Cute Superhero Capes.

Just yesterday my little guy expressed that he needs “superpowers”. As if the powers of destruction, mayhem, and charm weren’t enough for a 2 year-old. So glad I stumbled across yet another delightful Etsy find: BabyPop offers the coolest super-hero gear around! Capes, masks, fingerless gloves for super little boys and super little girls. The pieces are custom done by Sherry in dazzling super hero colors appropriate for any little one amazed by their own abilities, real or imagined. And the workmanship is exceptional–flawless stitching and sturdy construction.  Velcro fasteners on the capes make for easy-on, easy-off, and the coordinating masks are easy, too. Pieces are available separately or as  complete sets with Tees, Capes, Gloves and Masks definitely cute. Something I especially like: the great options for little girls–ideal whether you are riding the princess wave or the girl-power wave.

I’ve got a super “M” cape just waiting to grant it’s powers to my kiddo. He’ll receive it when his baby brother arrives in a few weeks.  A special gift to tell him what a Super Big Brother he’s going to be. I can only imagine his exuberance when he dons his shiny blue cape and matching hero mask. He’ll go bananas, I’m sure. I may have to get one of Sherry’s adult-size capes (how cool is that?!) for those inevitable days when I need to channel “Super Mommy.”   Check out all of her fabulous creations right here.
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  1. Petit Elefant :

    oh. my. gosh. could these be any cuter?! love love love.

  2. KJ :

    even cuter in real life. dying to give mine to M. saving it though, for when the world of the alpha male is rocked beyond comprehension.