!

  188. DMG :

    Love the LOLA in teal!!!!

  189. AlyssaH :

    I personally like the Clover in the teal!

  190. Heather :

    I completely adore the Ginger in brown. It would be awesome in other colors too.

  191. Lorena Mora :

    I love Ginger! Especially because it’s black so it matches all my clothing. Although the Lola is beautiful too.

  192. Amanda :

    I LOVE the gray Clover!! It would be such a great Christmas gift! :)

  193. Jennie :

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the LOLA!!! I soooo want one! All the bags are beautiful though :)

  194. Lori :

    I love them all also! But especially love the Lola!

  195. Jama :

    I want the Belle and my birthday is this week. I was going to get one for my b-day but winning one would really make it special :)

  196. Sara :

    I think I have involved dreams about the black Lola back. We could be so happy together.


  197. Deb K. :

    I think I’d have to go w/the red Lola! ???

  198. Brit :

    I’d have a hard time choosing between clover and paris. I’ve been looking at these bags for a while. They are super cute and I’d love to get one free. :)

  199. JennM :

    I am DYING for a Lola!!

  200. Melissa P :

    I <3 Lola!

  201. Terri :

    I love love love love the Lola in Red!!!

  202. Kristen :

    Paris in Purple.

  203. Jose L. Lopez :

    Oh my wife has been wanting the Ginger, I know by countless of “hints” and email “hints”, LOL.

  204. Cynthia P :

    A PARIS in any color would be devine>/b>!!!!

  205. Lauren :

    I want them all, too! But I think my favorite is really the Lola. Or the Clover. Or Belle. Ack!

  206. Erin :

    Such a tough call! I think my favorite is the black Ginger, for practicality.

  207. Billie Earley :

    I doesn’t matter which one I would win because each one is unique and has it’s own individual awesome qualities. I love them because you can’t tell they are camera bags and the thieves are fooled by not knowing what is inside! So it is like having a built in security alarm in the Epiphanie bag. Should I win it would be an awesome blessing.

  208. Melissa Owen :

    I love the Paris in Purple (my favorite color ever) but I also love the Lola in either red or black… :) I would carry ANY of these lovely camera bags!!

  209. Teresa O :

    I would die for the Belle!!! Also loving the Paris :) Please pick me!

  210. Jenny :

    Gosh Im in love with these bags!! I have been looking for the right moment to splurge and get one! Lola would be my first pick Clover my second:) Thank you for an amazing give away!

  211. Katie :

    I’d love the Paris in purple!

  212. Kara :

    i love them ALL – but to pick one i would go with Belle :D

  213. Martha Cardenas :

    Oh I love Belle, it’s such a beautiful bag, well so is Ginger and Lola. Such a hard decision to pick one, I want all yes that’s it all, LOL.

  214. Sadonna Lingnau :

    Belle is my all time favorite but at times I think Ginger would do as well. If I was told to chose right now this very minute would be Belle now which color that is hard to say.

  215. kat jenkinson :

    I love and covet the Belle! She makes me swoon!

  216. Kelly Bernson :

    I love them all!! My husband and I are starting up a little business and a great bag like this would be so helpful for me to distinguish my camera from his! I just love them all, and would enjoy any of them!

  217. Shannon Gray :

    I absolutely love them ALL, but I really love the Clover, because you can have your macbook with you! Would love to have one bag to do it all! :)

  218. Angie Davis :

    I love the Lola bag in red! It is so pretty! <3

  219. Heather :

    I want the Belle in red…or pink, or red, or pink! I can’t decide. Like you, I want them all! :-)

  220. NIkki :

    Oh gosh… which to choose? I love them all. Seriously!
    but if I had to choose… I would pick the Ginger. In Brown.
    The Belle is 2nd on my list :)

  221. Ashley H :

    I would love any of them but if I were pushed, the Lola is my fave. Any color really ! These bags are so amazing!!

  222. Aimee Stiggins :

    I love them all, but in the end I think I’d go with Ginger in black.

  223. chris :

    Black LOLA bag…I think. I like several styles.

  224. rachel :

    i like the lola the best. thanks!

  225. donaville :

    they’re all gorgeous but i have a soft place in my heart for clover :)

  226. Candice :

    I love the black one- and the turquoise one. But I wish I had any of them at all!!

    Thanks for giving one away!

  227. Laura Fitzgerald :

    I LOVE ginger in brown…. I asked my husband for one for Christmas, but a girl can always have two…. (if I win of course!!)

  228. Marilyn :

    i just love the Belle!!!

  229. Elena :

    Lola in Turquoise is my favorite! I’m dying for one of these bags :)

  230. Rebekah T :

    I would LOVE the LOLA in Red!!! But they are all so fun. :)

  231. Kendra Portnova :

    Totally been wanting this FOREVER!! Ginger is my fav! I need new dids for the new camera I’m getting for Christmas( right hubby?) fingers crossed …for both!

  232. Dario Cordova :

    I think she wants Belle, or is it Ginger? Mmmm she changes her mind every week, apparently she LOVES these camera bags, but can’t choose just one. But it would be awesome to win one for her.

  233. Cupboard Love :

    Oooh I love the new laptop bags, especially the Clover!

  234. Michel :

    ohmygosh! I am so in love with these bag! the lola in turquoise or the belle in red!!!?!?!?! how do you choose. and Maile is amazing too. what a talented lady! thanks for the chance!!

  235. VickiS :

    I have to choose a style????? OK, if I have to :~) LOLA would probably be on the top of my list but they are all wonderful.

  236. susan :

    Lola. The color, the size, the shape, the name!

  237. kayleen burke :

    I love the Ginger but only slightly more than the rest. They’re all fabulous.

  238. Firemomma35 :

    I really like them all but the ginger is probably the one I would pick. Thanks for the giveaway.

  239. Karla Donohoe :

    Ginger in brown please. Love it!

  240. Lacey Blackburn :

    I love most of Epiphanie’s bags, but I would have to say my favorite is Lola (turquoise)!

  241. Tasha :

    I absolutely love the Belle!

