Alt Summit Weekend.

I literally took about 5 photos at Alt Summit. I’m awesome like that. Good news is, the design panel was great and it’s over with so, you know, I can get a good night’s sleep now.

Not that you can see bags under my eyes in this photo from the swanky Thursday night party at the hotel. I mean, I don’t get bags under my eyes, do you? Or dark circles, those are for amateurs.

I’ll check in later with more interesting things than a random photo of me at a party. I met some super cool people at Alt and can’t wait to share their blogs with you.

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  1. The Dragonfly :

    But ooh, what a sultry photo!

  2. Naomi :

    What a great outfit- you look fabulous!

  3. jules @ The Diversion Project :

    Cool photo, loving all the glam shots i'm seeing around the place. Totally jealous and really getting an itch about heading there myself next year.

    And thanks again for including my little blog on your panel discussion – so amazing!!


  4. Kami :

    You rocked the panel my friend. I so loved spending those two days with you, we had a blast!

  5. Petit Elefant :


    Oh my, sultry. Well, I'll take it I suppose, thank you.


    Thank you! More photos coming tomorrow.


    The hat and necklace were borrowed, and frankly, I want both.


    I got them at Forever 21 last summer for about $4. LOVE them.


    Thank you! You should DEFINITELY come next year, it was fabulous and I would love to meet you!


    Oh stop, I'm not cool, I just wear cool earrings.


    Thank heaven for friendly faces in the audience is all I have to say. Cannot wait to rock another conference with you my friend!

  6. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    She took fabulous photos. I love the old hollywood ones!