Year: 2011

Happy Holidays!

christmas table decor

Happy Holidays! I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful season, no matter where you are or what you’re celebrating.  I’ve been missing for a handful of days so I can really enjoy some much needed downtime with my kiddos.  I plan to be M.I.A. until after the new year so I can rest and recharge and continue to bring you fun content. I have a bunch of fun guest posts lined up over the next several days; I…
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Homemade holiday pot simmer recipe

home made holiday pot simmer recipe

My mother has been making her own homemade holiday pot simmer recipe since the beginning of time.  At least since the beginning of my time. Same diff. Do you even know what that means?  Homemade holiday pot simmer recipe? It’s basically a bunch of yummy smells thrown into a pot, filled with water, and left to simmer on a back burner on the stove while you wrap presents or hang out in your house. I usually keep it pretty basic,…
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Love letters from my grandfather

golden gate bridge photo

My grandfather was a prolific letter writer.  Even as a baby I was sent postcards from all over the world with little notes like this one: “You would look so beautiful wearing a lei from Hawaii my dear Ali!  Wish you were here with me darling girl! Kisses, Grandpa” What little girl doesn’t need a grandfather like that?  He entrusted me with all sorts of important tasks when he was away, things I still can’t believe he allowed me to…
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2011 holiday card

Christmas card

I almost scrapped holiday cards entirely this year.  They’re such a pain in the neck, and even though I ordered the postcards way back in October, I still addressed and personalized every last one of them {100 of them, in case you’re wondering}.  It takes time, money, and patience, all of which are running a little low right now. But there’s nothing I love more than mail in the month of December, when I get buckets of holiday cards and…
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Weekly web wrap up

mocktail recipe

It’s been the longest week of ever.  Well that’s not true, I had a jacked up week last week with a migraine from down under {not Australia, I love you!}, and this week was incrementally better.  Turns out I had a pinched nerve in my neck and a bunch of dislocated ribs.  Oh hooray!  Thanks Lupus, I sure do love weeks like that. I lie. Anyway, there’s a lot of cool stuff being pumped out around the web so I’m…
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Holiday gift guide for men #2

holiday gift guide for men

men’s shaving kit my favorite tea Michael Kors watch rc car biscuits for tea *disclosure Holiday gift guide for men #1 here.

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Stocking stuffers for boys + girls

stocking stuffers for boys + girls

band-aids Christmas classics DVD underwater digital camera Captain America flashlight Spider-Man   gloves wallet toothbrush scented candle Rubik’s cube leg warmers *disclosure

What I wore Wednesday fur jacket edition

what I wore wednesday fur jacket

Today is What I Wore Wednesday Fur Jacket Edition. This is what it looks like when you hand your 12-year-old a camera at 5:02 pm after the sun has set and command her to snap some not blurry pictures, when you’re one foot out the door on your way out the door to snatch up groceries lest you all starve, oh and it’s 20 degrees out. But you had to see what I was wearing yesterday.  It’s my favorite new…
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