Allison Czarnecki
Hello, friend!  I’m Allison Czarnecki, the founder and editor of Petit Elefant.  What is Petit Elefant, exactly?  It’s a lifestyle blog, the modern version of a parenting magazine which covers a whole lot of ground, focuses mainly on: STYLE / TRAVEL / HOME / FAMILY.  Which means on Petit Elefant you can read about almost anything having to do with life.  If you want to be crafty, Petit Elefant will teach you how to make a chalkboard frame out of an old barn window. If you like DIY beauty, I’ve got all sorts of recipes, including my most popular one: how to make your own pore strips.  Do you cook? I share the secret to my mom’s granola in my favorite granola recipe.  You can also follow along with my family as we remodel our home one room at a time; my favorite project so far is our master bathroom remodel.  Do  you have the travel bug?  Me too.  Discover all the cool places we find as we travel all over the world as a family.

The tagline for Petit Elefant is: a little bit of a lot, because frankly, life is too fun to focus on just one thing.

On a personal note, I’m a 30-something-year-old living in the suburbs south of Salt Lake City, Utah with my super sexy Polish husband and our two lovely children: a teenaged daughter and elementary school aged son.  I grew up in Orem, Utah in the home where my parents still live.  I’m one of 8 kids (yes EIGHT!) so I know how to get along with lots of different types of people.  I’m a Mormon, and I’m really super happy about life.  I surf whenever possible (I’m not good but can get up and surf a wave), as do my husband and children.  As a family we travel a whole lot, all over the globe, and it is then that we are most content as a family.  We also have 4 chickens, 2 rats, a horse, and 1 incontinent and horrible cat; all because I wanted to avoid the responsibility of a dog.

Thank you for being here, I hope you’ll stay!  And as always, if you ever have questions or you just want to say hello, please drop me a line.  I don’t always have time to respond to everyone but I love hearing from you!


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