Bold Picks for Fall Fashion

This fall I’m going for bold fall fashion, and I’m ditching the cardigan-boot combo. They are great basics, sure, but they are called basics for a reason. And who wants to be basic? Personally I go for the clothes that will make me stand out. Pairing bright colors, adding a wild shoe, or wearing a vintage patterned top that stands out will do the trick. Maybe I’ll add a wide belt, a hat, or a high waist detail to daily look, Don’t be afraid of your local second hand store: some of my most treasured clothes came from someone else closet. Fall doesn’t have to be an excuse to burrow into bland colors and parkas and bulky boots. The day is only as interesting as you make it, and the same goes for your wardrobe. Bente Bold Fall Fashion

I’m a sucker for anything that looks like it would belong in Cher Horowitz’s closet: shoulder pads, glitter, beads, patterns, etc. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant, but it does have to pop. You can wear something this bold just about anywhere. I like to pull it out for concerts or special occasions where a little bit of drama and elegance are in play. Paired with black or red pencil skirt and maybe a wide leather belt makes a really great look. This is fall fashion that carries right on through the winter holidays, too.
Bold Fall Fashion
High waist anything is flattering to nearly any feminine figure. No matter what the color, it never fails to make you look sophisticated and fashion forward. I usually go for bold combinations, like the red skirt and green shoes combo you see here. A bit out of the ordinary but not sloppy or gaudy because the rest of the outfit is simple in shape and colors. Fall days can range from sunny and warm to brisk and chilly, so adding a fun denim or leather jacket keeps this ensemble versatile. It never hurts to step outside of your comfort zone and try things that you never thought would work.
Bold Fall Fashion

All black everything is timeless. This outfit is made up of a turtle neck leotard, high waist black jeans, tan ballet flats, and a cropped denim jacket. This is another little number that can be worn casually or dressed up, depending on the shoes. These comfortable fabrics are ideal for active and hectic days: dance class, shopping, yoga, work/school, lunch date, soccer game…My favorite outfits are those that can be used comfortably, fashionably, and worn everywhere.

So, what fall fashion finds will you be adding to your look this season?

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