  242. Keri Holcombe :

    I’ve been swoooooning over the red Lola for as long as I can remember. And of course, I like Petit Elefant… happy to be a new fan… but I think it’s so sweet of you to make that optional.

  243. Julie :

    i love them all but if I had to pick one it would be Lola!

  244. Elena Melling :

    Oh this one this one this one! Lola. Its almost too stylish for me! My children might destroy it, or confiscate it to pack legos into, but I am willing to risk it!!
    Thank you!

  245. Sada :

    I am pretty much DYING to have the Clover bag. I have been drooling over it!!

  246. Melaniel :

    Ginger, no.. Belle, no Ginger…ACK! :)

  247. Amy :

    Would love love love the Ginger. In black. :-D

  248. Elizabeth DeBusk :

    Ginger looks like it is just perfect in size! It doesn’t matter what color it is, that bag is cute…and I’m sure it’s probably safer on my lenses than the purse I carry :/

  249. Melaniel :

    Like Petit elephant

  250. Debby :

    I am loving clover, very cute

  251. Misti Tracy :

    I would LOVE the red Lola! Thank you so much for the opportunity! :)

  252. Karma :

    Hello! A friend on Facebook referred me to your site! How generous of you to give away an Epiphanie! I love Lola!

  253. Viveca :

    I Love my green belle bag…wish my purse was as cute as my camera bag!

  254. Jennifer Johnson :

    I love it. I must have a Lola. Can’t decide which color though.

  255. Julie Allen :

    I’m loving the new clover in pink! Really, I love them all!!!

  256. Maiko :

    I am in LOOOOOOOVE with the red Lola <3

  257. Aimee V. :

    I love the Lola and Belle bags… I don’t know how I would choose!

  258. janica :

    I can’t choose between belle and lola!! I think belle wins by a hair

  259. Gabrielle V. :

    I love the Ginger bag in brown! The color and style is so timeless, and the pretty blue on the inside adds a fresh burst of color.
    Thanks :)

  260. Andrea Lopez :

    I want (NEED) Lola in red. I think her and I will make a perfect pair:)

  261. kelli johnson :

    because E. bags go with everything, and I’m a girl who likes a bag that goes with everything. no matter what color. no matter what time of year. e. bags have my vote. i need one on my shoulder. my shoulder will be so happy. it will scream and yell and love me forever an always. plus i’ll be the envy of all my camera toting friends and that’s always a plus :)

  262. Meg Prouse :

    wow, what an awesome giveaway!

    i am so in *LOVE* …and possibly in lust…with the brown ginger bag. seriously, it’s the answer to all my problems; the bag of my dreams; i’d sell my husband for one….ok. maybe not just yet. but i really want one!


  263. Puna :

    I have the Belle. I want the Paris in purple please. Please!

  264. Erica :

    I am in love with clover. I just sold my Lola, so I’m hoping I win instead of having to save more money.

  265. charlotte :

    I’ve wanted Lola foreeeeee—ver!

  266. Lynette :

    I love the Lola bag! I asked for one for Christmas, but I don’t think I’m getting it so winning this giveaway would just make my holiday amazing!

  267. Cindy Lou Who :

    My favorite is the grey Clover! I do have to say I love them all! If I had one of these camera bags I would take my Nikon DSLR everywhere and could start leaving my point and shoot at home!

  268. Jessica V. :

    I have been lusting after the Lola in red for a while, but the new Clover in turquoise has caught my eye too!

  269. joey :

    at first i liked the ginger in brown, but then i liked the clover in turquoise or grey (it fits a laptop too!!). as far as style goes, i still like the brown ginger the best, i just wish it also fit a laptop.

  270. christa morgenstern :

    I can’t really make up my mind. I love the colour red but like the style of the black ginger bag. and the pink lining. yes, it is the black ginger one I really would love to have. I have been dropping all sorts of hints in the direction of my husband about an epiphany bag but he just doesn’t see my need for it. I do and I hope you do too. I would be so so happy if I won one. Greetings from Germany and of course I like petit elephant on facebook.

  271. Melanie R :

    I love the Paris in black. Seriously any camera would feel spoiled to be toted around in any of them!

  272. Erika Rebstock :

    I’ve had my eye on the belle for awhile now. Sigh.

  273. Heather Fiedler :

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ginger or Lola in black. Gosh I am crossing everything. I want one of these bags SO bad. Thank you So much for doing this for us.
    P.S. Why wouldnt we want to like petit elefant if you like Epiphaie we must like you!! : )

  274. Helene :

    The turquoise Belle is definitely my fave :)

  275. Kendra Jean Photography :

    THE LOLA!! I actually would love any of them but this one is my number one choice!! Now the hard part would be which color ;)

  276. Rebecca :

    Love the Lola!!!! (all of them really….) thanks!!!

  277. Patsy Easley :

    I love the lola in red!!!!

  278. Beverly :

    I love the Belle !

  279. stacyZ :

    I have to say I adore the Lola in black, but the Belle in pink is a close second – CLOSE!

  280. kelly willis :

    LoViNg me some PARiS!! its my newest crush! fits a laptop, camera + accessories, AND its super cute in edgy colors!!

  281. Kristine :

    I’d LOVE to have any of the Epiphanie bags, but I’d probably have to choose either the Clover or Paris :)

  282. Grace {formerly gracie} :

    Pick my favorite Epiphanie bag?! That would be like asking to choose my favorite child. They are all wonderful and I would love them all the same!

  283. Sara :

    the clover is my absolute favorite right now!!

  284. elz :

    The Ginger. I have the Lola and LOVE it! But, um…is it greedy to want another one?

  285. Kerrie Mitchell :

    I adore the Red Lola. Was hoping to get one for christmas, but they’re out of stock until February apparently :-(

  286. Marcy :

    I have been in LOVE with the LOLA (turquoise) since I first discovered Epiphanie Bags! But now, the clover is catching my eye as well! I have been dropping hints to my husband for a couple months now, but I seriously doubts that he gets the msg!!!

  287. lizzy :

    i love the clover bag in the aqua/teal. or basic black is always good. these are beautiful bags.

  288. Jennifer :

    I’m in love with the Paris bag! Love Love Love Love Love it!!!

