Year: 2013

DIY T-Shirt Necklaces With Beads

DIY tshirt necklaces with beads

Today: 4 DIY crafts in celebration of Earth Day.  You might want to put your seat-belts on because things are about to get all glittery up in here.  Today’s post is pretty great; some recycled accessories in the form of DIY t-shirt necklaces with beads AAAAAND 3 bonus crafts from three other amazing bloggers.  All the crafts you’re about to witness (they are a thing to behold I tell you, 4 DIY crafts in one post) were created using only…
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DIY Make A Thread Wrapped Belt

how to make a thread wrapped belt

Time to make your own DIY thread wrapped belt, guys.  Check out the cute refashion DIY Steph has cooked up today.  -Allison Hi friends! You know when you’re flipping through catalogs or surfing the web checking out the latest fashions, and you see something that is just sooo DIY doable you say to yourself, “why would I pay that much money when I could just make it myself!?” Well, guess what. That totally happened to me a few weeks ago…
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Master bathroom remodel design ideas

master bathroom remodel

A master bathroom remodel is way less fun than you think it would be, and I know you think it would be fun.  The most fun in all the land, ripping apart your personal space and tearing out your closet.  So much fun they should have entire TV shows dedicated to remodeling people’s master bath … oh wait. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’re in the middle of our master bathroom remodel part I aka ripping up moldy…
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Homemade citrus coconut soap

homemade citrus coconut soap diy

Making homemade soap is one of those crafts that sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? You picture yourself slaving over a stove, scorching your fingers pouring hot soap into tiny molds. But fear not! Homemade soap is actually one of the most insanely simple things to do at home. If you have a microwave, then you’re all set. No special equipment is required – not even tiny soap molds. And if you like knowing what goes into your cleaning products, especially the…
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Getting a great custom suit made

customized suit

A custom made suit. Sounds like something for the jet setters, the rich and famous fabulous people who are not me and you, doesn’t it?  That’s what a custom suit sounds like; something I will never have made for me and mine, no matter how great they look on Justin Timberlake with his fancy moves and even fancier lady hair.  However as it turns out, if you’re in Utah, you too can be one of the fabulous people with a…
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New swimsuit line giveaway

one-piece swimsuit

This giveaway is closed. Our winner is #43, Ashley. Congrats. Ashley! Send us an email so we can get you all squared away and looking hot this summer.      New swimsuit time.  I know, it’s rough sometimes, but I have a feeling you’ve kept in shape all winter because you’re good like that. It’s your lucky day then, good for you hitting the gym during the cold months, because it’s time for a swimsuit giveaway.  Albion, a Utah based…
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Spring fashion for the ladies

spring fashion

Spring fashion – it’s not as trumped up as Fall fashion, which is a little bit of a travesty.  I mean, really.  Fall fashion ushers in 9 months of frigid frosty weather and nothing but grey skies.  The fashion world should really get on that and switch up the pomp and circumstance, make it a Spring thing.  Spring, which heralds in the greatest season of all … Summer! I know not everyone agrees with me about Spring fashion, I have…
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Do-it-yourself can desk organizers tutorial

do it yourself recycled can tutorial

// Tin can desk organizers, with cork and polka dots.  So very recycled and crafty. // Guys, it’s officially SPRINGTIME! Even though its currently snowing in Central Ohio (seriously, snowing), I’m trying to stay focused on the fact that the calendar says warm weather is approaching, and I can’t help but get going on bright and happy crafts like this adorable polka dot cork desk organizer. And the best part? It’s made out of tin cans, which I know you…
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Win a years worth of The Honest Company products

honest and co giveaway

Win a years worth The Honest Company products!   This giveaway is closed. Thanks to all who entered, and to the Honest Co.  Congrats to #8  Casey, our winner! Please contact us, Casey, to claim your prize!  Do you remember the great natural bath + household products I was talking about a few weeks ago?  The Honest Company, the green product company Jessica Alba co-founded, is giving away a years supply of products! That’s a lot more fantastic than one…
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