5 Favorite Things Right Now

favorite thingsSummertime is definitely on my perpetual list of favorite things. I cling to it as long as possible. Deep inside, though, I can feel the gears of Summertime gradually winding down, just little by little, so that the end will sneak up and pass me by without notice. I hate it when that happens. I’ll enjoy the next season when it arrives, to be sure, but I’m just not quite ready to trade my sandals for rain boots or to shove my sun-kissed little guys onto the school bus. Well, most of the time I’m not ready. There are moments…

Anyway, I’m still feeling the vibes of swimming pools, snow cones, and camp outs. Of cut-offs, barbecues, and bike rides. So to stave off the end-of-summer-blues I’m making some lists. Lists make me happy. Especially lists of happy things. Lists like  5 of my favorite things  right this minute, things that are making me happy in spite of the impending change of seasons.

Wonder book

1. This book. It’s geared toward young adolescents, but I found it thought provoking and meaningful even as an adult, and even if things wrap up rather tidily. More than one of my highly well-read friends has termed it “life changing.”  When you’ve finished, be sure and check out the separate epilogue chapters from “Julian” available as an ebook. Add it to your summer reading list, and share it with your kids. Good books are my favorite.

vegan leather tote

2.  These vegan leather totes. I know “vegan” is just a trendy name for “faux” or “fake” leather, but the price point and style are exactly what I’m looking for. Plus, PETA would be proud of me. This bag can go anywhere, and it looks like a much more expensive bag. Please don’t sell out before I buy one!

fancy water3.  Water with cucumber, lime and mint. Ultra refreshing, hydrating of course, and supposedly a detoxifier. Plus it looks sorta pretty in my glass and makes me feel fancy.


4. Peaches. Oh my goodness, these peaches are divine! I purchased a box at the farmer’s market, intent on bottling them like I do every year, but I can’t stop just slicing and eating them. Red Globe variety, freestone, and so juicy and sweet and with that extra zing that only peaches have. Is there anything more delicious in August than a perfectly ripe peach? I say indeed not.


5.  Poldark. Masterpiece has done it again with a fantastic period series. Definitely worth a look-see via your streaming service; it’s very good. If you are missing Outlander while it’s on summer hiatus, this may fill the void nicely. I confess I have a mad mad crush on it’s tragically flawed hero. Really. He’s D-R-E-A-M-Y. You can also try watching online here or here.

So tell me, what are your favorite things right now? For more things that I love, check out this and this.

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  1. Maribel Reyes :

    I love that tote too, have been waiting to decide if on it or a smaller bag because then I’d fill it up. Just checked on it and it’s sold out! :(

    • Kimberly :

      Oh, rats, Maribel! Do a search for the same brand on their site…they carry some that are very similar.