Year: 2013

Memorial Day from an Immigrant Perspective

Happy Memorial Day, friends! We hope you are enjoying a peaceful day with your loved ones, and remembering all those who have given all. The following post was written by Allison’s husband back in 2013 and sheds just a little bit of light on this day from a unique perspective–an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

1990-2013 has probably been one of the longest stretches of peacetime and economic prosperity in Poland since the end of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1795) after which Poland ceased to exist until the Treat of Versailles in 1918.  As an immigrant  thought that I would share a few thoughts about Memorial Day from an immigrant perspective.

The complete Czarnecki extended family; both of them.

Czarnecki Family: All of it.

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Recipe for super secret simple frog eye salad

easy frog eye salad recipe

How to make a super yummy and super simple frog-eye salad recipe. //  While I’m away in Europe (hopefully not getting knifed on commuter trains) I’m running a series of Top 10 Favorite Posts on Petit Elefant for your reading pleasure.  These 10 posts are some of the most popular posts on Petit Elefant, so enjoy!  See you soon.  // Is frog eye salad a Utah thing?  Did your grandmothers and aunties across the globe make this for every Summer…
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Time for top 10 favorite post countdown

top 10 posts

It’s time for a top 10 countdown, of the blog post variety.  I’ve never done this, but I thought it would be a fun idea since there’s a lot of content some of you haven’t seen.  There’s a lot of good stuff in the early years, and I’d love to share it with you because, today I’m leaving on a jet plane.  Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Just kidding, I do.  In 10 days.  But it’s always a…
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Master bathroom remodel part II

master bathroom remodel part 2

My master bathroom is in flux.  Change.  Deep into the no-turning-back-please-kill-me-now phase. Are you big into home renovation?  Do you love to rip out floors in a do it yourself kitchen remodel, and then lay 250 square feet of tile all in the same day? You’re nuts. I’m nuts, you’re nuts, together, collectively we are all insane.  DIY is awesome; until you have to start the actual DIY.  Or you start the DIY and run into all sorts of problems,…
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Makeover a mom handbag

purse makeover

Makeover a Mom Handbag I’m a mom who needs a makeover for my handbag. My name is Stephanie.  I’m the mom who carries everything AND the kitchen sink in her handbag.  Don’t you? Do you remember Allison’s long running ‘what’s in your purse‘ series? I loved those posts because I’m always curious how other people, (mom-people specifically) organize their stuff. Seeing what was inside all those pretty purses was fascinating! Once or twice I thought about submitting my own (mom)…
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How to geometric earrings

diy geometric jewelry

Today, how to geometric earrings, a DIY involving clay and and Xacto knives.   Get excited, this is a how to DIY you want to pay close attention to so you can whip up some earrings this weekend.  Check out the how to details. Have you guys noticed this geo trend going on? There’s been geometric shaped everything lately, from how to jewelry to candles to how to geometric planters; even holiday decorations are getting geodified. Yes, geodified. Well, now…
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Enter to win a Canon camera big give

enter to win a canon camera

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating. Please see widget below for winner announcement. It’s a big, huge, epic, GIVE-AWAY, for YOU!  And you, and you, and you! 12 amazing bloggers teamed up to bring you the most blowout giveaway of the year. One lucky winner will win a big fat brand new Canon Rebel DSLR t4i camera (boom goes the dynamite) along with a gorgeous chevron purse camera bag from Epiphanie in which to carry your new…
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