Year: 2011

what make-up brushes you need to get started

Here’s a quick video tutorial on what make-up brushes you need to get started on your make-up adventures.  These are cheap, just get started make-up brushes, not crazy professional expensive ones.  We can get to those eventually. Enjoy my black eye, I know I will.

my favorite iPhone photo app

bubble gum

Would you like to know my favorite iPhone photo application?  You’re dying to know, I can feel your bated breath through the computer screen. Shake it photo. Have you ever played with it?  You have to shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture. And I love it.  I love the way the photos have a bit of a vintage-y feel, with white borders just like I like.  They also have a bit of a post-processed look that’s…
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sitting by the fire

sitting by a fire

I’ve put together several looks for the photo shoot in Park City next week, and this is one of them. This is a: sitting by the fire in a ski lodge, drinking hot chocolate look. What is it with me and boots right now?  These boots are adorable.  Fantastic, fabulous, marvelous.  I want them now. Also, I’d make the sweater red if given the choice.  This is a little too grey for January in my opinion. {everything in this look…
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phoning it in.

black eyes

You guys, my computer ate my last post.  And I’m phoning it in anyway since it’s been a rough couple of weeks around here. Here’s the long and short of it: 1. Spent the day of December 28th skiing with my family at Park City Mountain Resort. 2. On the last run of the day I went down a double black diamond behind my 6-year-old {who’s a much better skier than I} and ended up on my face. 3. Thought…
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What’s in Your Purse Series: Week Twenty Nine


I know it’s been a little while. The What’s in Your Purse series took a holiday vacation right along with the rest of us.  But it’s back, and it’s better than ever. This week’s purse is from Sarah Leimbach.  She bought the purse while on a mission trip to Haiti, which I think makes the purse that much cooler.  Thanks for sharing your purse Sarah! On to the contents… Carmex Healing Lotion…from the makers of the best lip balm EVER…the…
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games giveaway!

Friends, whether or not I end up having surgery to pay for my extracurricular sports activity on the mountain at Park City a couple weeks ago, my new year includes health goals. Goals like: eat less sleep more stress less exercise more play outside with my kids more You know, the usual New Year’s resolution type goals.  Have you made a few of those yourself?  I hope so.  I’m a big goal setter, I really believe in setting and achieving…
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winter casual

winter outfit

I’m styling a photo shoot in Park City, Utah for a magazine next week, and aside from being totally excited, it’s been really fun to make some collages of winter casual outfits. This one is my favorite so far. Most the clothing I’m getting is from: J.Crew, Lands’ End Canvas {you know how much I love Lands’ End Canvas}, GAP, and Eddie Bauer.  What do you think? I’d wear this outfit TODAY if it were in my closet.  Especially those…
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Happy 2011!

black eyes

How were your holidays?  Good?  Crazy?  Relaxing?  Mine were a combination of the three, with an unintentional bit of R&R on the tail end after my stupid skiing accident last week.  I read an 800 page novel, watched the entire series of The Pacific, and spent a fair share of time napping in bed. So, yes, happy holidays to me! A few items of business before we jump into the new year: My site has been having a few technical…
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