Year: 2010

Windows 7 Phone Giveaway Winner!

windows 7 phone

We have a Windows 7 Phone giveaway winner! Thanks everyone for entering the Windows 7 phone giveaway.  I loved reading all your comments about what makeup you’d wear if you were stranded on a desert island.  For what it’s worth, you’re smart if you picked an S.P.F. moisturizer.  Good choice. The winner is…… drum roll….. Dele O All the make up needed will be on the deserted island. charcoal for eyeliner, and a natural tanning salon. With a sand bed…
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how to: homemade facial mask

face mask

I’ve only had a couple of facials in my life, and I’ve loved each one with the fire of a thousand suns.  The sad truth however, is that I don’t have the time or the funds to get facials on a regular basis.  The good news, of course, is that I’m a total cheapskate and will find a homemade solution to almost anything, including a facial mask. This homemade facial mask includes 3 ingredients: uncoated aspirin honey water Right? Right….
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What to do with your left-over Thanksgiving turkey


I don’t know about you, but I’m all full up on Thanksgiving turkey and I’ve got loads to spare.  Would you like to know what we’re having for dinner tonight?  Yep, turkey.  Only a different incarnation of the regular Thanksgiving variation. Here’s one idea for what to do with your left-over Thanksgiving turkey: Barbecued turkey sandwiches. Here’s what you need: left-over Thanksgiving turkey bottle of barbecue sauce crock pot 2 cans mushrooms 2 cups water 2 tablespoons honey Throw all…
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how to: wear jewelry

How many things have you said yes to since I started this series?  Red lipstick?  A scarf? I hope so. This, my final installment, is all about how to wear jewelry.  I am an accessorizing fool, and I’m about to show you how I like to put jewelry together to fox up any outfit on the cheap. –This post is part 4 of a 4 part series sponsored by Yes To, Inc. the makers of the brilliant natural beauty lines…
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What’s in Your Purse Series: Week Twenty Six

vera bradley

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series purse is from Michelle.  Thanks Michelle! Hope you’re all having a happy Thanksgiving! — My Purse:  Vera Bradley mailbag in Very Berry Paisley Starting from the “weird” wolf notebook moving clockwise Weird wolf notebook.  I have paint chips, measurements and things I want to buy all in this book and weird notes I’ve written to myself which I no longer understand what they mean. Blue plastic container of various insurance cards, red Clinique…
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great board games for families.

myth busters

I am a huge fan of board games.  Huge.  I have yet to convince Viktor of their import in our lives, but the kids are finally old enough to appreciate their mothers’ mad skills. Mad skills. I think however, when the kids open up a package to reveal this Mythbusters board game on Christmas day, they might wipe the floor with me. I don’t know if it’s unhealthy or not but my kids are Mythbusters obsessed.  Charming knows what ballistics…
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Fun Thanksgiving Ideas.

fun thanksgiving ideas

I write for a few places around the web, one of which is a holiday blog on AOL called Holidash.  Holidash is filled to its adorable brim with holiday ideas of every sort, and I recently added a couple of my own ideas for Thanksgiving.  Do you need some fun Thanksgiving ideas? I do. First up is a gratitude tree.  An easy craft to help you remember why it is we’re all gathering for this holiday in the first place….
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cinnamon pull apart bread

cinnamon bread

We’re baking like crazy around here since it’s about to be Thanksgiving in the U.S.  We have weirdness with Thanksgiving.  Sometimes we’re traveling, like we were last year, and sometimes we go it alone.  This year it’s just my little family of four for Thanksgiving Dinner, so yours truly is responsible for all the cooking. I tried this recipe, just for kicks on Sunday, and I think I’ll do it again for Thanksgiving dinner.  The kids went bananas for it. …
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Shattered Eyeshadow DIY How To Fix Or Repair

MAC eyeshadow

How to repair your shattered eyeshadow.  Today I’m going to share something with you, something precious and close to me. It will help you preserve your sanity and hard earned dollars.  It might be a little bit of fun for your Monday too, but I don’t want to assume things on your behalf.  Have you ever shattered a brand new eyeshadow?  I’m here to help with a makeup tip from the pros. Are you here from StumbleUpon?  Thanks so much…
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