Year: 2013

Cutest customizable holiday cards ever

cutest customizable cards

  Guys, the holidays are officially almost upon us.  And for whatever reason (just a guess – mom guilt?) at Christmas time, I get super Type-A obsessive about making sure my holiday cards are finished early and mailed out before the serious crazy sets in.  Life is insane during the holidays, and I really prefer to do tiny little things all year long in anticipation of December being the worst month of my life, in the history of ever. ALL…
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Healthy pumpkin chocolate chunk energy bites

pumpkin chocolate chunk

  Energy bites with chocolate + pumpkin?  Welcome to Tuesday.  I know! Stop it.  They’re healthy too!   I need confess something: I really like candy.  I try to eat healthy 90% of the time, and the other 10% is my sweet tooth getting the better of me. This time of year puts me into full split personality mode. I love healthy, hearty soups and stews and leafy greens. But the flip-side? Gimme the candy. I know I’m not the…
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Stylish outfit for Fall weather

stylish Fall outfit

The weather in my hood is ch-ch-changing pretty fast from late Summer gorgeous to super brisk 30 degree Fall mornings.  This weather is a good thing because, you guys, booooooooots.  Boots.  Do they make you feel as happy as they make me?  I mean, a good pair of boots can make a bad outfit good and a perfect outfit outstanding.   Fall boots are totally a thing. What should you wear then, once the weather starts chilling off?  The answer…
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Friday news round-up + being weird is cool

twinings tea

News time! I haven’t done a Friday news round-up for a long, long time.  Mostly because I’m distract-able and life is distracting.  Something along those lines, but I refuse to commit to a solid reason because I don’t really have one. *ahem* In other news, it’s Friday news round-up time!  It’s probably been longer than I care to admit so I’ll remind you about what this entails:  me including links of news-y stuff you might have missed on the internet…
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Natural home made wood polish

home made wood polish

You want home made wood polish?  I’ve got your home made wood polish. I’m your best friend like that. A little while ago I needed to have the kids clean the wood floors and dust the wood furniture, (I’m a mean mom) only to discover we were totally out of wood cleaner / wood polish.  I’m no Becky Home-Ec-y, sometimes we run out of cleaning products and it takes me months to notice. Shut up, I’m busy. Anyway, two things…
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Playlist you should be listening to today

playlist you should be listening to

It’s playlist time.  Well, for me it’s always playlist time, but right now it’s time to listen to a little Fall something, something.  And since I’m currently listening to a great playlist I made on Spotify, I thought I’d share what I’m loving right now.  P.S. if you aren’t already on Spotify, go sign up right now.  My dear friend Jane Maynard made me do it (I’ve been listening to Pandora for years) and I can’t tell you how much…
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My family is horrible when taking photos

little boy

My family is the worst.  Seriously, I love my kids but sometimes they’re just horrible. Almost a year ago I scheduled family photos for August with the world-renowned husband and wife photography team Wendy and Tyler Whitacre from Blue Lily.  I prepped my kids a year in advance by promising to lock them out in the cold if they messed up the photo shoot.  Every couple of months over the year I’d threaten remind them about the deal and how…
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Grocery shopping in a foreign town – France

French nutella

  France.  It’s okay I guess.  If you happen to like gorgeous countryside, cold sparkling water, French men (that’s a whole post in and of itself, short story: they’re hot), cheese, delicious bread and shopping of any variety.  Oh, and the south of France is the WORST.  So boring and perfectly sunny with warm wave-less ocean and blue skies forever.     Basically France and Spain were a wonderland.  Plural.  It’s a thing. A few months ago I went on…
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Birthday give away from me to you

party treats

It’s my birthday! Well, it was yesterday.  I was so busy playing with friends and family I didn’t get around to writing a post, but I guarantee I’d share a piece of my red velvet birthday cake (cream cheese frosting on top) with each and every one of you given the chance. It’s sort of too late though, because early this morning dressed in my bathrobe I crammed the last bits of cake into my mouth, both elbows leaning on…
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