Best Moisturizer With U.V. Protection

Now that the heat of the Summer is about to be upon us it’s time to talk moisturizer (some of us anyway, hello if you’re in Australia and heading into Fall!).

I have a handful of moisturizers I use and love, but my standby for years and years has been Oil of Olay.  It’s drugstore cheap (I buy mine in bulk with a coupon from Costco to make it even cheaper), and it works like a charm.

I’m particularly fond of the unscented {allergy skin} SPF 15 Oil of Olay. It’s light, I can’t smell it, and I’ve never had an allergic reaction to it. Did I mention it has UV protection?

If you’re not already moisturizing every day, it’s not too late! I already have “crow’s feet” around my eyes so I’m a little bit obnoxious about my moisturizing, especially in the heat and sun of the summer.

What are you using? We’ve already discussed Olive Oil as a moisturizer, but it doesn’t have UV protection. Anything else I should know about?


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  1. Jenny :

    I use the neutrogena sunblock moisturizer (also from Costco) because its like spf 50. It seems to work well under my makeup.

  2. Whatever Dee-Dee wants :

    I just bought this a few days ago. So far I am loving it!

  3. JenniferO :

    This is the moisturizer I use, and have for years, I love it! Not that long ago, mine was taken away at airport security (whoops!) and I borrowed from my mom. She uses the same thing but with that distinctive Oil of Olay grandma-ish fragrance. What a huge difference – I'll be sticking with the fragrance-free.

  4. Jamie :

    I live in India part time and take advantage of the cheap ayurveda specialists. The lovely woman who does my facials suggest the Burt's Bees line when I'm in the US. Not terrible expensive but with all natural goodness. Its worked as well for me as the more expensive department brands.

  5. Shannon :

    I use this too! I also use the Olay active hydrating cream.

    I use the neutrogena face sunblock if I'm actually going to be outside.

  6. Megs :

    LOL, I clicked submit a little early… here is my REAL comment:

    I'm so glad to see a post about the importance of moisturizing and using sunblock!

    I'm working towards earning my master esthetics license (I'll graduate in October, WOOT WOOT!) and have had the opportunity to use some great products while going to school…

    My favorite moisturizer with sunblock is Solar Defense Oil-Free SPF 30 made by Image. The Solar Defense line offers a small variety of products for you to choose from to fit your skin type and its needs. You can click here if you're interested in learning more:

    Again, I'm loving the post Allison! Way to promote aging beautifully :)

  7. stacey :

    I use Aveeno with SPF15, also from Costco. I tried Oil of Olay a couple years go but it didn't work with my skin so I went back to my beloved Aveeno. I grew up in AZ so I've been using moisturizer since I started wearing makeup 10+ years ago. I can't imagine what my skin woudl like if I hadn't been wearing it all these years! (It's ok, but not great. And I know it could be worse.)

  8. suzanne :

    this is my favorite, too! it doesn't make me break out, which is a huge plus. love it! glad you love it, too :)

  9. Tami Warner :

    I love this moisturizer! I swear that the secret to young looking skin is not all the mumbo jumbo you hear about. It's all about moisturizer and sunscreen! I am 35 years old and NO ONE knows it!! People think I'm 8-10 years younger than I really am!! Oh happy day!

  10. likeschocolate :

    I also love this brand. It is the only moisutizer that I can wear that doesn't break out my skin. I love that it doesn't feel heavy either.

  11. MommyMert :

    My sister turned me onto Skin Renew Anti-Sun-DamageDAILY MOISTURE LOTION SPF28. Its lovely! Scent is nice, goes great under lotion. However, I use the Oil of Olay too. Love it lots too.

  12. Heather HS :

    I use a couple of things… an Oil of Olay moisturizer with SPF 15 that comes in a little pot (I forget the appropriate title). But the thing that I can't live without is Cover Girl tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. This stuff is fantastic – nice and light, evens out skin tone, and protects! This is the perfect everyday product. Then, when I know I'll be outside (and basically all summer), I layer with the Olay heavier duty sunblock.

  13. ivyjeanne :

    So what I'm getting from this is SPF 15 is enough for everyday where but if I'm planning to be out in the sun I should use something stronger, right? Does Oil of Olay have a stronger formula that still moisturizes?

  14. Carey :

    I use this too. My all time favorite.