  289. Yvette Vargas :

    I LOVE them all! But my ultimate Fave is the Lola in RED! gorgeous!

  290. stacy a :

    Red Lola is my favorite :)

  291. Anne Herbert :

    I love the clover in turquoise! I would just love to win this, crossing my fingers now :)

  292. Courtney :

    Turquoise clover! Or the black one… but that seems too safe :) My boring back pack is already black :)

  293. Jamie :

    I was in love with the Lola but I’m really liking the clover too.

  294. Sheryl :

    Turquoise Lola… oh how I want….

  295. S. Franssen :

    Belle would have to be favourite, so stylish! Perfect for my camera and all its bits and pieces, all ready to catch the perfect shot of my little ones.

  296. Angie :

    Oh, I have invested some time mulling this one over! Ultimately, it’s got to be Belle. In red. Red isn’t too summery, not too wintery, and is always stylish. Red Belle is the one for me!

  297. Ashley :

    Lola, I choose you! You aren’t too flashy, just the right amount, and I think you look best when you wear turquiose, it brings out your…um…buckles? :) I strive to be as functional and beautiful as you are, Lola dear, please come home with me soon. I can’t wait to meet you! -Ashley

  298. Toni :

    I want the Ginger!!!!!

  299. BethHB :

    The Ginger bag is definitely my favorite. I would be ecstatic to win one!

  300. Emily :

    Oops, I guess this is where I’m supposed to leave my comment. My favorite bag is the Belle, and I would love to win it! :)

  301. Kate Brown :

    I LOVE the Lola in red! Thanks so much! I fanned you on FB too so I now have the inside track. :P

  302. Elizabeth :

    The Lola in teal!

  303. sally sloley :

    belle in red would make a christmas wish come true.

  304. kaydrenth :

    I dream of having that turquoise Lola!!

  305. Miglena :

    Lola definitely! It’s just perfect! :)

  306. Carla :

    I have a new fav everytime I look….. today it’s the red lola :)

  307. Breanne :

    honestly, i adore each and every one of these bags… but if i had to choose one out of all of them it would be the clover in turquoise because for the fact that it holds a camera AND a laptop AND its super cute.

  308. Amanda DLC :

    I want them all! I’ll be happy with anyone of those cute purses ….I have been wanting one for so long now! My camera and I deserve it!

  309. Mindy :

    Oh my! I can’t decide! They are all so lovely! I want them all :)

  310. ania :

    Love the look of Ginger, but want to try the size of Belle! Thank you so much for the chance to win a bag! :)

  311. tamsen :

    i love the clover in grey!

  312. Jean condon :

    I heart the red one with the purple lining like yours…….. Ahhhhh perfect!

  313. Andie :

    They are all cute bags, but if I have to choose, I would have to go with Paris in turquoise. Being a Mom of two little ones and a photog always on the run, this little beauty will definitely come in handy!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  314. Ari :

    I absolutely adore the Lola bag. :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  315. Kaylee H :

    The Lola bag used to be my favorite (it is a close second!), but then the new Clover bag came along and I fell in love!

  316. Samantha-Lee :

    I find it sooo hard to decide on one! They’re all extremely gorgeous. But since I must choose one, I’d definitely have to go with the Lola in black. It’s classy and will go with anything. :)

  317. Tonja :

    That is a tough question… I love them all! I do have to say that the Ginger bag is my fave if I really had to pick.

  318. abi :

    Love these bags! I think I’d like the Ginger best….but I’d take any of them – so fun!

  319. Kathy :

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your give away. My favorite is the red lola. They are all so versatile and functional. I would love to be a winner.

  320. Gayle S :

    Love, love, love the clover in grey! Would love to win one!!

  321. Andrea Meyers :

    I want the Belle pink. Cause Ginger and Lola black desire a friend!!

  322. Andrea Meyers :

    I need the belle pink. I mean NEED. LOL

  323. Myra {double-sidedtape} :

    I can’t decide between Ginger or Belle. They’re both so cute! (and practical too!)

  324. Andrea Meyers :

    belle pink, please oh please

  325. Phoebe :

    I am so in love with the Belle in red, in fact it is the only thing on my Christmas list! I would love love love to win this bag, I have a 2 year old and I’m currently pregnant. I carry my camera all over but not as much as I would with this beautiful bag. I run a small business of eco friendly handmade awesomeness so I’m constantly learning more about photography to apply to product photos, I’m sure this bag would help my skills ;)

  326. Lisa Henderson :

    I love the Lola! Thanks for the giveaway!

  327. lindsaywillman :

    Clover Bag in Grey, por favor! It’s gorgeous!

  328. Donna :

    I’m loving that Clover! Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!!

  329. Laura :

    Gah – ummm I would want Clover in teal! But really you can’t go wrong!

  330. Heather Wanninger :

    Lola is my favorite.

  331. Lilly :

    The Belle bag is my favorite. It is so gorgeous!
    Thanks for the chance.

  332. Karen :

    Love the Clover bag!

  333. Cheryl Carse :

    I was torn between the Red Lola because I love the style and the turquoise Belle because I love the colour, but now there’s a turquoise Lola!!! Somebody was reading my mind!

  334. Cathy P :

    I love the turquoise Clover – I’m in serious love!!!

  335. pam :

    i love the clover one!! those straps are fantastic!

  336. Kathryn B. :

    I have been drooling over Epiphanie bags for awhile. I love the Lola and the Belle. As Cathy Zielske would say: “Oh for cute”! Enjoy your new bag. You will certainly be styling!

  337. Sue :

    I love love love Belle in turquoise

  338. Jacqueline C :

    I want a lola in red. Too bad it is on backorder!

  339. AngieK :

    Paris…..definitely Paris! Belle is completely adorable too but purple is my color!

  340. Kat :

    I have been frequenting the Epiphanie bags site forever in the hope that I get to buy one soon. Slowly saving up for it and I’m getting there :) I’d still love to win one though just because I love all their designs and colors.

    My fave? Lola!!!

  341. Michele :

    I would LOVE to have the Paris in Purple!

