Year: 2013

Amazing potato salad recipe for BBQ season

potato salad recipe

High five! Potato salad recipe season is here (aka SUMMER!) and I’m betting you’re as excited as I am to get the grill fired up and spend your evenings outdoors. One of the most popular summer BBQ side dishes is potato salad. This potato salad recipe isn’t one that’s been handed down from my grandma or Great-Aunt Martha or anything.  It’s just a little something I’ve come up with that is full of goodies that just about everyone will love. …
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What I wish for my family

the wish of a mother

Family.  Mine matters to me more than anything, period.  I’ve had the privilege of doing some really cool things in my life, but nothing compares to being at home with my people; my husband of 15 years, my incomparable baby girl (nearly 14) and my favorite little man (almost 9).  I’ll take a Saturday morning snuggling in bed with these three people over a Cannes red carpet premiere any day of the week, no contest. I was put on this…
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My top favorite iPhone photo apps

favorite iPhone photo apps

I’m really excited to share a guest post from a friend of mine, Alissa Circle from Rags to Stitches.  I roomed with Alissa recently at a social media conference in California and realized pretty quickly girlfriend has got some great photography skills.  Especially iPhone photography skills.  Her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous, so I’m super stoked to share this post all about the best iPhone photo apps to make your photos all pizazz-y and fabulous.  Enjoy! I don’t know…
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Master bathroom remodel part 3

under construction

This master bathroom remodel project has officially become epic. Not epic as in: that wave was so epic!  Let’s paddle out for another one! Epic like: this project is so epically dragged out somebody’s gonna get all face stabbed up in hurr. I’ve always been honest with you guys, and I’m feeling especially honest today.  If this master bathroom doesn’t get all completo in the next 72 hours I’m going back to the French Riviera with my girl Rachael.  If…
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What was your summer of love?

the way back

Love.  It’s practically the theme of Summer, isn’t it?  Right behind pool parties, beach bonfires, house parties, and Summer nose jobs (come on, you had to know a few girls who came back in the Fall with new noses).  I always went into the Summers of my teen years hoping to snag an easy breezy May-December romance, something short term with a cute surfer boy from California who randomly chose to stay with a friend for a summer of awesome…
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The best Summer outfit ever

cute summer outfit

Summer is the best.  The best in the west, maybe the east, and certainly the south.  But not Vegas, summer is never good in Vegas. Anyway it’s hot outside and freezing inside, the kids are home, pools are open, and it’s Snow Cone season.  It’s the perfect storm of happiness and swimsuits and glory. Did I mention Summer is my favorite? So what does one wear on the way to the pool, or on a perfectly sunny Saturday at the…
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Slow cooked chicken teriyaki recipe

It’s recipe time.  Food editor Lindsey is here to share with us her amazing recipe for pulled teriyaki chicken sandwiches.  Your mouth will water, I promise. – Allison Slow cookers.  Do you have one?  Do you use it?  I use mine several times a week with almost any recipe, and it saves my bacon when it comes to getting dinner on the table.  We can also talk about how using a slow cooker means that there are almost always leftovers. …
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How To Recycle A Thrifted Purse This Summer

recycle thrifted purse

How to recycle a thrifted purse this Summer, a new DIY tutorial from Steph, whose last project: how to geometric earrings made my life complete. I’m a firm believer that Memorial Day definitely marks the beginning of Summer, more so than the “official” season change in June. School is getting out, theme parks and pools are opening up for the season, and shorts and sundresses are essential. It’s summer! Let’s make sure our handbag says its so, too. I have…
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Our master bathroom remodel take 2

Our master bathroom has, for the last 5 months, been a sea of insulation and drywall dust, host to a sea of random construction guys streaming in and out at all hours, ladders and buckets and 30 gallon garbage cans strewn about with an odd assortment of tools landing on my bedroom floor.  It hasn’t been the most fun ever in MY! WHOLE! LIFE! but at the same time, it’s kind of awesome to finally be able to do a…
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