3 Back to School Girls Hairstyles

Need some cute back to school girls hairstyles to try on your favorite little females?  Whoa.  That’s right, back to school. I cannot even believe it myself, but it’s almost time! How can that be true? I’m starting to things like “Back in my day, we started the day after labor day!” But I guess this old lady has to get with it! Even if there is no Labor Day in France where we live.

To help ease some of the pain, and eliminate some potential school-morning-drama,  I thought I’d share some fun back-to-school girls hairstyles. Easy and cute. If you ever read my blog, you might wonder where I got the little girls to model for me. Turns out my beautiful nieces are willing little models with lots of hair to style. So, we snapped a bunch of poses and pictures, and I got to have some serious girl time.

3 back to school hairstyles for little girls

back to school hairstylesNow, if you’re like me, and mostly are fixing breakfast and rushing out the door, trying to remember lunches and backpacks and jackets and tying shoes, the last thing you need is a head of hair that needs doing, let alone coming up with a fun girls hairstyle every day. Thankfully, in real life I have boys and their hair is short. Sometimes they want a mohawk (faux hawk?) and on a super-mom kinda morning (very rare sightings!) they get one. That’s if their half-black hair will take it. So here’s what we decided had the highest cute factor with the lowest stress factor.

Top Knot

top knot for little girlsThe top knot. Adults love it, why can’t young girls rock it too? It’s super simple, all you do is pull her hair all the way up and secure with an elastic. Then tease the ponytail, twist it around and pin under with bobby pins! DONE!

Twisted Half Up

twisted half up hairstyle or girlsAlthough the twist can be a tad intimidating, there’s an easy way to do it! Pull the hair half up, secure with elastic. Pull the elastic out a little bit and twist it under. Secure with bobby pins and you’re done! It all stays in place and you’ve got a cute twist. Add a cute bow for bonus points!

Simple Side Twist

simple twist back to school hairstyleI thought it would be fun to have Brooklynn, my model for the day, make some suggestions too. I curled her hair for fun, which isn’t always practical before school (try a sock bun on damp hair over night)  and she showed me how she does a simple side twist and secures it with her cute bow. Love it! This little side twist works on straight or wavy locks. Sometimes, with most things in life, simple is better! We also added some fun feather extensions to her hair for a pop of color!

So there you have it! Some cute back to school girls hairstyles to try on your little girl this school season.  All cute, all simple, and all drama-free. Now show me pictures so I can live vicariously through all your cute little girls while I dip my hands in sticky goo to make fauxhawks.  #momofboys!


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