Year: 2016

What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

pride and prejudice 2005

What to watch on Netflix this weekend, a post choc-a-bloc full of ideas for your Netflix binge this weekend. Don’t get up from the couch, I’ve got what you need right here.

Easy Valentine Pin Craft

Valentine Pin Craft

Years ago, I made a Valentine for my hubby. Something fun and silly, but also a little expression of love, that he could keep with him all day long. So I made him a super quick little Valentine pin, a crafty little boutonnière. It was a hit, and he did wear it all day long and he keeps it pinned on his bulletin board in his office year round. I followed suit with smaller versions for my little boys. It only…
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DIY Citrus Season Recipes And Ideas

It’s a huge roundup of citrus recipes and DIY’s for you! A smorgasbord of beauty DIY’s, drinks, bath salts, dessert recipes, and cleaning recipes all using citrus as an ingredient!

How To Make Your Own DIY Boot Holders

How To Make Your Own DIY Boot Holders

Make your own (SUPER EASY) DIY boot holders with one simple (and totally free!) trick! Your boots will last longer and look better once you learn how to do this secret DIY.

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How To Plain Painted Pencils Craft

Plain Painted Pencils Craft

Make your own custom made painted pencils in this easy how-to craft tutorial! These pencils make such a darling, thoughtful handmade gift for any occasion.

Golden Globes Fashion Favorites

Golden Globes Alicia

Alright, I admit it. I watched Golden Globes, almost all of it even though I’ve only seen one–that’s right, one–of the films or television programs mentioned or honored last night. There were some bad jokes, and some lackluster moments, but I do love me some red carpet and evening gowns. So, congratulations to all the wonderful, beautiful, handsome talented winners, and now how about those dresses? Gina Rodriguez wore a beautiful navy blue gown by Zac Posen. I love navy…
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Life as an Expat

Expat Life Title

Catching up with our Travel Editor, Jen Price, and the quirks of living abroad. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “expat,” let me enlighten you. An expat, or expatriate, is simply someone who resides in a country other than the one of their citizenship. My name is Jen, andI’m an expat. My family and I reside in South Africa, and it wasn’t until this last trip to the USA that I realized just how weird the expat life can be….
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How To Bath Salts With Lemon And Rosemary

lemon rosemary bath salt

How to make your very own Epsom bath salts with lemon and rosemary. These smell so good and make for a great, aromatic and relaxing bath with natural smells. Read on for the recipe and DIY.

Quote Of The Week Work On Dreams


Work on your dreams! Dreams are what this week’s quote of the week is all about. The mystical, fantastical, often hard to reach dreams of our lives are what keep us ticking. Read on for the full, beautiful quote about working on your dreams.