Birthday give away from me to you

birthday It’s my birthday! Well, it was yesterday.  I was so busy playing with friends and family I didn’t get around to writing a post, but I guarantee I’d share a piece of my red velvet birthday cake (cream cheese frosting on top) with each and every one of you given the chance. It’s sort of too late though, because early this morning dressed in my bathrobe I crammed the last bits of cake into my mouth, both elbows leaning on the counter with a fork in hand. Cream cheese frosting is no joke. I love you too much to leave you empty handed though, and today’s post is a birthday give away from me to you. Comment #37  Rachel R.  is the birthday giveaway winner!  Send us an email Steph so we can send a package your way! party favor I turned 36 yesterday, so in keeping with the theme of getting one year closer to 40 (eep!) I put together a package of all my favorite things to send to one of you. 36 of them anyway. I’m pretty disappointed I can’t ship my steam shower, an ice cold Pellegrino, and a slushy Diet Dr Pepper your way.  You’ll have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks there. party treats I did manage to stuff quite a few of my favorites in the box however, so you should feel pretty happy.  I know I do. THIRTY SIX!  It’s the new black. I gathered 36 things I love plus a few more, because who can really whittle it down when it comes to the nitty gritty?  Do I count each balloon and piece of candy?  It can make an OCD girl a little insane, all those bits and pieces. birthday party Curious exactly what made the cut for this fun birthday extravaganza?  I’ll tell you:

Here’s how to enter this super fun birthday give away from me to you:

Leave a comment telling me what you love seeing on Petit Elefant.  Do you love makeup tips?  What about DIY crafts?  Style stuff? Parenting stories?  Shout! it out now, I’m old and deaf. Be sure to leave your email address so we can notify you if you win (I hope it’s you!) Giveaway only available to the lower 48 U.S. states (sorry dude, shipping is stupid expensive) Giveaway runs now through Wednesday September 25th, midnight MST One entry per household (there’s plenty to share) I can’t even tell you how much fun I had shopping for this birthday giveaway.  Seriously, I was a woman on a mission putting this package of favorite things together.  I’d throw in a mixed tape too but who’s to say you love YAZ and Kimbra as much as I do?  Either way I want you all to know how grateful I am for every one of you.  Thanks for spending another amazing year with me.  I love this blog, my readers (that would be you) and the friends who’ve become a part of my life because of Petit Elefant.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. And happy birthday.

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Hello there! I'm Allison Czarnecki, founder + editor of Petit Elefant, a blog all about style on a budget for every part of your life: style / home / travel / family. I do a lot of how-to beauty + style tutorials, travel posts, easy recipes, home remodel projects, and cool DIY crafts you totally want to try. I'm super happily married (to a hot Polish immigrant) and am the mother of two kids, a daughter and son, all of whom are featured here on the regular. We live in the country but we're a little bit rock + roll. Welcome!


  1. Kylie :

    Love your diy crafts, but I think you have a nice mix going on :)

  2. La Yen :

    I love your make up tips, because they make me feel like I could actually DO them. I also love your steam shower.

  3. Jenny :

    Happy Birthday! I like your makeup tips and your vacation photos, so be sure to take lots of vacations for me this year. And home life/parenting adventures. Those are always awesome. And I stil want to know how to get a punch card pass for your steam shower.

  4. Kelly Rae :

    love your DIY’s

  5. Crystal :

    I love your DIYs and beauty tips! Happy birthday!

  6. Liesel :

    My favorite posts are the ones about your family. I love hearing about your adventures with your awesome hubby and your darling kids. But, I guess there’s a good reason for that. :) I also love the makeup tips.

  7. Robyn Popham :

    Happy Birthday!!!! I love everything on your site, but I really enjoy your fashion and makeup and I loved reading about your remodels.

  8. Tania S. :

    I love to read about family and DIY posts.

