fun idea for neighbor christmas gifts

A lot to celebrate at my house this weekend: our 9th wedding anniversary, the completion of graduate school, and our beloved babysitter is home from college, so we get to go out on a real live celebratory date. Oh, and Christmas is here, so we are  delivering some goodies to neighbors and friends this weekend. It’s always such a conundrum for me, deciding what to share with them. My Auntie Nan always gives her homemade sweet pickles, my mother always does lemon poppy seed bread. I always ask myself: do I go with the tried and true sweets of years past? Do I attempt something new and daring, like the year I did homemade vanilla extract (they loved it!)?

homemade whole wheat bread, bundled in a homey tea towel with butter and preserves, presented on a festive platter, all tied up with a ribbon. from a neighbor.

Hard to make the right call, but I do like to share something with our lovely neighbors, who make our little life in this little town just a little bit richer and warmer. And these neighbors, they give really nice gifts. So I’m feeling a little pressure. I was going to do granola, since I have a great recipe, but it involves nuts, which are risky. I won’t say what decided upon–it’s a surprise for them you know–but I will say it involves absurd quantities of butter. Lots and lots of butter. And maybe some marshmallow fluff, in a good way, I swear. Jane B, if you are reading this, I think have you to blame thank for my family’s obsession with this recipe! Be assured whatever it is, it will be tied up with ribbon.

Do you give neighbor gifts? What do you give? What’s the best holiday gift you ever received from a neighbor?

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  1. Anonymous :

    Happy Anniversary! It's our 9th this year as well!

    We're just new to the neighbourhood, and last year one of our neighbours handmade a beautiful card that somehow held chocolate!
    So sweet! and sweet!

  2. Kami :

    Happy Anniversary this weekend!

  3. Jessi :

    We do give neighbor gifts every year– just a plate of goodies. But this year it turned into a minor fiasco because I tried some new recipes. YIKES! Never again. Stick with the tried and true.

  4. Krista :

    for the past 16 years, my husband and I throw a Christmas Eve open house for all of our friends, family and neighbors. Everyone drops by whenever they can, they eat, drink and be merry. No one brings anything, just a place to go during the day to relax. That's our gift and we love doing it for everyone we love!

  5. Terresa :

    Yes, we give heaping goodie plates each year usually with homemade cracker toffee, apricot pinwheels (yummy & so easy to make w/puff pastry sheets & apricot jam & dried apricots!), chocolate covered popcorn, etc.

    The best gift we ever got from neighbors was a loaf of English muffin bread. It sounds simple, but it was so unusual from what we usually get, we gobbled it up in 1 day.

  6. Over the Mountain Mommy :

    I don't know my neighbors, but I know they don't speak English and their dog had tried to bite my 5 year old several times.
    They weren't on my list…now I feel kind of guilty though…

    Happy Anniversary! We got married in 2000 also! :)

  7. Anti-Supermom :

    We just got a gift tonight from the neighbor's, cookies from a nice, organic bakery around here.

    We generally give homemade goodies, but nothing too fancy.

  8. Petit Elefant :

    We do homemade toffee for the neighbors every year, post forthcoming.

  9. We live in a Zoo! :

    I hate trying to come up with a gift for the neighbors. I don't want to spend huge amounts of time baking something that will go unappreciated and end up in the trash :C This year we decided to send out a Christmas story I wrote and now I am worried no one will like it because its not food!

  10. Trina :

    hello, i just wandered over from the lineup for the Alt Design Summit. I think i will love following your blog! thrifting, non-pretentious crafts, love of neighbors (I give mine home-made bread and free babysitting)…oh my!