  342. Erica :

    I love, love, love the Lola bag in black. (Love the colourful lining!)

  343. kristie :


  344. Dianne Kinzenbaw :

    I love all of the Epiphanie bags, but if I have to choose, I choose the Clover in teal. Wow! They are beautiful!!

  345. Brittney :

    I LOVE LOVE THE Ginger in BROWN! <3

  346. Darci James :

    Ginger, in black or brown.

  347. Carey :

    Torn between Clover and Belle. I think Belle in brown would be my final choice :)

  348. Leah G :

    I think Clover. For a long time, Belle was it, but once the newer styles were announced, I jumped right on the Clover bandwagon. I

  349. Lauren :

    What a great idea! I didn’t know these bags existed. The Lola is my favourite.

  350. Mandi :

    Something about the Lola makes me tingle.

  351. Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions :

    I think Ginger is my favorite. But I’m not 100% sure. I’d love to have a more stylish bag! Oh yeah!

  352. Carolyn K :

    I love the Belle bag!

  353. Gwyneth :

    I was torn between the practical messenger-styled Ginger in black, and a more stylish Lola in Black.

    Nah… Style wins everytime. :)

    My choice: Lola in Black!

  354. Shari :

    I love, love, love the Belle in the cocoa brown – yummy!

  355. Caroline K :

    i really really want clover!!!

  356. Sabrina :

    The Ginger, Belle and Clover are my top 3 picks, but I really do love them all and hope to receive one for Christmas!

  357. Brooke :

    I love love love the Lola! And I’m having hard time deciding between the blue and red! Both are so cute!

  358. bek :

    My favorite is the Lola…in red…just like yours. To die for!

  359. Corey Chernesky :

    The Clover is gorgeous!

  360. Jessie :

    I adore Lola! My camera bag is just shamefully ugly. I’d be the hippest mommy at the playground with my Lola camera/diaper bag. Thx for giving this stay at home mommy a chance to win!

  361. Nichole :

    I just luv luv luv the Lola!! Oh man I would love to win one :)

  362. Tiffany :

    <3 <3 <3 Clover!! The colors and detailing are fabulous!

  363. girlsmama :

    Ginger, Paris, and Belle. Although I’d be satisfied with any!

  364. Tammy :

    The Lola, but I would have a hard time choosing a color!

  365. Amanda I :

    I’m torn between clover and lola! LOVE these bags! They are at the top of my Christmas list.

  366. Scott W. :

    My fiance wants a Lola bag. She’s in need of a great new bag!

  367. Monki :

    Love the ginger bag!!! I am so glad I found out about these bags! Genius!

  368. Sara Gibson :

    I just got butterflies in my stomach. These bags are gorgeous and so functional! I especially like the clover and the lola.

  369. Catheroo :

    Lola! I don’t even care what color!

  370. Amy :

    The red Lola was my favorite, but now that there are a few more styles to choose from, my new choice would be the Clover in gray. Thank you Epiphanie for making such stylish bags! And thank you for your give away!

  371. Emma :

    The Lola is my favorite! I love allllllll three colors!

  372. breanne :

    Oh, definitely the red Lola! I think I’m in love!

  373. MommyMegs :

    Are you really asking me to choose?!? Ok…well, I haven’t narrowed down to the Lola or Clover. And I love that aqua color! Way better than the boring canvas black I have now. :)

  374. Linda Zhu :

    It’s so hard to choose my favorite! I guess it would have to be Ginger in brown or Clover in turquoise =)

  375. Keri :

    Ginger – black. Without a doubt. Hoping Santa gets me one for Xmas… Perhaps by winning it?? :)

  376. Katie :

    definitely loving the lola :)

  377. Celine Leah vd Berg :

    Oooh i need one sooo bad !
    I’d like to have to LOLA in RED :)

    Thank you for doing this giveaway !

  378. Celine Leah vd Berg :

    I meant *THE lola in red ;p my last message said ”to” !

  379. maribeth :

    I love love the BELLE in red! Heck, I’ll take any of them in RED! heart.

  380. Jen :

    I absolutely LOVE the LOLA bag!!!!!!

  381. Tina :

    The Ginger Brown!! Beautiful!

  382. Jenny D :

    Oh, the Lola. Ooooooh, Lo-la.

  383. Laurie :

    I LOVE the LOLA!

  384. Regina :

    I covet clover!

  385. Mary Preston :

    I had to choose 2. The Lola & Paris.

  386. Rebekah :

    Love the Lola in turquiose! Thanks for the opportunity to have my own drool worthy bag!

  387. Fiona :

    Im completely in love with the black ginger. love at first sight :)

  388. Tracy Wallace :

    I would love to own the Ginger bag. loved the lola but i think ginger has stolen my heart. Thanks for this great competition and the chance to win one of these beauties :)

  389. Vince :

    I would LOVE the Red Lola!

  390. Delia W :

    belle in teal … love love love

  391. katie :

    I am in love with all of them but I especially love the Belle and Lola.
    Thank you!

  392. Elizabeth Rowley :

    I love them all, but the clover in pink is my current favorite!

  393. beanski :

    I like the Pink Belle the best, I think. I like the Lola bag better, I think but that pink is just too cute. Can I have both?

  394. Kandi :

    Belle in turquois and ginger in brown. So tough to choose.

  395. Cheryl G :

    I adore my digital Rebel, but I don’t adore my camera bag. I would be tickled pink to have a Clover bag! Heavenly!

  396. Jennifer Alderman :

    I love them all! But I’d have to go with the Belle in turquoise.

  397. Katie Olson :

    I’d take ginger. Please :)

  398. Jan :

    I love them all too!! I have to say I just adore the style of the Lola bag. That would be my pick right now.

  399. Hannah :

    I love the GINGER. Sure, it’s classic black, but it doesn’t yell – “Hey look at me ‘n’ my bright yellow Nikon-brand shoulder strap!” ya know?

  400. Julie :

    My favorite is the PARIS in purple!! How adorable! Would love to have it to tote my camera around…. :)

  401. Laurie :

    Oh…how to choose just one! I like Lola and Ginger and Clover, but let’s not forget Paris. I wouldn’t want to leaver her out!

