5 boots you should be wearing this Fall

5 boots you should be wearing this Fall


Boots are as much a staple for a stylish outfit for Fall weather as the white tents during fashion week in NYC.  They’re a thing, an institution of Fall you might even say.  Exactly which boots you should wear is totally up to you, but there are a few standard boot choices, with a million and one variations to consider. Here’s a whole DIY post from Robyn on how to’s: transitioning into Fall Fashion, and another from me on 3 ways to wear booties this Fall.  Because really, what does one wear with a skinny jean?  What about a super flared boot cut pant?  And if you were to wake up and decide you absolutely must wear a dress to work that day, because your legs are too fabulous not to share, what on earth should you wear on your feet with that situation going on?

I’m so glad you asked!  I have a very fashion-y answer to all of those questions, just for you.

5 boots you should be wearing this Fall

  1. The tall high heeled boot:  perfect for a flow-y dress or gorgeous knee length or above skirt.  Not to be worn with a long maxi dress or calf length skirt, leave a little room in-between the boot and the hem of the dress/skirt.
  2. The high heeled ankle bootie: see above.  Also very cute with tapered slim ankle jeans/skinny jeans if worn on the outside of said pants.
  3. Ankle bootie flats: great with skinny jeans, again worn on the outside, and flared dresses or skirts.  Not as great with a pencil skirt or ankle length dress.
  4. Combat boots (pseudo) alternately called Little House on the Prairie boots (by my husband): super cute worn to offset a frilly, girly  skirt or dress as long as it is no longer than knee length.  Adorable with chunky boot cuffs / socks + skinny jeans.  (go here to learn how to make your own boot cuffs from a sweater!)
  5. Riding boots: (my very, very favorite kind) Riding boots can be worn with almost anything.  Skinny jeans, tapered cigarette pants, a long twill skirt, a short tartan wool miniskirt (a kilt even!), and my all time favorite combo: leggings and a tunic.

 What do you think?  You up for some gorgeous Fall boots?  (hint: YES)
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  1. sarah :

    it is entirely YOUR fault that I now own the Frye Phillip Harness boots shown above, thank you from the bottom of my delicious leather smelling feet.