Year: 2016

Frolicking Among Penguins

Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Frolicking among the penguins. I always assumed that penguins made their home in the cold depths where no person wanted to venture, like Antarctica. Isn’t that where Happy Feet takes place? It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found out not ALL penguins are from Antarctica. Shocking, isn’t it? At the very bottom of Africa, there lives an appropriately named species of penguin called the African Penguin. They are more affectionately known as the…
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A Great Quote About Books

Great Quote About Books

Continue on with Petit Elefant’s Quote of the Week series, this week with a quote by author Anne Lamott with a great quote about books and why they’re so important in our lives.

Reading Recommendations For My Online Book Club

book club books

It’s time for our online book club, where we discuss what I’m reading right now, what I’m loving, and what you need to run out and pick up ASAP because of its’ life changing nature. Let’s get started!

Hello Kitty Nail Collection 2016

Hello Kitty Nail Collection

Hello Kitty fans, take note: a new OPI nail collection is here with every color you can dream of! Bright yellow. Bright blue. Black as night. The palest pink you can imagine. Come out the entire collection and pick your new favorite color.

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Make Your Own DIY Valentine Stamp How to

make your own valentine stamp

Make your own super easy DIY Valentine stamp using just a few supplies, (including a potato!). Now you can make completely hand made with love Valentines for your sweetie.

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Make It: Your Own Lavender Body Scrub

make it lavender bath salt

Make your own lavender body scrub to use in the shower or the bath! So easy and made on the cheap from all natural, healthy ingredients that will make you feel nice and relaxed, pampered like at the spa.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Online World

privacy app for internet

If you hop around the internet and want to protect your information while you do it, I’ve got just the thing for you. Swipe right, swipe left, buy the weird thing on Amazon, all your information is safe when you use Sudo.

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Lord Egerton’s Castle

There’s a castle. In Kenya. Just outside of Nakuru town, to be exact. When I think of castles, I think of Europe, not Africa, but in November, I saw it with my very own eyes. It belonged to Lord Egerton, someone I had never heard of. His story encapsulates true love and heartache like I’ve never heard before. Maurice Egerton was born the fourth Baron Egerton in Cheshire. He was a keen photographer and aviator, even calling the Wright Brothers…
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Mediterranean Spinach Salad Recipe

mediterranean spinach salad

Salad. It’s what’s for dinner. Or lunch. And this mediterranean spinach salad is packed with power foods and protein and color and flavors of the mediterranean. It’s the  perfect meal to add to your weekly menu, whether or not you are working toward a healthier lifestyle. A salad that’s just plain good, and  ideal for a light and healthy yet satisfying dinner. It’s also an easy one to prep the ingredients and portion out for lunches during the week. Start with your favorite…
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