  402. Lynda :

    I love them all. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  403. Ann Sheppard :

    Oh gosh…I love them ALL, but if I have to choose one, I’m leaning toward Belle.

  404. EverydayChicNY :

    I love the Lola in black. So chic and what a great idea for a cool camera bag!!

  405. Jennine G-L :

    I like ginger and belle. It is a hard decision.

  406. Steph :

    I’ve had these cameras on my wishlist for a long time now and I’m still torn between the Ginger and Belle.

  407. Michelle D. :

    I love the brown Ginger. Nice and big, simple…love love love it!

  408. Celeste :

    My fave is definitely the Lola in turquoise! My camera would look mighty fine it it!

  409. Lori J :

    Oh I love the Lola, any color, but the turquoise really is striking!

  410. amy :

    Clover in gray – GORG!!

  411. Morgan W. :

    I love them all but Clover is my favorite.

  412. Kimberly Deacon :

    I love them all, but my favorite would have to be the Ginger (it goes with everything). I also like you on Facebook and are following you on Twitter. Great Blog!

  413. Linda M :

    I love my Blue Belle (okay she is really turquoise but Blue Belle sounds better). This year she has been to many places all over the country and has not disappointed me. She needs a sister so if I was lucky enough to win I would love to have a pink Clover.

  414. Melinda P :

    Oh, my goodness! All these bags are fantastic.
    My first instinct was to say the Ginger, because I thought it was the only one that came in basic black. Any one of them would be great in black… But I really like the Paris for the fact I could put my laptop in the same bag!

  415. Jeanne R :

    Do I have to choose? I love the new one, Clover…Gorgeous!!

  416. Octavia Toso :

    I would love, love, love Clover in Turquoise and Lola in Red, but hey whatever you would love, love, love to gift me with I would take whatever. Thanks for this opportunity. Can’t wait for my Christmas gift!

  417. AmandaSue :

    I like the paris bag, the purple is really pretty. thanks for entering me into this giveaway.

  418. melissa :

    I am dying for an epiphanie lola bag… Hoping that Santa hear’s my request!

  419. Jennifer K :

    I have to agree, I want them all!! black has to be it thought!!

  420. Jennifer K :

    like Petit Elefant on FB

  421. Teresa Williams :

    I love the Paris bag! I can definitely see me using this bag a lot.

  422. Joan S :

    I really like the size and traditional look of the Clover bag. The braided straps are a nice standout feature. Very stylish bags overall!

  423. Raquel :

    Love the Lola and the 13th is my birthday!

  424. Andie :

    Red… RED! It has to be the RED one!

  425. Dawnn :

    I love the Lola in black because it has pink (my favorite color) lining!

  426. Kathleen D :

    I love the Lola in black because it looks the most like a “pricey” bag that I would want and buy! Thanks for the chance to win.

  427. Katie :

    oh, thats tough. I’m debating between the Lola and the clover………..both so cute….

  428. Kailey Crum :

    I love the Lola bag in the red, so chic!

  429. Jess :

    The Lola in turquoise, please! :)

  430. Julie :

    Love that Lola in the teal, but really I love them all!!!

  431. nikki :

    I love the Lola in red

  432. Victoria S. :

    I am in LOVE with the Paris bag in that aqua blue color!

    vschilke at gmail dot com

  433. Lauren B :

    The RED Camera bag that is shown is gorgeous! I always have a problem finding a good bag for my camera, and just wind up using a purse and crossing my fingers that the lens doesnt get smashed!

  434. Darlene :

    oh, I’m in love with all of them, but I think Belle and Ginger are my favorites — just the right size, with lots of style. And, dang, their names are so cute too. How can you resist? Thanks for the chance to win.

  435. Brit :

    I like the Lola. the red is sexy!

  436. Chantal :

    These bags all look very nice! Colorful, cute and practical. I understand why more than 440 girls and women like them.
    I’d love to have the black Ginger for Christmas! ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway! x

  437. FirstLadyPatate :

    I really like the Lola. Red is a beautiful color for this bag. :)

  438. heather :

    Either Lola (teal) or Ginger (black) – I’m torn!

  439. Megan :

    Oh my gosh that turquoise clover is so cute. I love colorful bags.

  440. Cyndi :

    I love Lola and the new Paris – gorgeous!

  441. Jackie Moss :

    Personally, I like the Ginger bag, but the Lola is one of my favorites too!!!
    I’m happy that your giving one away-that just shows that you have the ‘holiday spirit’. :D

  442. Kathleen T-S :

    I love the Lola – very hot bag!

  443. Nicole S :

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lola in red!!! I hate my black “man bag”:( ugh

  444. Jen :

    The lola in red!

  445. Terebene :

    Oh, the Ginger bag is so cute! Thanks for your giveaway.

  446. Nicky Hurt :

    I LOVE the Lola in teal. I drool over it every tiime I go to the website. :)
    I also like the Ginger in brown. I really would love the Ginger in teal, if they ever make one!! :)

  447. brie :

    I happen to think that Clover would make a wonderful addition, although all the Epiphanie bags are gorgeous! I love love LOVE the teal.

  448. Tamara :

    I LOVE them all! I’d be honored to win any one of them, but if I had to choose, I’d probably lean towards the Ginger :) Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win something I know I couldn’t afford.

  449. Heidi Eskelson :

    O.k, my two favorites have to be the Lola and the Belle. They are such sweet bags! I love that no one would ever guess that it was a camera bag! I DO appreciate my backpack camera bag but….. these are divine! Extra special! If I had to choose between the two I think I would choose the Belle.

  450. Anita :

    I would have to go for the Ginger bag in brown. Simple and classic. Plus I like the flexibility of using it as a messenger bag.

  451. Angela :

    OOO.. my favorite is the Clover in pink!! It’s soo yummy… I need to run over there and order it!

  452. Kari :

    The Lola in Red or Black is right up my alley. It is super duper cute.

  453. thy :

    my most favorite are Belle & Lola! They’re so gorgeous! Don’t like camera bag at all ! Omg! love them!