  9. Caroline :

    You know, it’s hard to choose just one thing that I love seeing on here. I love your personal anecdotes about your family, and the post about the things you want for each of your family members tears me up. I’ve tried to read it several times, and can never get through it. But I get the importance of that, and I’ve put writing letters to my own husband and children on my ‘dirty thirty list.’ I love the makeup tutorials. Thank you, for teaching me how to wear red lipstick appropriately! And I love me some DIY goodness too, my friends rave about the DIY lip glosses I’ve made from your recipe. :) I also love the travel pieces, reading them makes me want to grab my kids and voluntour the world (voluntourism, it’s a real, very cool, thing). I wouldn’t mind my husband coming too, but hey…someone has to fund my adventures!

  10. Christine :

    Happy birthday! The things I love most are makeup tips or fun DIY projects. I just love your personality, so I’d probably read anything you write. Here’s to many more happy years :)

  11. Hiedi Blackwelder :

    Happy Birthday! I love hearing the personal anecdotes the best. :) Your new bathroom pics have been super fun to see too!

  12. Stacia Simonsen :

    I’m with Hiedi – I love it all, but personal anecdotes are great. Time to listen to some Kimbra…
    Feliz Cumpleanos amiga!

  13. Jen Stemmons :

    Happy birthday!!! My favorite thing by far that you have posted is your bathroom! I love seeing hire you can take a simple room, some elbow greese, amazing colors, a yummy shower, and lots of vision and wa la…a bathroom fit for a princess (and the occasional prince ;-)).

  14. RookieMom Heather :

    I love YOU most about your website. You are always honest, refreshing, YOURself, and I just feel like we’re having a wonderful conversation whenever I stop by. I don’t know if I want all 36 of your favorite things, but I do know that I want to have an Allison party when the goodies arrive. And it will be awesome. Happy happy birthday. What a fun idea!

  15. Kimm W. :

    I live for the makeup tips and fashion posts, and everything else. I adore this blog. Happy birthday! 36 looks good on you!

  16. Kelly Tirman :

    Overall everything but what makes your lifestyle content even better is stories about you & your family. And I LOVE how your bathroom looks so much like water/pool – 100% you!

  17. Angelica :

    Happy late birthday!! I LOVE your makeup tips, DIY crafts, fashion posts! I love it all! :)

  18. Marie :

    Love it all, more more more of everything! Happy Beday!

  19. SS :

    Happy Birthday!
    I like your style tips and beauty tips. And vegan/veggie recipes!

  20. Elizabeth Lemon :

    I have to agree with rookiemom heather here – Allison you are the reason your blog rocks. It has very little to do with content and all about how you present it in a fun, down to earth, sassy yet kind and friendly way. I LOVE YOU and happy birthday girl.

  21. Cami :

    Happy Birthday! I love most everything on your blog, but I especially love your posts on travel. Your love for travel is contagious and you have given me so many great ideas. Love you!

  22. Melissa :

    Happy birthday! I love it all, but especially DIY stuff.

  23. Qui :

    Happy birthday Allison! I love your makeup and fashion tips as well as the fun family stories & remodeling & of course the travel adventures.

  24. Gina M. :

    Love your style and DIY posts!

  25. Kandice :

    Happy Birthday to you! I love everything, especially the DIY projects. Have a great day!

  26. moosh in indy. :

    Oh! The style and beauty. The DIY pore strips? Brilliant. Someday I’ll tell you where I used that little concoction.
    Happy birthday love, you had me at Hi-Chew.

  27. Heather :

    I love your make up tips and outfit ideas (both yours and your kiddos). Happy Birthday!

  28. Elizabeth :

    Ooh what a fun post! Happy birthday!! I love your DIY posts and family updates :)

  29. Stephanie Porter :

    I love the travel section. Love. Also, I dig your style. You rock it! Cheers!

  30. Shannon :

    I love the DIYs. Also, Belated Happy Birthday! I am turning 36 in about a week too!

  31. Sarah N. :

    Love the style & beauty posts…happy birthday!!

  32. April S :

    Happy birthday! Love your DIY!

  33. Kate :

    I love the crafts.

