Airplane Guide For First Time Travelers

First Time Travelers

In our line of work in South Africa, we have the amazing privilege of taking adults on trips out of the country for the very first time. Some of these adults are people who have grown up in African communities and haven’t ventured as far as Johannesburg (3 1/2 hours away) much less ridden on a plane to a faraway place. Anxiety often gets high in anticipation of hovering in the air for several hours. A couple of years ago, my son took it upon himself to help our friends out. His eight step airplane guide for first time travelers is out of this world. With the holidays around the corner and travel in sight for many folk, I thought I would share it with you in hopes that anxieties felt by people stepping on a plane for the first time would be eased.

Airport Guide

Brace yourself. This is good. I’ve added my comments in italics.

1. Go through check-in and customs. This is obviously when you are traveling internationally.

2. Get a friend and walk the airport and look at shops and possibly get food and a drink. It always helps to have a buddy and a snack.

3. Go to gate and sleep. From a perspective of a kid, yes, but if you’re traveling alone, maybe not. Missing a flight is no bueno.

4. Go and give them your passport (and get it back!) and then walk down the hall (and don’t worry about the feeling). The feeling, yes…this too, shall pass.

5. Say hi to the lady or man at the plane door and take your seat. It’s always good to be friendly. His Mama must have taught him well.

6. If there are any T.V.’s in front of the seats, watch a movie or play a game or listen to music (the T.V.’s only work when your plane is in the air). Entertainment definitely helps pass the time.

7. Turn off your cell phone when you take your seat and chew gum or such a lollipop when you take off or land. Spoken like an experienced traveler.

8. Have a good time. That’s what it’s about!


Puzzling where he got such detail. {Smile.} Seriously, though, isn’t this the bee’s knees? I hope the words of my little experienced traveler help you out if you’re experiencing the feeling in anticipation of your upcoming trip.

Happy travels!

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