blissdom conference recap.

Last weekend I went to a blogging conference called BlissDom in Nashville, Tennessee. To say I had a good time wouldn’t do it justice. I had an amazing time and it had everything to do with the women I hung out with all weekend. Life lessons learned:

Lesson #1:

Wearing the best shoes in my suitcase right out of the gate is a mistake. My feet paid the price and I ended up in sneakers by Saturday night. This wasn’t my first rodeo, you’d think I’d know this by now.

Lesson #2:

Women are smart. This is also not news, as I’m one of 5 girls and have a power mom and a grandmother who was a nurse in the 1920’s. I know women are smart, but sitting in a room full of 500 brilliant entrepreneurs was awe inspiring. {photos #2 & #3 by Moosh in Indy}

Lesson #3:

You don’t need to drink to have a good time. The sober women on the dance floor got the party started once Harry Connick Jr. exited stage left {actually, I think it was stage right. I really don’t know my stage directions, I could be wrong}. Anyway, I like the nightlife, I like to boogie. Ten points if you get that reference.

Lesson #4:

No matter how hard I try, I can’t steer away from fashion. I spent a lot of time looking at everyone’s shoes and accessories, noticing style everywhere I turned. I won’t lie, the Tea Party people didn’t have it going on but everyone at BlissDom was foxy. Can you believe Jyl here? Love this outfit on her body.

Lesson #5:

Some people are easy to travel with; fun even. Marie LeBaron is one of those. I’ll travel with her anywhere. She makes a great roomie too, no snoring or weird noises at night.

Lesson #6:

Karaoke is not my strong suit. I can see why some people enjoy it, if they’re drunk, but it was scary for me. I’ll do anything for Her Bad Mother though, especially if it involves sparkles and a Glee ballad.

Lesson #7:

I want a baby. Badly. I didn’t need to go to Nashville to figure this one out, but the posse of BlissDom babies were wicked cute. I could have snatched one of them up and smuggled them home, no problem. I wouldn’t actually steal a baby, that would be rude.

Long story short: BlissDom rocked and I can’t wait to go again next year. I loved meeting women I’ve only had the pleasure of connecting with online, and vice versa. It’s really cool to hang out with other women who get what it is I do all day, and WHY. Nashville, same bat place same bat channel, next year?

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  1. likeschocolate :

    I am glad you had a wonderful time. I love the woman's in black tights.

  2. jules @ The Diversion Project :

    Looks like a hoot, wow i'd love some of that girl action (that's strictly a PG kind of refereance btw).

    and thanks for the 20 point bonus round, i totally pass that pop quiz.

    glad you kicked your heels up!

  3. Sarahviz :

    Absolutely! Wish we could have spent more time together! Next time!

  4. Dandy :

    I am soo in for next year. I'm sad I missed it next year but I've been loving hearing all about it!

  5. chirky :

    Hooray! I had so much fun meeting you, and hope to see you at the next conference. :)

  6. Mrs JP Chaos :

    Delurking to say: So I Married an Axe Murderer.

    That is all. ;-)

    (Glad you had a great time!)

  7. Camille :

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Nashville! Sounds like fun!

  8. a pina colada :

    I'm so glad you had such a fun time. Super jealous about Harry Conick Jr. Are you kidding? Love him!

  9. Donna :

    Glad you had fun! We'll hafta get together so you can tell me all about it.

  10. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Thanks, roomie. I'll travel with you anyday!!

    And you and Cat rocked the mic!

  11. Leslie "Dottie" from ModernKiddo :

    Oooh! I wish I could have gone! It looked like so much fun. Count us in for next year.

    And I gotta say, that is a brilliant tip about not wearing your best shoes right out the gate. Genius, lady.

    And I hear you about the baby lust. Hoo boy! and I have a baby already. Stop the madness!

  12. Kathleen :

    What a fun time! I rally wish I could have gone. I like that it was a smaller, more intimate group than BlogHer.

    Love your fashion recaps too. I like seeing what outfits people put together.

  13. Andi :

    Great recap it was nice to meet you there! Love the photos!

  14. Miranda :

    I love So I Married an Axe Murderer. And your blog, by the way.

  15. Amy @ Living Locurto :

    I really enjoyed meeting you. Wish I had time to chat with you more!

  16. Laryssa Herbert :

    What fun we had! I so enjoyed meeting you. :-)

  17. strawberry lemonade girl :

    I'm so jealous. Dotty and I MUST hang out with you again (when we have more than, like, 10 minutes!)
    You look amazing…those shoes are INSANE! I love them!

    This looked like a good time for sure.

    And references to Glee and "I love the night life, I got to boogie on the disco…..ahhhhh!" (actually i don't know if she is actually saying Disco Floor , disco ahhhh or disco something else, but I like "AHHHHH!" haha)

    happy friday pretty lady!

  18. Petit Elefant :


    Jyl, from Mom it Forward. The girl has some wicked legs and she needs to show them off more often!


    Oh it was a hoot! You need to skip over to the states and come dance with us next year!

    Glad you got the bonus round. ;)


    I know, there's never enough time is there? Coming to BlogHer?


    You have to! It was so. much. fun.


    Ditto! Can't wait to hang again. And bring that adorable baby next time too, she's wicked cute.

    Mrs. JP,

    So glad you de-lurked to tell me about the greatest movie ever made. Well, maybe. But definitely one of the funniest.


    It was pretty wild on the dance floor. I haven't had that much fun since BlogHer.

    pina colada,

    You know what was so great about him? His band! I've never heard really great live jazz, but that was amazing!


    Done and done.


    You make traveling easy{ish}. No more karaoke for me, you should have stopped me.


    I've got to stop packing such high heels, although in all honesty, the Steve Madden's were really comfortable.

    The babies were RIDICULOUS cute.


    It was great to meet you too! I had to narrow the photos down to a few, I took a lot.


    I heart you.


    I love the smaller conferences because you really get time to sit and chat with people, which is what I love about blogging in the first place. You really should come next year. Or come to EVO!


    It was great meeting you! And I loved passing around Tidy Mom. Same place next year?


    Oh it was fun wasn't it? So great to meet you too!

    strawberry lemonade,

    Yes, when is it that we're going to hang again? Are you going to come to SLC for EVO in June? {You must, you must!}