Year: 2013

Teenage Gift Lists and Ideas for You

You need some gift lists + ideas for teenagers? I can help. Thanks to eBay for sponsoring this curation of gift ideas for tricky, lovable teens.  Check out my ever-growing collections for more ideas on gift giving, I have many, gift ideas and collections, I mean. If you’ve ever been in charge of shopping for a teenager you understand the plight that is finding the right gift.  See, it’s different for teenagers, because they’re more like toddlers than not during…
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Fall Fashion In Real World Conditions

  I keep it real around here, if for no other reason than I *am* real and I can’t pretend to live a magazine life when I currently have 3 loads of unfolded laundry currently sitting in cube form, blocking everything in their path, in laundry baskets in my master bathroom.  I have no qualms about showing you the state of my very real, very messy laundry room in the midst of the everyday madness of raising two children in…
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Snow Ahead For Days And Wow!

Big thanks to Maui Jim for sponsoring this giveaway. THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER, JAMIE, COMMENT #6 Wow it’s snowy out in my neck of the woods.  Snowy, cold and very, very wintery.  I’d give anything to be on a beach somewhere but since I’m not, I’m going to enjoy the weather I have and burrow in for the winter.  Instead of dreaming of surfing somewhere (I wouldn’t dare!) I’m going to light a fire tonight.  We’re…
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Dry Skin Rescue Facial Homemade DIY

It’s DIY facial time.  A little *me* time for you, because you’re worth it.  Your skin is dry, it’s acting up and behaving like a small, angry child and there’s only so much you can take before you want to break up.  For realsies this time.  Because you deserve better.  You deserve a glowing face with nary a flake of dry skin in sight.  So here’s what you’re going to do about it: you’re going to make a homemade DIY…
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I really want a personalized bed with photos

A bed used to be a place for sleeping.  A boring white + blue striped mattress, covered with a sheet and maybe a nice down comforter (if you were lucky).  I never take a good bed for granted but my kids don’t know the difference.  I’ve spoiled them by not making them sleep on fold-up camping cots or 3 to a bed, stitch, like I did from time to time growing up in a family with 8 kids.  So imagine…
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Looking for some hot nerd glasses? I can help!

This hot nerd glasses post is sponsored by eBay. Follow my eBay collections to see regularly updated style in every category you can dream up, including an entire shrine collection dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes.  He’s so hot right now. Your mom’s so hot right now.   I’m curating collections by the minute over on eBay, and I have a couple I’m a little obsessed with.  That’s not weird is it, to love your own collections?  Anyway.  Weird or…
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Friday news roundup + why work life balance is crap

It’s Friday, Friday FRIDAY and time for another Friday news roundup.  We made it to the end of the week together and now you and I can all sleep/drink/party ourselves into oblivion.  Maybe we’ll run around to little league soccer games, till up the garden beds, do a little Christmas shopping?  I don’t know what floats your boat but sleep + Sherlock float mine (the Cumberbatch version, obvs).  This weekend you’ll find me at a swim meet for my kids…
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My very favorite read from the last 5 years

I love to read.  I’m a reader, through and through.  Always have been, and hopefully always will be (unless I’m rendered deaf and blind, in which case: take me out coach).  Much to my husbands’ dismay I regularly pay overdue fines of $50+ to the local library for ambitious amounts of overdue books, lost books, and books accidentally soaked in Chai (who me? never!) in addition to spending unhealthy amounts of cash at Barnes & Noble for new hardback books…
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Casual Studious Fall Outfit Idea For You

fall style

  Need an outfit idea for Fall, now that we’re almost heading into Winter?  I’ve got a great outfit for you: a combination of casual, sexy, + studious.  How can that be, you ask?  Easy.  Mix some sophisticated pieces with some ripped boyfriend jeans (or maybe just some skinnies, your choice) and you’re ready to roll whether you’re headed into the office (I wouldn’t maybe wear ripped jeans there unless you’re a pretty casual bunch) or to the classroom, or…
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