Year: 2014

Learning to Play with Your Lifes Passions

water colors

When did you know your life’s passion?  Is there something you loved, adored more than life itself, from the time you were a small child?  I think if we all went back to that place of loving something completely, with a passion we forgot we had, and made it our life’s vocation, we’d all be happier people. There’s something beautiful about stepping outside your current world to discover a new one.  I don’t think we do it often enough as…
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What Living Abroad Is Really Like

What It's Like To Live In A Foreign Land

Every considered living abroad? Since the age of 17, I’ve visited 21 countries and 36 U.S. states. In 14 years of marriage, we’ve made our home in 10 different houses, 4 of those  in a land other than that of my citizenship. After living a combined total of five years in another country, I still have moments of frustration of trying to understand and fit into a culture that is not my own. I grew up in small town Texas…
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How To Dye Your Hair At Home With Helps And Hints

how to dye your hair at home

This post is brought to you by L’Oréal Paris. Dyeing at home, is it a thing for you?  It is for me.  In fact, I’ve only maybe had my hair colored at a salon once or twice in the last 10 years.  Truly.  There’s just no justification for me to pay someone to do it for $150 a pop when I can dye my own hair at home for under $15.   But I have simple hair.  One, all-over color to…
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My Top Five Reads For This Summer

My Top Five Beach Reads For This Summer

Summer is the best time of year for me to tackle the stacks, and stacks, and STACKS of books I accumulate all year long.  I never really get around to reading all of them, I’m aspirational when it comes to what I think I can get through, but I do end up reading a fair amount of books in the summer.  It’s just easier to read when there’s more daylight and hammocks and pool time.  At least for me. I’ve…
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Thanks You From The Tops Of Our Heads To Our Feet

Thank You From The Tops Of Our Heads To Our Feet

I’m saying thanks today.  Thanks you, and you, and you in the corner.  Thanks you, all of you, for everything. For the last 5 months (it’s hard to write that, actually) we’ve been in absolute crisis mode at my house.  In early March, my daughter started throwing up.  And throwing up, and throwing up, and throwing up.  I figured we were in the middle of a winter stomach flu, like every other kid we knew.  From the time school starts…
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Tech Summer Camps For Kids Apps + Design

design camp for kids

Kids can be tricky in the summertime.  Believe me, I’m a work-at-home mom, which means summer is a blessing and a curse.  I love having my kids home more than life itself, but keeping them intellectually challenged and busy 24/7 is a job in and of itself. We started out the summer with Some Fun Summer Bags for Kids, and a couple weeks ago spent the weekend doing the Kids Adventure Games at Snowbird.  We’ve done an Easy Summer Activity…
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Fun Photo App You Have To Download

surf in costa rica

I have a photo app to share with you.   It’s free, and it’s amazing, and you have to go download it ASAP.  It’s called Studio Design a design + photo app to make your pictures even better.  To tell a story. Imagine your favorite Instagram photo with gorgeous designs layered on top, and the perfect amount of text to help the photo tell a little bit more of the story. Like this picture of my little guy in Warsaw a…
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Keep Your Kids Healthy During The Summertime

keep kids active in the summertime

It’s really easy to end up having kids on the couch, inside all summer long, watching TV and playing video games. It’s too hot out, kids are bored, moms need a break. But it’s not a whole lot of work to get kids active and busy outside, if you plan ahead. Every summer I make some fun summer bags for my two kids. I call them their ‘Welcome to Summer’ bags, filled to the brim with enough outdoor activities +…
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Easy Summer Activity Book DIY

Kids Summer Activity Book

This Summer activity book DIY might save my sanity for the next 9 weeks. I’m not really kidding. The month of May was so insanely over-scheduled and hectic  it seemed the last day of school would never arrive. Then WHAM! The kids are home and it’s head first into swim team and t-ball and worrying about the infamous “Summer Slide”. It’s a thing, the “Summer Slide”, the thing where kids lose some of their academic skills over the summer. Turns…
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