2011 holiday card

I almost scrapped holiday cards entirely this year.  They’re such a pain in the neck, and even though I ordered the postcards way back in October, I still addressed and personalized every last one of them {100 of them, in case you’re wondering}.  It takes time, money, and patience, all of which are running a little low right now.

But there’s nothing I love more than mail in the month of December, when I get buckets of holiday cards and photos from friends across the globe.  It’s literally my very favorite thing about the holidays.  I tape every last one of them to my coat closet door and spend a month gazing happily at all my lovely friends and family.

Christmas card

Since I can’t mail a holiday card to each and every one of you {although I’d love it if I could}, this is my 2011 holiday card to you.  This is the Czarnecki family in Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria this summer.  Although I’m sporting the most unfortunate hair in the history of ever, I’d give anything to be back in Salzburg with my little family; it was completely magical.

Do you send out holiday cards?  Email newsletters?  A holiday post card like me?

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Kwanzaa!  Merry Festivus for the rest of us!

p.s. true story: my middle name is Merry; as in Allison Merry Christmas Czarnecki.

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  1. Allison (a different one) :

    Aahh! I was just at Schloss Mirabell in September. It was so lovely (all of Salzburg was, really.) My sister and I ran around re-creating all the scenes from The Sound of Music that were filmed there.

    I do Christmas cards about once every three years. I get into the spirit, handmake a bunch cards, and then am so scarred by the time and effort it took to make them that I don’t do it again until three years later, by which time I’ve forgotten about all the time and effort. Repeat process.

    • Allison :

      Allison, isn’t it the most magical place? I’d move to Salzburg today if I could. Right this minute.

      And I hear you on the Christmas stuff….scarred is just the right word.

  2. ellen patton :

    I almost didn’t do cards this year but I’m going to — I’ve done them for 30 years! I do postcards now (cheaper!). And, I love a mailbox with Christmas cards in it!

  3. Andrea Howe :

    adorable card. What I want to know though, is how you landed up going to Austria? Such a cool place to visit I’m sure…

  4. Emily :

    Love your card!! :) I did some last year b/c I found a great deal and we actually had our family pictures taken. This year I won some postcards (but clearly don’t have as many friends as you do) so I used those for our card. We bought a tripod and took the picture with the self timer. (we took a lot of pictures and a few turned out decent).

  5. Jen M :

    I totally bagged the card thing this year. Even though I LOVE getting them it just wasn’t gonna happen this year. Hopefully next year December will be less eventful for our family and I will get them done. I did send them last year and I love sending them, but something had to go and it ended up being the cards. Love that picture of yours!

  6. vanessa :

    Your card made me smile so thank you for sending it :)

  7. Sarah :

    I have aspirations to do a card every year, and yet no one has ever received a card from my little family, sigh, yet…. Let’s look towards next year… Shall we?

    P.s. I like yer hair, and it made my day to see your card amongst my stack of bills. Made. My. Day.

  8. Michelle :

    This year we emailed out cards using paperless post and I LOVED it!

  9. Kelleyn :

    Love the card! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas. on a side note, I am visiting here in Utah and every time I pass a horse here in Sandy I wonder if it is Rueben. One of these days I would love to meet you.

  10. dgm :

    Like you, I still personalize over 100 cards but usually we use address labels. I love getting cards even though people rarely even SIGN cards anymore (which makes me kinda sad).

    Beautiful family pic of yours, btw.

  11. Jeni :

    Happy Christmas to you and your family! I hope you’re having a wonderful season. Getting ready to mix up my own wassil type mix for my stovetop. Yummmy!