  454. Patience :

    I really want the Belle in blue!!! I’m so bored with my current camera bag…

  455. Erin E. :


  456. Monica B :

    Oh! How do you choose… I love the Belle in Pink, the Lola in Red and the Paris in black. I would be sooo happy to win any of them….

  457. Sarah :

    Hi Allison!

    I love all of them! I would be grateful to just have a bag/purse to carry my camera in period ;-) I love all of the colors and styles….I love brown, green, & black if I had to choose ;-) But would extremely happy with anything!!
    Thanks for having this awesome give-a-way!!
    I would be happy and blessed with any of them….Thanks so much!!

  458. Lisa Johnson :

    Love Love Love the Lola. … in turquoise or red!

  459. Nichole :

    I Love the BELLE in teal!! So fashionable, yet functional!

  460. Lindsey Adams :

    I love the Lola in Red – my favorite!! But they’re all super cute!!

  461. Clo :

    I am dreaming of a lola turquoise. Those bags are beautifull. Do they ship also to BELGIUM? I never win of such contest, cross fingers.
    Do they have a reseler in europe or france, or belgium. I want one !!!!

  462. Monty Pes :

    Ooooh, I love them all. But Belle in turquoise is the one I want the most! :)

  463. Tami McClellan :

    Love, love, love them all! But, I might like “Paris” best (I think!).

  464. Neena :

    So hard to choose! But I think I like Belle….

  465. Molly :

    I super love the clover bag. Wishing for one because of the ability to handle my camera,laptop, and purse items. This bag would definately make my everyday life and travels much more simple. Having an all-in-one that is stylish and practical-FANTASTIC!

  466. Liz Listol :

    I love the Lola and Ginger in Black, Thanks for the give away!!

  467. Michelle :

    I love the clover! It would be so great to be able to carry all of my things to class or to work in one beautiful bag!

  468. Shannon :

    The Clover is fantastic!

  469. Valentina :

    I love the Lola in red and the Ginger in brown..they are both simply gorgeous! Thanks for the give away :)

  470. val S :

    I NEED a Lola! Thanks for the chance!

  471. Chris :

    I think my wife would want any of these but her heart is set on the Lola.

  472. Maria :

    I’m loving the new Clover. <3

  473. Kim P :

    I love the new Clover! I like that it has a space for a laptop/tablet/notebook, etc.

  474. Jan W :

    Love Lola! Perfect size for adventures.

  475. Jessica H. :

    I LOVE the Belle bag in teal with the lime green interior! So cute!

  476. jill conyers :

    I love love Lola in red. It would be perfect for my new camera that I’m sure Santa is bringing me this year :)

  477. Christy :

    I am in love with the Belle in Pink. So sad that it will not ship till December 20th( :( ) , but then again I also like Ginger in Blk. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  478. Annissa :

    I would have to pick the Paris style. SO cute! I’m getting sick of lugging around my ugly old camera bag, I hope I win!

  479. wendy :

    it’s between the belle in red and the clover in aqua. if i HAD to pick just one, i think it’d be the belle, but well, it just might be the clover in aqua. i’ll have to stay on the fence a little while longer i think. :)

  480. Eleonora :

    I love Lola!!!

  481. susie :

    I would love to win the cute one to give my daughter for Christmas. I hope to get her a nice camera..if I can..A new camera bag would put icing on the cake.

  482. Karen W :

    I LOVE the Lola in red. Would love to have one!!

  483. Katie :

    I love the Lola bag! And of course, I want them all :)

  484. sara martinez :

    Oh man thats a real hard one I love them all and want them all!!!!
    The one I would pick for my first Epiphanie bag would be the Lola in black!!! then Ginger : )

  485. afrin sopariwala :

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lola in red… Just have to have it soon!

  486. Rochelle :

    Love, love, love all the bags, but I particularly fancy the Clover bag in grey!!!

  487. Sara :

    They’re all incredibly gorgeous, but I love the Lola! The bright red color is my favorite!

  488. Trissta Lyman :

    OMG. I love love LOVE the Lola! I can’t help but want every one of the bags, though. The braids on the clover and Paris bags are simply marvelous… Makes me wonder if I can do a DIY on a purse of mine… As a photography student, I use my camera almost 24/7. My current camera bag is so falling apart and of course, it’s drab and boxy. I would love to have a new one!

  489. Angela :

    I would love the red Lola bag!!! It’s just so pretty and functional. It would be beyond amazing to win since one for Christmas isn’t in the budget!

  490. Jessica :

    Ahh so hard to choose!! But I really adore the Lola in the red as well… I’ve been eyeing it for awhile but don’t have enough saved up.. it’s a gorgeous design. thanks for offering the giveaway!!

  491. Regina :

    I personally love them all. Do we really have to choose just one?! Merry Christmas!

  492. Jennifer B :

    Love the Ginger in black. ITs perfect!

  493. Clare :

    I’m in love with the Belle bag… it being a turquoise color with green lining. Those happen to actually be my happy colors which somehow magically brighten my mood when I see them no matter how overcast a day!

    Merry Christmas!!

  494. Cristen :

    They’re all so adorable! I think my favorite is the turquoise Belle, but honestly, I’d take ANY of them!!! Now, if I can just figure out how to get hubby to agree that it’s a justified purchase… :)

  495. Heather :

    I love the Lola bag!

  496. Aarti :

    I think the Lola bag is hot!

  497. Matthew Fiedler :

    Would love to win this for my wife. She likes the Ginger and the lola

  498. sarah blamires :

    Please Santa . . . bring me the Lola bag. I would be soooooooo happy.

  499. Melissa :

    Lola! Definitely!

  500. Heather B :

    My favorite is the Belle

  501. Heather B :

    I like you on facebook too!

  502. Tanya :

    I love the Belle bag in turquoise the most. I’ve never seen a more adorable camera bag :)

  503. Brian :

    So tough to decide which I like better, the belle in turqouise or the lola in red are both awesome and would love to give either to my little sister who is a budding photographer.

  504. Tonya :

    I just discovered these Epiphanie bags today while looking for a new camera bag. I have to say that I really like the Ginger bag. Alot! The Paris bag is pretty darn nice looking as well! I prefer the traditional colors, black or maybe the brown, at least when it comes to bags that I carry. Love this line of bags!