  34. Bekki :

    Happy (belated) Birthday, love!

    Might I add, you are so amazingly unselfish! For you to want to give out a gift on your own birthday! Also the posts you leave us viewers to read everyday! So amazing you really are :)

    I love reading your DIY posts and the one about making your own pore strip with gelatin and milk is to die for! Petit Elefant is something I enjoy reading, keep up the posts!

  35. Brooke :

    Happy birthday! I am glad it was a good one. I am always a sucker for your parenting and more personal posts, you are such a good writer!

  36. Colleen :

    I love makeup tips! Happy birthday!

  37. Rachel R. :

    Happy birthday!! My favorite stuff is the DIY and craft posts!

  38. sara :

    I love your DIY crafts!

  39. Ivy Beth :

    Love your craft posts!

  40. Shelby :

    If I had to pick a favorite it would be the style posts, but really I like them all

  41. Lorri :

    I love the fashion stuff! And have recently enjoyed your remodel posts! Love that bathroom!

  42. Aarika :

    I found you through your DIY crafts but I like the style stuff too!

  43. Abby :

    I really like your DIYs. It’s why I astarted following your blog.

  44. Katelyn :

    Happy birthday! I love your blog because of everything you have on here: fashion, make-up, life, travels (this makes me a little jealous though). I like reading everything and storing it for later. (BTW, I need to find your post about fixing a broken eye shadow since my favorite broke this last week.) Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  45. Nat :

    I love your fashion and make up tips. And you. Happy day!

  46. Michelle Naomi :

    Love the make up and DIY entries but really I love it all! One of my favorite blogs to read :)

  47. Chrysula :

    You gorgeous woman, you! xoxox

  48. Karen M.M :

    I LOVE the DIY posts !!! Keep ’em coming !

  49. Lindsey :

    I honestly love to see your face! You always look so cute and stylish and you rock the hawk (sp?)!!

  50. Megan :

    Happy Birthday! I love the DIY posts :)

  51. valerie :

    I enjoy your DIY posts best, although I hope you don’t change your posting style b/c I love how you keep it random. It’s the mix of topics that keep me coming back! Happy birthday!

  52. Carole :

    Happy Birthday!! I love your make-up tips and personal anecdotes…loved your documentation of your bathroom remodel!

  53. beth cole :

    I love your crafts. I hope you had a great birthday!!

  54. Jessica :

    Happy birthday! I also turned 36 this month. :)

    I love reading your makeup tips. I’m 36 and still need help. :/ Oh, and if you can figure out how to ship that steamshower, I’m all ears! We are about to embark on our own bathroom remodel, so your stories/ posts were very insightful.

  55. Peggy :

    I Love all of your makeup tips. Very helpful!

  56. Patty L :

    I love your remodel posts, DIY posts, and makeup/fashion posts. Happy Birthday!

  57. 2wellsmade5 :

    I love the remodel the best… So I I’m faux steaming, trying to live through all the photos and your stories! I also love when you dump out your purse and I can compare how much junk I actually have in comparison to an actual person. ;) Awesome stuff… My bday is coming up too.

  58. Luba :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! All your posts are pretty cool! :) Style post are what I would like to read about most.

  59. steph edwards :

    First- Happy Birthday!!!! What an awesome, creative giveaway idea. I love it! I enjoy pretty much all of the posts, but the makeup ones are my fave.

  60. mariam :

    Hey sweetheart Happy Birthday
    God bless you with lots of Happiness :)
    I like every thing on ur blog
    Keep posting

  61. terrijean jacobo :

    HAPPY 36TH!!! im guessing that Oregon is probably not in your list of 48 lower U.S. but i do still want to tell you happy b-day and i really LOVE P.E.! i really enjoy all your cool fashion and beauty tips and mostly love the DIYs on making jewelry stuffs so show me more! ;p thanx for putting out such a great blog! hugs <3

    • Allison :

      Oregon is totally on the list! :)

  62. rachel :

    I’ll read just about anything! I like DIY and parenting tips in particular.

