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free printable meal planning guide.

Oh you are going to be so glad you came back for Meal Planning, Part 2. Because it involves a free download!! Yay! As a graphic designer, no new thing I do or try will stick unless it involves some good design. So what I felt would really help me out was a place to display what meals I had to eat, and what ingredients I had in my fridge that needed to be eaten before they went bad. Like…
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Weekly web wrap up

mocktail recipe

It’s been the longest week of ever.  Well that’s not true, I had a jacked up week last week with a migraine from down under {not Australia, I love you!}, and this week was incrementally better.  Turns out I had a pinched nerve in my neck and a bunch of dislocated ribs.  Oh hooray!  Thanks Lupus, I sure do love weeks like that. I lie. Anyway, there’s a lot of cool stuff being pumped out around the web so I’m…
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