  505. Maricela DiGiovanni :

    I love the Lola in red or turquoise!

  506. annie :

    love love love the “Clover” bag!

  507. Martha :

    Honestly, I want them all too :)…This is tough but I would really love to have the Ginger.

  508. Nathalie B. :

    Oohh coolness! I love Paris or Lola in bright turquoise! :) Another item to be added in my Christmas list/wishes :)

  509. Sabrina P. :

    Lola is my favourite, mostly the red one! <3

  510. Cynthia Ensley :

    I agree with you about liking all of them. My favorite is Ginger in brown. All the bags are beautiful.

  511. KariAnn :

    I love the Lola in any color. Finally, a stylish yet functional camera bag.

  512. Katelyn :

    The turqois one is adorable! And, since it’s my favorite color, it would match almost every single outfit of mine!

    And besides being just about the cutest camera bag on the planet, it’s practical. What more could it have?

  513. Genavee :

    I love the belle. So, so pretty.

  514. I.H. :

    I love Ginger’s clean, simple design, and it also reminds me of Coach. :) I also love Lola…it’s simply chic and adorable! :)

  515. Sarah :

    I love the red Lola bag. Stunning!


    I love the Ginger!

  517. Shanna :

    Hands down…LOLA!!!

  518. Jessica R :

    I LOVE the Lola!!

  519. Lindsey W. :

    I would LOVE to have the red lola!!!

  520. lisa :

    I want the GINGER!!!Love it.

  521. Alyssa White :

    Love the bag!!! Bright colors leave me happy :)

  522. Courtney :

    I love the Paris!

  523. Christin :

    I fancy the pink Belle bag. She’s very pretty, indeed. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  524. Jessica Lynn :

    I love Belle in red. I’m crossing my fingers I get one for christmas….or from here :)

  525. Texie Davis :

    I SERIOUSLY love every single one of them and I want one of each, in every color!!!!!! If I had to choose just one, I’d pick Clover in torquoise. I love them!!!

  526. Amber :

    I’m SOOOO in love with the Lola bag it’s unhealthy. My bf and I share our SLR and have been discussing getting a new camera bag – and I’ve been being so stubborn holding out until I could get a cute, ladylike bag! This is just what I need… time to start saving up!

  527. elizabeth :

    I LOVE the Lola and the Ginger, and can’t really decide… I’m leaning towards the turquoise Lola bag… and Monday, December 13th, is my birthday, so it would be a great gift for me!!! :D

  528. Megs :

    Hello, Lola! I had no idea a camera bag could make me drool!

  529. Linda :

    Can’t decide between the Lola and the Belle. I think they’re both classy. Thanks

  530. Sarah :

    Loooovvve the Lola and the Belle!! It’s more of an obsessive love, really.

  531. Kami Vanous :

    I have been dreaming about the Lola for months now! LOVE the style and versatility of it! I think I’m more excited about the prospect of owning this camera bag than I was over getting to choose my first diaper bag (and that is saying sumthin’!) Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one!!!

  532. Rebekah :

    Love the Belle bag. Beautiful. Thanks for this contest!

  533. Tami W. :

    I LOVE them all but if I had to choose I would say the Belle one is my fav. Thank you!!

  534. Rachel H :

    At one point, I really wanted the black Lola, but now I’m head over heels for the black Paris…actually, I’d love to have a Paris in more than one color!

  535. Laurie :

    I love all the bags but if I had to choose, I think the Lola is my favorite. Never knew a camera bag could be so cute!

  536. Amanda :

    I love the Lola bag :)

  537. Charlene Roberts :

    AHHHH! Lola in red! I’ve been following them on Twitter and eyeing up this spicy little number for quite some time…

  538. Erin Drennon :

    I love the new clover bag!! I sure hope I get picked for this giveaway!!

  539. Kandice :

    I have been drooling over the Lola bag for awhile. I wish it came in pink but I love the red with the purple inside. I love all of her bags, she’s brilliant. And the cute little camera pendant, LOVE IT!

  540. Lubaska :

    yes, they all are definitely cute. I love clover! thanks

  541. Amanda A. :

    I love them all!!

  542. Lubaska :

    I liked you on th FB and I wrote on your wall. (Lubka Kotmanikova) thanks

  543. Jennifer Operhall :

    I really love Ginger!!!!

  544. andrea :

    I love Lola! I have been coveting her since epiphanie bags came out and have yet to get one! Keeping my fingers crossed I win!

  545. Amber :

    I want the Lola in red!!! :)

  546. Tim :

    the black ginger is the one my wife has been dreaming of!

  547. Alexa F. :

    Oh geez, it’s way too hard to pick just one! I think the best I can do is narrow it down to a three-way tie between the belle, the lola and the ginger. The belle and ginger are just a tad higher, though. Maybe.

  548. Andrea :

    I love the Lola, gorgeous in red. I hate carrying my camera case – it’s too small to fit all the lenses I want, it isn’t easy to switch a lens, and it’s ugly to boot! These bags certainly make a statement – a good one!

  549. Audrey :

    I love the black Ginger bag! I’m hoping Santa is listening. :)

  550. amy :

    I adore the Belle bag. I can’t seem to choose between the pink and the turquoise…. they’re both so fun. The best thing about Epiphanie bags is that they don’t even look like cammie bags!

  551. Kim Shapiro :

    <3 the ginger! but would really love any of them….. :)

  552. Laurin :

    Hmmm. That’s a tough one. Lola or Clover.

  553. Sarah :

    I love the belle!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  554. Gwendydd Ross :

    The GinGer in brown, with the blue lining inside – love it!

  555. Deborah de Leon :

    They’re all super cute! Loving the Belle and Lola!

  556. Brandon Alistair :

    Haha! My sister loves the lola! She wants one for Christmas!!

  557. Jan Molloy :

    The Lola is my favorite.

  558. Summer Molloy :

    I love them all, especially the Lola style.

  559. Holly Giuliano :

    I love them all, but the red Lola is my favorite!!!!