  63. Jenni :

    Happy late birthday! I love your makeup tips and DIY crafts, but everything else is great too. I love reading your blog! Keep it coming :)

  64. Rachelle Mini :

    I have really enjoyed your make up tips over the years as well as your style tips, packing tips. Oooohhhh,,,,,,,,,,, I also LOVE the recipes for the brown sugar scrub. I have shared that with so many friends and relatives. Thank you so much!

    Happy Birthday!!

  65. Rachelle Mini :

    I have really enjoyed your make up tips over the years as well as your style tips, packing tips. Oooohhhh,,,,,,,,,,, I also LOVE the recipes for the brown sugar scrub. I have shared that with so many friends and relatives. Thank you so much!

    Happy Birthday!!

  66. Rachelle Mini :

    I have really enjoyed your make up tips over the years as well as your style tips, packing tips. Oooohhhh,,,,,,,,,,, I also LOVE the recipes for the brown sugar scrub. I have shared that with so many friends and relatives. Thank you so much! Happy Birthday!

  67. Rachelle Mini :

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog for make up ideas and fashion inspiration. I also love your brown sugar scrub idea. I make it for myself and share with friends! I miss the “What’s in your purse” series! Keep up the good work and have fun!

  68. Karen Hibl :

    Love the DIY
    Happy Birthday!

  69. Mehna :

    Happy Birthday! I really enjoy your fashion tips, especially since my body type is similar to yours and you always look so chic! I also really liked your post son the bathroom makeover. I am a little jealous of your bathroom!

  70. Shari :

    I love everything! I come for the styling and makeup tips but end up finding so much more! Each post is a new surprise!!

  71. Tara Garvey :

    I love all of your content, but lately I’m digging the makeup tips.
    BTW, loving the new bathroom!

  72. Kathleen :

    Happy Birthday Allison! I love reading the posts about you and your life, frankly. You seem like a genuinely nice person, and someone I’d like to hang out with. I do enjoy your bathroom makeover posts and the DIY stuff too.

  73. Christina :

    Happy Birthday! But don’t fret, over 40 isn’t so bad :)
    I agree, you have a great mix going on and I look forward to your posts. I liked what another commenter said about your makeup tips, for some reason you explain it in a way that I feel like I could actually do it. I remember your what’s in your bag series and that always made me feel better and kept me from letting my own bag get out of control (which is how it spent many many years).

  74. Kristine :

    Happy Belated Birthday! I love the DIY crafts. Made a bunch of polka dotted T-shirt infinity scarves, they were a HUGE hit to all the friends I gave them too.

  75. Olivia-Moon :

    I love each post, and the hope it brings me that I might actually do/create/cook/wear some of the tidbits I am inspired by. Even though I only followed through on one of the crafts, which was to make citrus sugar scrub for all of our relatives, my co-workers and friends last Christmas, after ordering 50 bazillion plastic containers and personalized labels on Zazzle. My kids and I made 42. And 4 of them leaked in the packages we sent out. But my kids still talk about them, making me feel a little like Super Mom. And I love the fact that each post reminds me of someone, and is a quick reminder to reach out to them, which I do when I forward them a gluten free recipe, or a link to the DIY welcome mat, because I know that they actually have a greater chance of following through than me. But most importantly, it lets them know that in my crazy life, I’m thinking of them. So Happy Birthday, and hope you enjoy a citrus-scrub enhanced steam shower.

  76. ~j. :

    I like the beauty stuff. You know it all. Thank you for introducing me to Pixi.

  77. Carrie :

    I like the DIY crafts and the beauty stuff the most.

  78. Micah :

    Your accounts from your family’s life always make me laugh, especially the stories from your trip to Europe.

  79. Cassie :

    I love all your posts!

  80. Lydia :

    I really enjoy the DIY stuff you post, it’s actually the main reason I started following! Happiest of belated birthdays to you!!

  81. Steph :

    I love your DIY and travel posts! Happy Birthday!

