A jacked up week

Last week was a jacked up week from the word GO.  Just messed, messed up.

It was just like any other week of mine filled with kids and homework, housework {ha! ha. ha}, loads of deadlines, and a migraine.

No biggie.  A running of the Santas in Provo, and the feeding of one wild horse named Reuben.

Reuben the horse says hello.  F.Y.I. when it comes to feeding Reuben, it’s all look-don’t-touch.

He’s not so snuggly after the food has been served.

a jacked up week

Oh! Plus a one day trip to L.A. to see my rheumatologist.

jacked up week

I parked my car in long term parking in the absolute frozen, barren, black middle of the night of Salt Lake City Monday morning, with temperatures hovering around 13 degrees, and landed at John Wayne International where it was a balmy 50+.  It got to 64 and windy before the day was over.

I live in the wrong state.

jacked up week

I was on the ground in Los Angeles for approximately 10 hours, which gave me just enough time to drive to Trader Joe’s, fill an entire shopping cart and cram it into a carry-on {I win, I WIN at shoving a cart full of groceries into a carry-on, in case there are Olympics for this sort of thing}, see my doctor, and drive back to the airport.

I was 20 minutes from the ocean but I didn’t have time to visit.  I don’t feel extra happy about this fact, in case you couldn’t tell.

After that it was all downhill: a week-long migraine, several days in bed, a missed spelling test, and a few trips to the doctor.

I’m so thrilled 2011 is wrapping up, I can’t even tell you.

2012, is that you?  Your face is blurry, but I think you’re there.  Hurry!

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  1. Carina :

    I…didn’t know it was a contest?

    (OK, yes I did. You might win for now, but I will bury you in the shoving things into a carry on bag contest eventually.)

  2. Christie Elkins :

    2012 is the light at the end of my tunnel, too. Oh, and PS? You totally rocked the socks off of those glasses!

  3. Deb :

    You poor thing! Hope this week is treating you better. And I love those glasses. So awesome! xo

  4. Erin O. :

    I love John Wayne. LOVE. HIM. Pretty please with sugar on top, send me that photo. I will only use it for the purposes of looking fondly at him on my computer screen. ;)

  5. Emily :

    I live in the wrong state too. I’m totally impressed you got all of loot in your carry on bag. :)

  6. Courtney :

    I have to know where you got your glasses! Love them!

  7. Jill V. / TerraSavvy :

    Yuck on that migraine! I get them really bad too and they win every time!

    Hoping for a better week for you!

  8. Heather :

    Why dosen’t little ol Utah get it’s own Trader Joe’s I mean we have an IKEA now!! Hello People!

    • Michal :

      Half of TJ’s is liquor. Utah likes to keep their monopoly on liquor sales. :|

  9. Sarah :

    Oh Al, I wish I had been more useful to you! I’m sorry about being a conspicuous, secret-gift delivery failure, for not cleaning up after the Christmas wrapping station had closed (bad form on my part), and for never being available when you need me.

    Random side note: I was kind of excited when I saw your picture of the road because I was sure it said “Radiohead”. Oh well.

  10. Sarah :

    2012 is going to be fab i just know it….remember, Costa Rica!
    ps. you are my hero :)

  11. RachelSD :

    Stuffing TJ groceries into your carry on bag = genius. I’m sure I would do the same if I lived so far from one. :) Hope you are feeling better soon!

  12. Kami :

    We do live in the wrong state! Let’s move!

    I want all the deets on what you bought at T.J. !!

  13. Tawnie :

    Finally a blog I can relate to. I have had migraines since early childhood & after several years of the generic auto immune disorder I finally had a positive ana & all the rest that point to Lupus. yeah me HAHAHAH anyway fibromyalga follows along with it. This past week has been hellacious Migraine all week & have felt run over by a semi. Anything I tried to do…I couldn’t remember what i was to be doing or when & once i got started on cooking i left out vital ingredients, etc. & kept dropping thinks. Plus my butterfly face was full on along with the shedding of hair…..oh joy. The migraines kept me down for the most part. Any Way THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG!