an open letter to swiss miss.

Dear Swiss Miss,

I love you and your little hot chocolate packets. They’re so easy to mix up, transport, take camping, pack in my carry on luggage when I fly, and make after school snacks for the kids.

Do you know what I love even more Swiss Miss? Do you? I love much when you came out with this hot chocolate called Mocha Cappuccino.

I loved it so much I bought it in bulk, 10 boxes at a time. I would go to whichever store had it on sale and fill up a whole grocery cart to the brim with Mocha yumminess.

And then do you know what happened Swiss Miss? All of a sudden, I can’t find it anymore. I’m down to my last box, and I’m rationing it like there’s a war on.

Can you help me out? Please tell me it’s just because I live in Utah and that somewhere out there, Swiss Miss Mocha Cappuccino lives on. I’ll drive across state lines to get some.

Yours in Mocha,


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  1. Lindsay :

    Oh my goodness! I've never seen this flavor before. It sound really good! I'm going to check Safeway here. They say that they carry it but half the time they don't have what I'm looking for :( Will comment back if I find it!

  2. Whatever Dee-Dee wants :

    I love Swiss Miss too! I have never heard of Mocha Cappuccino Swiss Miss though. I would love to try it.

    Stop by my blog to enter to win a pair of sassy boots!

  3. Jenny :

    Swiss Miss reminds me of going sledding in Alaska when it was like a bajillion degrees below zero. Or maybe just in the teens.

    Have you tried a Tim Tam slam with your hot chocolate? Holy Dang it's awesome. Ghiradelli is my fav hot chocolate now but it's a pain to find.

  4. strawberry lemonade girl :

    Seriously? You are so freakin' funny. I heart you big time lady! Not in a creepy stalkery way, of course. But you kill me.

    Damn Alt Summit, last ten minutes of chattin' so we barely got to know ya, grumble grumble grumble. Can't you do some fancy road trip out here again so Dottie and I can take you out for a non stalkery drinkie???

  5. Courtney V :

    Geesh! Now you've got my mouth watering for that Mocha yumminess! I'm going to see if it's at a store near me in MI and if I find it…I'll send you some!

  6. Sara :

    Allison- I would like to send you are a case of Mocha Cappuccino. Since I work here. I did send a letter to the contact on your blog page. Please let me know if you got that as I would need your address. Thank you!