  82. Brigid :

    Happy birthday!!!! I absolutely love your DIY, keep up the great work and inspiration! :)

  83. Burgin Streetman :

    I see your Instagram more than I get to your blog, but I just think you are lovely, have great style and seem to be a damn fine mommy to boot! Keep on being awesome, and at 41, I can honestly say the 40s aren’t so bad! Life is life. You just have to live it no matter what state or stage you’re in. It’s all amazing! Happy day!

  84. Jen M :

    Happy Birthday! I love your funny stories about your kids/family (I see your kids around town sometimes) Oh, and I love your reviews/tutorials on makeup and nails because I’m not talented with that stuff at all and it makes me want to try new things!

  85. Linda :

    Happy Birthday!! I love your parenting stories and random bits about real life with your family. Also love style pieces for fashion or home decor. Three cheers to birthdays!

  86. Katie :

    I love your make up tips and looking at your pics from vacations as well as your home renovations!!! :D

  87. Colie :

    Happy Birthday! Mine is on the 27th. I will be 25! :O I am currently wearing a lovely gelatin face mask (thank you very much)! I love your style and fashion stuff. All very cute and easy to follow! Also, best advice to shop your own closet. I often forget about clothes that I own, especially when they are on hangers… I am a huge dork over stationary supplies, fancy pens/notebooks and organization (more of an admirer than an applier)! Love all you do!

  88. Trish :

    I love everything, but my faves are posts about your family, makeup tips, and the DIY stuff. I lovelovelove your site! I look forward to your emails, and skulk on your page several times a week!

  89. Rebecca :

    I love your travel posts! More pictures of France please!!!

  90. mary matheson :

    Happy Birthday! I love when you share about your family.

  91. Stefanie Gladden :

    I’m a big fan of DIY posts! i love trying out new stuff I can do at home!

  92. kristin :

    I first found you via pinterest … LOVE the diy pore strips. Now I love to check in on crafts, recipes, fashion, beauty, … a great variety of fun goodies every week! I will soon be (gasp) 44 – it’s not too painful : )

  93. KarenK :

    I like the make up, style and home remodel projects. Love the give away, Allison!

  94. Rik :

    I love the home projects, diy make up, recipes, fashion… not a huge fan of the crafts. I also LOVE your mom type posts. I love reading about your adorable family, your parenting style, your vacations, and your adventures with your health. I love your blog because it is REAL! It makes me want to be a better person and to cherish all the time I have.

  95. Suzanne B :

    Happy Birthday!! I haven’t heard someone say YAZ for ever!! I love them too!!

    • Suzanne B :

      I love the make up stuff!!

  96. Melissa :

    Happy birthday! Hmmm…how can I just say one thing I like to read? I love them all! But I really like all of the style and makeup stuff the most to be honest.

  97. PriscillaL :

    I really look forward to make up DIY tips and tricks.

    Thank you,

  98. Ruth :

    I love the DIY posts and the family stories.

  99. Anne :

    Happy Birthday!
    I like the makeup and style tips the best. Usually, when I read makeup tips, I think “that’s cute” and then forget about it, but I’ve successfully used (IRL) some of the tips I’ve read here!

  100. Kristin A. :

    I love make up tips! And your skincare DIYs. Pretty much all your DIYs and tips. Like the packing one. Happy birthday!!! xoxox

  101. Diana :


  102. Aubrey Archuleta :

    I love anything you post on beauty, such a fresh voice you have. Happy Birthday!

  103. Jordan L :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am a crafty DIY junky so those things are my favorite!!!

  104. Katie :

    I LOVE your DIY section! I am obsessed with DIY atm :) But you have an amazing mix of everything here and I read everything!

  105. Jenny :

    I love all of the crafting ideas. Happy birthday!!

  106. Marybeth Thielke :

    LOVE your DIY section!!! So fun & handy!! Happy belated birthday! What a fun giveaway!

  107. Christa :

    I love it all, but I think your DIY projects are my favorite!

