The Best Photographers Ever World Tour Dates

World renowned portrait photographers Wendy and Tyler Whitacre of Blue Lily Photography have announced their world tour dates for 2014, and guys, you want to get on that train.  Wendy photographed my little family on a hot August day last summer on a leg of their 2013 world tour and they’re some of my favorite family photos we’ve ever taken.

They’re all about getting the real stuff, none of the canned studio photography nonsense my family won’t sit still for.

best photographers

As is clearly evidenced by my little wild man, who is notoriously naughty during photos.  Wendy didn’t bat an eyelash, shooting away while both children whacked each other with sticks and threatened to throw deer poo at one another from the ground in the orchard.


Still, amidst my naughty babies, greatness was captured.  I love what Wendy shot.  The photos she took are actually representative of my family and everyone’s special spirit individuality.  I didn’t feel stressed, sweating over the photographer being mad while said poo throwing occurred.  Wendy rolled with it, and the kids visibly relaxed when they realized she was a mom / photographer not easily riled.

best photographer ever

Especially this cute daughter of mine who, while not a fan of being singled out for attention, even that of a very friendly photographer, smiled perfectly for Wendy, because she’s impossible not to love.

family photography The Best Photographers Ever World Tour Date

Wendy + Tyler’s work is really beautiful, and if you live anywhere in the world, they’re headed your way next. Really.  Just go check out their world tour dates to see for yourself.  My deepest, fondest wish, is that one day our two family paths will collide somewhere out in the world where we can take family photos on a beach in Costa Rica or in front of my husband’s childhood apartment in Warsaw.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

If you’re interested in booking, do it ASAP because Wendy + Tyler’s schedule fills up really fast, and priceless photos are forever.

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