Year: 2011

A jacked up week

jacked up week

Last week was a jacked up week from the word GO.  Just messed, messed up. It was just like any other week of mine filled with kids and homework, housework {ha! ha. ha}, loads of deadlines, and a migraine. No biggie.  A running of the Santas in Provo, and the feeding of one wild horse named Reuben. Reuben the horse says hello.  F.Y.I. when it comes to feeding Reuben, it’s all look-don’t-touch. He’s not so snuggly after the food has…
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How To Carrot Facial

carrot facial

I’ve shown you how to make some amazingly easy beauty recipes in your kitchen, but you guys, this one takes the cake.  The carrot cake! Stop. No you! *sigh*  It’s been a long month, friends. Today, making your wildest dreams come true, I’m going to show you how to whip up a carrot facial that will change your life. Maybe. Ingredients for life changing carrot facial: 5 T honey 2-4 capsules of Vitamin E 2-3 carrots Step 1: Wash +…
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My Frida Kahlo earrings

frida kahlo earrings

A dear friend gave me these amazing Frida Kahlo earrings over the weekend.  For Christmas, and also for not killing anyone last week when I had a migraine for 6 days straight. Probably mostly for Christmas. Anyway, I wore them to church yesterday with a part down the middle and my hair in a ponytail and the first thing I said to myself in the mirror was: ‘Frida Kahlo!’. But not in an I-haven’t-plucked-my-eyebrows-this-year kind of way, in a very…
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gift guide for girls #2

gift guide for girls

  joke book Mindy Gledhill CD ballerina skirt cardigan sweater headband friendship bracelet makers *disclosure

Holiday cards and an app!

holiday gift card template

Many of you know my graphic designer Alma Loveland and her amazing work.  She’s seriously ridiculous.  By which I mean totally, completely, amazingly talented.  And Alma’s given me another few reasons to love her even more than I already do {practically impossible in every way!}.  For starters, Alma has designed a whole batch of holiday card templates for $15. Did you catch that? FIFTEEN BUCKS will get you a template to do whatever you please for all your holiday cards….
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