  108. Tina :

    I love your DIY beauty tips like make your own dry shampoo and such! Not gonna lie, I really love it all :)

  109. Barb :

    I love the parenting stories!

  110. Tonya :

    I love everything! Sometimes I need a new craft, sometimes a parenting tip comes along just in time for me to try it out, sometimes I need a makeup tip or trick. It’s all great! And Happy belated Birthday!

  111. Andi :

    DIY and parenting stuff! And happy birthday!

  112. Katie :

    The DIYs are my favorite! Also, I just realized we share the same birthday! Birthday twins!

  113. Anita@ Losing Austin :

    What a fun giveaway! My birthday is in a few weeks and I’m saying goodbye to 36- sigh.

    Love the DIY stuff the best.

    Happy birthday!

  114. Sandy :

    Happy birthday! I love DIYs!

  115. Heather :

    I love DIY’s~ Happy Birthday!!

  116. Cathy von Hassel-Davies :

    First let me say Happy Birthday!!!

    Actually I love a lot of things on your site. Makeup, travel, DIY, Home, and family.


  117. girlfromwva :

    Happy Birthday! I love make up tips and style stuff the best, but i read all your blog post subjects because they are so good!
    sparkle40175 AT hotmail DOT com

  118. Emilie :

    I love the beauty tips and do it yourself biore strips

  119. Jean :

    I enjoy the family posts and DIY projects most. And Happy Birthday!

  120. jerusha beckstead :

    I hope you had a marvelous day, for starters. I love to see anything on your blog because you always present it in such a great way. I LOVE to read everything that you post because, I always come away with something new that I didn’t know before.

  121. BreAnne :

    Happy Birthday Elefant! I like this idea so much you might just get a gift on Christmas for my favorite birthday things!! Love it. This gift is very much a little bit of a lot of you! I love reading your style posts and your life/family posts too. Now spin the wheel and pick #123 – it’s got to be a lucky number!!

  122. alyssa p :

    I enjoy reading about your DIY projects and remodels, but it’s all great!

  123. Jenna Russell :

    I love everything you post but I especially love your DIY and personal tips. I know I don’t know you but I feel like I do. I love that you live in Utah and have Lupus because I live in Utah and have Lupus as well so it’s really great to relate to someone. Happy late Birthday! I’m also obsessed with cream cheese frosting haha. Xoxoxo. ♥

  124. Torri M :

    I love the crafts! But also make up tips and parenting advice. happy birthday, thanks for a fun giveaway!

  125. Sarah B :

    I love seeing posts about your family, ’cause I’m too lame to just visit sometimes. :P

  126. Andrea :

    Love your DIYs and family stories.

  127. Ann M. :

    Happy Birthday! I love both the makeup
    Tips and the DIY crafts!

  128. Barbara Marlow :

    I love any DIY tips and makeup tutes as well…anything. I love recipes too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  129. Susie Grant :

    What do I love?! Your SARCASM! Hope you had a great birthday!!

  130. Theresa :

    Love the DIY! And, as someone else mentioned above, I too miss the “what’s in your purse” series; in college I was known for having tons of random stuff in my purse.

  131. Amanda Martinez :

    I love your DIYs and style posts!!

  132. Dana Davis :

    I love your sense of humor and yes 36 and anything over that (I am 41) is the new black. I also like your DIY! Thanks and hope I win! I seriously need it!!

  133. Sherry Lykins :

    I just started following, but I love the DIYs! Happy birthday!! Mine was 38 this year!

  134. Seanna Whisenhunt :

    Mostly, I enjoy your family stories and posts. You allow your audience to see your crazy self, and I find that totally refreshing. As for your other areas of interest, I’ve tried several tips and tricks which have worked well. You’re a talented lady, Allison. Keep it up! A happy belated birthday to you as well.

  135. Meredith :


  136. Sara P :

    Beauty is how I started following you, but the DIY stuff is right up my ally too! I hope you had a fabulous birthday and felt so loved and special as everyone should on their birthday :D (and every day for that matter.)