Year: 2013

How tos: transitioning into Fall fashion

fall fashion transition

How to transition into Fall fashion is all the buzz in the fashion world right now, and we’re talking about it today with Petit Elefant fashion editor Robyn.  Get excited because it’s starting to get chilly (ish) out! (note from Allison) Hello again lovely Petit Elefant readers! I am so excited to be  back for another fashion post and I’m even more excited it has to do with one of my favorite all time things – Fall Fashion! I feel…
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End of summer and hello you and you

Boy George

Hello!  Hello.  It’s the end of the summer (officially) and I’ve missed you.  So hello to you and hello you and you.  How are you?  How’ve you been?  Long time no talk. I took an inadvertent hiatus this summer to avoid a nervous breakdown (success!) which is why Petit Elefant has been “content lite” for a bit.  We should really catch up over lunch soon, but in the meantime let’s talk summer. In May / June I took the craziest…
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DIY make a custom welcome mat

DIY custom welcome mat

It’s been DIY free on Petit Elefant for far too long, so I’m here to show you a ‘DIY make a custom welcome mat’, alternately titled ‘I’m late to the bandwagon but I love geometric neon shapes for home decor in spite of my 80’s childhood’. Let’s get our DIY on, shall we?   This is my front door, and if you look closely yes that IS a snowflake painted sisal welcome mat.  I’m pretty sure I got it two…
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Send a card to someone you love

send some cards to someone you love

I’m a card person.  I love getting cards the old school way, in my tin mailbox.  It can turn a blah blah blah Monday into YAY DAY.  (See what I did there?  Shhh.)  But seriously, is there anything better than actual ink to paper mail in a friend’s handwriting?  I’m serious, cards are totally my thing.  I told you all about my love for legit handwritten snail mail few years ago, because I think you should say hello to someone you…
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Great back to school shoes for kids

great shoes for back to school

My kids are headed back to school this week, and none of us are excited.  Summer is our favorite time of year (collectively) and we all moan and groan about the first day of school. It’s not that the kids don’t like school per se, it’s just that going back to school marks the end of our summer glory days; days filled with sunshine, pools, lazy afternoon naps, and trips to the French Riviera. For me anyway. None of that…
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Our master bathroom remodel before and after

master bathroom remodel reveal

Our master bathroom is finally done.  YOU GUYS.  The bathroom is doooooooonnnnnne. And before we proceed any deeper into the amazing glory that is our new bathroom, I’d like you all to know, *AHEM* that my husband is a saint and the lengthy duration of this remodeling process had nothing to do with him.  The epic-ness of tearing out an entire bathroom to the studs while living in the room next door is, well, a thing.  A complicated thing.  Especially…
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Our master bathroom remodel before photos

before master bathroom remodel

Our master bathroom (and bedroom) were pretty bad when we first bought our house.  And while I know you’ve been waiting for photos of the master bathroom remodel final reveal for oh, about a month, I HAD to show you the Nightmare on Elm Street the master bathroom was originally. I dug through some horrid old photos, with resolutions you’d expect from a digital camera in 2003.  My 13-year-old’s throwaway cell phone takes better photos than our super expensive camera…
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Making you feel loved over the years

making you feel loved over the years

I am loved. What does that do to you when you hear it, read it, feel it?  I hope it’s a visceral reaction in your gut, that feeling loved business.  Because when you’re loved the way you deserve to be, it can be a breathless and dizzying, electric, glorious experience. OR. Or the feel of being loved, really truly and properly, can be a glowing ember of toasty warm content.  The act of feeling loved can be safety from fear,…
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Pack for weeks in a carry on bag

Charles de Gaulle airport

Having to pack before a trip, any trip regardless of how awesome, is the lamest.  I hate packing.  I loathe it, detest it, want to scream every time I do it, procrastinate until the very last minute, and in the end stay up until the wee hours of the morning of travel jamming stuff into every available corner of my suitcase. But now, after traveling extensively over the past several years, I’m here to tell you I am now a…
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