Best Book Ever About Hipster Kids

Today, a review of the best book ever.

best book ever

A couple of years ago my friend Tiffany Beveridge wrote a book based on her popular Pinterest board, called How to Quinoa: Life Lessons From My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter.

I’d been following Tiffany’s Pinterest board with absolute delight, being the lover of snark that I am, and maybe even harassed her a little bit about putting together a book with all the delightful romps of Quinoa, her imaginary well-dressed toddler.

Tiffany is a great writer, and her observation of ridiculous hipster child photo shoots tickles my every fancy.


well dressed children

The whole book is filled with gorgeous photos of fantasy children, whom I’m sure were full of tantrums and sticky hands behind the scenes of these photo shoots, dressed in ridiculously expensive, grown-up clothes.  Along with captions like this one, “Believing that there is no freedom in free range, Quinoa is proud to have started the first underground chicken railroad.”

I die.

free range chicken

And this little gem about fancy, organic, all-natural foods?  Come on.  It’s the best.

hipster kid


kid models

I really just laughed out loud at every single page.  “As the saying goes, the friends who faux-hawk together stay together.”

The poor hairdresser in charge of this.


Maybe my favorite page sidebar (although it’s hard to choose) is the one about play dates:

“Respectable Elaborate Playdate Themes

  • Hip Hop and Haute Couture
  • An Afternoon With Ryan Gosling
  • Tour of Chinese Dynastic Fashion
  • Angry Silence and Angora Sweaters
  • Mason Jar Mania
  • Snack Time at Tiffany’s
  • Meryl Streep Appreciation
  • CSI: Preschool
  • Mirrors! Mirrors! Everywhere!
  • Vintage Cars, Vintage Clothes, Vintage Grapejuice”


In an age of Pinterest crazed, unrealistic, extremely well-dressed children and expensive photo shoots, this snarky, hilarious satire makes me delightfully happy right down to my toes.  Pick up a copy of the book for yourself when you just need a little pick-me-up in the midst of real-life children and their very real woes and cartoon-covered clothing.  It’s a breath of fresh air for the rest of us.  I promise you, it’s the very best book ever.

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