Year: 2014


Do you ever find a piece of clothing that you love……”except”? That’s my shopping experience all too often. Often I find a dress I love, but I wish it was a little shorter.  The perfect top, except that I’ll have to layer it with a camisole because the neckline plunges a bit too far. We’ve all been there. Luckily, though, eShakti solves these, and a multitude of other, fashion dilemmas. I was over-the-moon thrilled when I discovered eShakti. I figured…
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The Antique Route in Pretoria South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa, Antique Route

I wouldn’t call myself a hard core antique hunter, but every once in a while I do love a fun search for treasures that provide a special touch to the home. Moving to South Africa made antique shopping a little harder, but not impossible, when I discovered the antique route in Pretoria South Africa. map credit South Africa’s capital city of Pretoria may be four hours away from my home, but that hasn’t stopped an occasional weekend trip to hunt…
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How To Pack Makeup For Travel

How To Pack Makeup For Travel (And Break Proof It In The Process) | Petit Elefant

Feeling fresh and pretty at 40,000 feet can be about as easy as figuring out middle seat armrest etiquette. Mainly because: makeup. Our favorite blushes and balms aren’t always very travel-friendly, crumbling faster than the little behind you who can’t pop his wee ears. But if years of travel have taught me anything, it’s how to pack makeup properly. Streamlining is key of course, and comes down to focusing on the essentials you’ll need to feel your best – primer,…
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Asparagus Bacon Frittata for Easter Brunch

asparagus bacon frittata

Easter Brunch is one of my family’s favorite meals to share together. We’re big on breakfast foods at our house and especially when it comes to egg dishes like omelets and frittatas. And especially when it comes to a good asparagus recipe. Asparagus goes very well with eggs and bacon. This is one of those brunch recipes that is also delicious for lunch or dinner. This asparagus bacon frittata is very savory and satisfying. I served it up with a…
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7 Minute Makeup Look for a Fresh Face

7 minute makeup

It’s completely realistic to get gorgeous in the morning with a an easy, everyday, 7 minute makeup look.  It’s true. Stay with me. Work, school, kids, dinner, housework, family time. These are just a few things that take up life, often we probably even have more to add to the list. Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we can’t make time for ourselves, though.  I don’t know about you, but when I make the effort to, put on makeup and…
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How To Home Gel Removal DIY

how to remove gel nails

Manicures at home are pretty much my specialty.  I love doing my own nails, so much so that I have a regular old salon party every Sunday night with my ridiculous collection of OPI nail polish; I watch my stories and give myself a manicure and go to a super happy place before the week turns to madness.  It’s a ritual I’ve had for a long time and I don’t feel quite right on Monday if I don’t have pretty…
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3 Easter Dresses for Plus Size Women

  When I was a girl my grandma bought me a new Easter dress every year. I was always thrilled to have a something new for the holiday, and to welcome spring. I confess, as an adult I still find myself wanting a new dress every time Easter rolls around. I’ve been scoping Easter dresses online and I’ve created three fashion-forward Easter looks for us curvy gals. LOOK #1 If the weather cooperates, this outfit would be comfy for a…
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Sequin Bracelet DIY To Make Now

sequin bracelet

Just look what our newest contributor, Andrea, has been up to in the craft department! Read on for this fabulous sequin bracelet DIY. I’ve loved the look of stacked sequins in jewelry for a while now. I have a long boho-type necklace that mixes metallic sequins with all sorts of funky beads to make a very unique and pretty statement, and I’ve gifted a couple sets of simple sequin bracelets for birthdays. The store I had picked up a couple…
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5 Things Kids Should See and Do in Scotland

5 Things Kids Should See and Do in Scotland | Petit Elefant

Do you dream of traveling to Scotland? Smoky whisky, lilting brogues, family tartans, medieval castles, bagpipes, mythical creatures, verdant backdrops – all that and more makes Scotland easy to fall in love with, something my family discovered first hand while visiting the small, incredibly vibrant country peopled with some of the most welcoming folk in Europe. And though my husband and I are used to overnight travel and jet lag, this was the very first time my kids had gone…
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