5 Austin Food Trucks You Must Try

Warning: Food photography ahead. This post will leave you with your mouth watering while making a mad dash for something delicious.

Austin Food Trucks

On a recent trip to Austin, Texas, my goal was to eat every meal at a food truck. It felt like I basically ate my way through Austin. I’m pretty sure I gained an extra five pounds, all in the name of blogging, y’all. And eating.

While this is, by no means, an extensive review or round-up of Austin food trucks, it is a glimpse of some awesome meals on wheels that you might want to check out next time you’re in the capital of Tejas. Which, by the way, is a fantastic little city and totally worth a visit. Delicious eats from food trucks make it just a little more awesome. Here’s where we at this time around.

East Side King

Austin Food Trucks Austin Food Trucks

Oh my, this Asian Fusion was SO tasty. My favorites were the fried brussel sprouts and Thai chicken. Be sure to include some beet home fries in your order. No matter your feelings on beets, these things are a unique taste to your palate.

Food truck located at: 1104 East 6th St.


Austin Food Trucks Austin Food Trucks

Um, gourmet donuts. Yes, please. You’ll be laughing at the names while trying to decide which combination to try…Mother Clucker, Fat Elvis, Blue Balls. See what I mean? The hubs and I split a Fat Elvis (donut, peanut butter, bacon, grilled bananas, and honey), but my favorite of our lot was my daughter’s Granny’s Pie. Delish.

Food truck located at: 1503 S. 1st St.

Lula B’s

Austin Food Trucks Austin Food Trucks

I love the creativity of fusing foods together. Lula B’s Vietnamese sandwiches were the perfect lunch. I had a barbecue chicken that was simply delightful. If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, you can also get a noodle bowl or Summer rolls. Vegetarian options are also available.

Food truck located at: 2113 S. Lamar Blvd.

Hey, Cupcake

Austin Food Trucks

Who wouldn’t want to stop at the silver Evian with a giant cupcake on top? The eating area is super cute, and there’s a playground for the kids to play on. I read online that the red velvet was the popular choice. After taking a bite of that one and a chocolate one, I was most happy with my carrot cake selection. It was melt in your mouth goodness. The rest of my party concurred that it was ah-maze-balls.

Food truck located at: 1511 S. Congress

Torchy’s Tacos

Austin Food Trucks

Torchy’s was my first ever food truck experience, something like three or four years ago. They serve some of the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. The Brushfire is my taco of choice, with that Jamaican jerk chicken. The jalapeños are spicy enough for me. I can’t add the Diablo sauce usually served with it! Their guacamole is also some of the best I’ve ever had. If you want to really sound like a pro, look up their “secret menu” online and come prepared to rattle off your special order.

Food truck located at: 1311 S. 1st St.

Five Austin food trucks in three days was only touching the tip of the iceberg. Did you know  over 1,000 food trucks fill Austin’s streets? I already have my list for my next trip back.

Have you ever eaten at a food truck? Which one was your favorite tasty treat?

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  1. Karen :

    Oh Austin, still so cool. Wish I was there….well, not so much in the summer. haha!

    • Jen :

      Ha! Yes, Summer, um…no, thank you. :)

  2. Corrin :

    Lulu B’s is so incredibly good. But the owners are notorious for being rude, so prepare yourself.

    • Jen :

      That is actually true, Corrin. We tried to ask them to accommodate something for our kids and it was not happening.

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