  560. Lindsay Sligar :

    The Lola in any color! Thanks.

  561. nakedjen :

    i’m all about the LOLA. i would use that bag even if i wasn’t lugging my camera around with me every where i go.

  562. Pete :

    My wife really would love the Lola or Ginger!

  563. Tracy :

    I love Lola in any colour! :) Gorgeous bags!

  564. Jules Tate :

    I have been aching for a Epiphanie Bag. Like seriously. My faves are the ginger, lola and belle. I love them all. This would be a FAB Christmas gift!!

  565. Andrea :

    I love Lola in black! Especially since it has hot pink lining.

  566. melanie :

    Ok i want them all too. If i had to chose one it would have to be the Lola in black,

  567. Lana :

    So hard to choose but…

    “Her name was Lola….”

  568. Susan Dodd :

    I’d have to say the Belle.

  569. valerie :

    the lola bag is adorable

  570. Jessica Ray :

    Paris, in purple :)

  571. Annie :

    I LOVE the clover bag in teal and then pink! These bags are fabulous!

  572. amy h :

    I love the BELLE bag in chocolate. Thanks

  573. stacy :

    I’m in luv with the ginger style. Oh the places I would go…

  574. Anna Larson :

    The minute I saw Lola I knew she was the one for me – so sassy and sexy. LOVE HER.

  575. Mia Fuller :

    This is amazing. Nothing more annoying than showing up to shoot a fashionable wedding with an ugly camera bag. But the GINGER is my favorite (not just because i am married to a ginger, and have a daughter you is beautifully ginger haired as well) but because its the perfect blend of classy and tomboy chic! i love how the inside has a great pop of brilliant color!

  576. Ashley T. :

    Lola, in red. Love that bag.

  577. Jessie H :

    love the ginger. love love love it :)

  578. Charlotte :

    My favorite is Lola in red. I really need this bag because it is a big secret but I think I am getting a new “grown up” camera for Christmas from my husband. Please pick me so I will have a perfectly wonderful bag to use with my new camera which I am going to adore!

  579. Fionnuala :

    Oh, I’d love a Lola bag, I just bought my first DSLR and desperately need a new bag for it!

  580. Constance :

    Love them all, but Belle’s my fave! Especially the pink. Girly, girly, girly. :)

  581. Beth :

    I totally need a new camera bag. The lola is gorgeous!

  582. dgm :

    They’re all cute, but I fancy myself a Ginger girl in chocolate. It’s casual enough for beach and hiking but can be worn for photo romps through the city.
    Did I win? Huh? Did I?

  583. Katie K :

    I love, love, love the turquoise Lola bag!

  584. Jennifer Barr :

    i love the style of the Belle. Surprised they don’t make it in black color too

  585. Sara Martorelli :

    I’m from italy!
    I’ve got a Belle and i love it!
    I’d like too to have a PARIS!
    It’s beautiful in puprle!or black *w*

  586. Jan :

    Oh this is easy – Ginger. Ginger and I are destined to be best friends. I’m already planning my travels around the world (next stop Brussels!) and mincing about town with her (it’s your round Ginger – make mine a double!)

  587. Chris Curran :

    Firstly – I’m a man…. a football and old car loving man but I too can appreciate a well crafted accessory even if it is a camera bag disguised as a purse. My hot mama is crazy about these bags…so much that she wrote an entire blog dedicated to her craving for an epiphanie bag. We can’t really afford to buy one of these bags right now but I can’t bare the potential dissapointment. So she will probably find a black Ginger under the tree this year. She loves the Turquoise Lola and the Black Ginger so I’m tossing my name in the hat for the Lola! Good luck to all the hardworking photo-moms out there.

  588. catieJ :

    Lola, in that great turquoise.

  589. Lindsay :

    i heart the new clover bag – LOVE them all though :)

  590. Cheryl Mosley :

    I am writing in again to say that I adore the Lola bag. So tired of everything looking practical and boring..would love to have a Fashionable camera bag!!

  591. Tara Milam :

    I love the clover in teal! SO cute and practical. Added bonus of having space for my ipad.

  592. Jeff :

    My girlfriend really, really, really likes the Lola bag in black, to the degree that I am searching this website looking for a holiday special discount, free bag would do it. Happy Holidays!

  593. tina reynolds :

    I think the ginger is really cute thanks for the chance to win

  594. Jane Privitera :

    Choosing a favorite is SOOOOO difficult. But if I must it would be Ginger in Brown. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  595. Heather :

    I love the Lola bags! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  596. Heather :

    OH MY GOSH…I am seriously DYING for a red Lola bag, but just can’t get it with my Christmas budget. So glad I found this tonight…oh, Lord, please let me win! :)

  597. Marlena U. :

    Thought I loved Belle until I saw Clover…oh my! I have a new fave!!

  598. cyn :

    I just adore the Lola in red.

    I also wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your posts. I am actually dressing in leggings and have almost mastered the art of belts. So thank you.

  599. trixx :

    I’ve been looking for a bag for my SLR and I think I found it. Love the Belle bag!

  600. Jet Harrington :

    Oh my. I love these bags. Indecently. I’m torn between the Belle in red and the new Clover in turquoise. For a long time, I wanted the Lola in red with the passion of old saloons, but now I am afraid that bag narrows too much at the top. And the photos of Karen with the Belle in pink – those are awesome. So, Belle (in red) for daily carrying around, and the Clover in turquoise for travelling, such a classy way to carry the laptop with. Do I have to choose one right now? Please don’t make me.

  601. heather :

    BELLE!!!!! Oh that bag is yummy! :) We just returned from China with our sixth child so purchasing a bag for myself was put on hold, ha! Would love to win one!!

  602. Heather :

    I love the Belle! Gorgeous bag!!

  603. Piper :

    Love the Clover in grey ;)
    but they are all gorgeous!

  604. Relyn :

    I am pretty sure I am too late, but I love these bags so much that I just had to try. I love, love, love the GinGer bag the best, but I SO want it in red. If they ever made it in red, I would be thrilled, but in the meantime, I would be most delighted with the black GinGer. Of course, with Epiphanie bags, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for this chance. It’s wonderful.