Year: 2014

Half Up Fishtail Braid Tutorial

easy fishtail braid

If you’ve never tried a fish tail braid before, today’s the day! I think every gal should have one good braid in her hair styling arsenal: French braid, traditional braid or otherwise. Especially because Summer is nearly here with all it’s relaxed styles, balmy afternoons and beachy vibes. And I love it. As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of simple. Simple hair, simple outfits. I am a mom of two boys and I want to be cute…
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Travel in Style with 10 Fresh Spring Accessories

Travel in Style with 10 Fresh Spring Accessories | Petit Elefant

Did you know that a few pretty Spring accessories can amp up your travel wardrobe without tipping the baggage scales? Yep. It’s the little things that make all the difference when it comes to traveling in style. As it is, being part of the jet set comes with its own awesome skill set – understanding middle seat etiquette, getting the most mileage out of that carry-on space, and a carefully curated pile of tried-and-true clothes that don’t require any extra thought when…
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Easy Stylish Summer Outfit for You

Easy Stylish Summer Outfit

Summer is almost here!  Summer is the best time, of all the times in the whole long years in my life.  That whole sentence sounded like gobbledygook which isn’t a real word but spell-check just allowed it, so who am I to judge? Before we even really get started though, I want to apologize to those of you in the southern hemisphere.  Just bookmark this post and save it for next year, and then when I’m layering and freezing and…
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Are You Fed Up with Your Diet? 7 Reasons You Should Be

Are You Fed Up with Your Diet

You and I both know a lot about food at this point, don’t we?  Everywhere we turn there’s information about food: calorie counters, ingredient lists, and labels on every processed piece of food we buy but somehow we’re not getting it, because America is just getting sicker every year.  It’s getting bad enough that health insurance companies are investing their money in the stock of fast food companies, just to hedge their bets.  Guys, it’s pretty bad. I just watched…
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The Pair of Shoes Every Woman Should Own for Traveling

The Pair of Shoes Every Woman Should Own to Travel

Every woman needs approximately one billion pair of shoes. Shoes for rain, for snow, for roaming around inside the house, for coffee lunch dates with the girls, for date night, for the beach and the pool, a good pair of shoes for traveling, the grocery store and the carpool pick up lane, and a few for the office. Almost every woman I know needs shoes just because sometimes she sees a pair and knows they’ll be her new best friends,…
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Work-Out Wear Gift Card Give Away for You!

yoga fitness wear

*** WINNER: #30, SARA. Congratulations, Sara! Contact us ASAP so you can get started on your workout in style! *** You like wearing cute work-out clothes to the gym, yes?  Me too.  In fact, I feel about 87.5432% more confident working out if I’m wearing something cute, especially when said cute is holding all my bits and pieces in place.  Let’s hear it for my big busted girls! ANYWAY. Today I’m hosting a giveaway for you, and you, and YOU…
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Uganda Travel Essay To Inspire You

Uganda Travel Essay

The “four” hour drive from Kampala to Gulu, Northern Uganda was more like eight due in part to dusty, potholed roads that had seen better days. The outside breeze rushing through the windows in the big, nasty, dirty bus barely offered any respite from the humid air that kept my back in a perpetual state of wet. Over the eight hour journey, my bright white top turned a new shade of earth that no amount of bleach could help. All…
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Plus size Petite Round-up

petite plus size

It’s like a double whammy for clothes shopping: plus size petite. Ugh. Let me explain. In fashion-lingo the word “petite” means under 5’4″. At 5’2″ I easily fall into that category. Finding clothing for a petite woman can be difficult, but for a plus sized petite woman? It’s nearly impossible. With regular length pants, I can wear heels and make them work. Otherwise they’re simply too long (see my favorite pair of slacks, below). With a dress or a blouse sized…
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Vegetarian Skillet Lasagna To Impress Everyone

vegetarian skillet lasagna

A skillet lasagna, made with mushrooms and spinach? Yes please.  It’s a dreamy vegetarian dish made in (nearly) one pot, which means less dishes and easier clean-up. The truth? You need two for this recipe, so it’s almost a one-pot dinner. But you’ll forgive the extra pan when you taste this! It comes together very quickly and makes for an incredible dinner. Skillet lasagna is all the rage. I actually did not know this. But it makes tons of sense,…
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