Year: 2016

List Of Good Books To Read Right Now

book club picks

A list of good books to read right now. If you’re interested in reading more, but don’t know where to start, this is for you.  If you read plenty, and you’re out of ideas, this is for you, as well.  Let’s talk about some fun, good books I’m loving right now. It’s been awhile since I’ve recommended books in my online book club, so I’m amending that situation now.  Here’s a current list of 4 books I really liked:  …
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Best Parenting Advice I Will Ever Give

parenting advice

Parenting advice is usually like any other advice you get: totally unsolicited by strangers and family alike. But I promise you, if you listen to this one piece of parenting advice, (I know, I know) both you and your children will be happier because of it.   Here’s the thing about parenting: it makes so much sense in retrospect.  Once you’ve traveled down that broken road, you can see all the mistakes you made and what you’d do differently if…
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Do We Speak English Here?

I live in a foreign country but my language skills are, well, I actually don’t have any. I’m not one of those people who are blessed with the ability to pick up a foreign language easily. South Africa has 11 national languages. English is one of them, so I lucked out. However, after nearly 7 years of living outside my home country, I’ve learned that English word choices from one land to another can vary as much as the weather….
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Favorite Things for Fall

Fall Favorites Cowboy Boots

Happy first day of fall! Though I tend to resist the end of Summer sun and fun, I admit I always welcome this change into the fall season.  I’m ready for cooler temperatures, to pack my  flip flops away and inhale some crisp fresh air. I’m ready for the football games and pumpkins and the dappled golden-gray light of autumn afternoons. Fall is like a reset button for wardrobe, my home, and my soul. It’s a giant pause, a breathing deep and…
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Why You Need To Try Asian Face Shaving

Why You Need To Try Asian Face Razoring

Face Shaving!  It’s a new, (but actually super old) beauty technique you need to try ASAP, so let’s get right to business. Here’s the real deal: is face shaving really a thing?  It totally is, and it’s not even new.  Asian women, the mavens of all things beauty, have been doing it forever and a day, with amazing results. Does that seem totally weird?  It’s okay to feel weirded out if you, like me, are from a western nation and…
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Everything You Hoped For (And More!) In Bridget Jones’s Baby

bridget jones's baby movie

Bridget Jones is one of the most lovable, relatable female characters in books and film from the last 20 years, so you can imagine Bridget Jones fans everywhere (or maybe just me) were wary about the new 3rd installment in the series.  How can you really improve the ending from the second book and movie?  I mean, #MRDARCY4LYFE.  But take my word for it: this might be the best Bridget Jones movie yet. The movie opens with Bridget, predictably alone…
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Why Character And Kindness Matter Most

childhood friends

Character And Kindness A few months ago, near the end of my son’s 5th grade school year, he came home with an invitation to a birthday party in his backpack.  I read the name on the invitation and asked my son who the boy was, because I’d never my son mention this friend when we talked about school. “Oh, he’s a friend of mine.  He’s kind of awkward and weird, and he doesn’t have a lot of friends so I…
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Boutique Hotel Gone Wrong

Do you ever have those experiences that just go terribly wrong? Just so wrong? It’s in those moments that the choice lies whether to laugh and chalk it up to memories, or let it ruin the whole kit and caboodle. We had a boutique hotel  experience a couple of years ago that went terribly wrong, and that left us laughing until our sides hurt. The experience went something like this… It was a beautiful Spring day in October when my…
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How Was Your Summer And How Are You?


Hello, friends! I’ve missed connecting with you this summer while I’ve been hanging out with my kids, living life in the slow lane.  So, let’s catch up. First of all, I can’t believe the summer is over.  It flew by in a flurry of swim meets for my son, first-time jobs for my daughter, (life-guarding and babysitting) and lots of naps for me.  And now it’s almost September and the garden is waning and the sunset is coming faster every…
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