Year: 2010

sorel boots.

Torino $95 {Sorel} I bet you didn’t know Sorel boots were cute these days. My memories of Sorels included the manly version that Viktor wears when he’s out chopping wood or doing other freezing winter activities. Warm? Yes. Cute? Not so much. Times, they are a changin’. These new hot pink, adorable, warm and snuggly Sorels are for women. Precocious has huge feet though, so she scored these. Lucky girl. They aren’t even the cutest in the batch. I’m totally…
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organizing drawers.

January for me, like the rest of the country, is about organization. In January I like to pretend that I can make my house look like something out of a Martha catalog. Come on, it’s possible. My first step in making strides to organized living is getting the drawers under control. The drawers all over my house are brimming with *stuff* and the only way for me to keep them organized is with little organizing trays. Please tell me I’m…
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new laminate floor.

I promise I’ll get back to more fun and interesting things, like fashion and style, once I get this post out of my system. I just can’t help myself, I’m too excited about my new floor. You might remember that we had the great flood of 2009 way back in October and I’ve been living with a cement slab for a family room floor ever since. Well, last week Viktor must have felt guilty about the fact that he bought…
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riding bareback.

Now that we have a horse we have to go feed him. Daily. I know. I wish he lived next to our house {he lives 20 minutes away} because it’s putting a damper on my schedule to go out to the pasture every day just to throw some bales of hay over a fence. The kids are in hog heaven though; Precocious hasn’t been this happy in, well, ever. The other day after we got the horses all fed and…
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happy new year!

I’m completely excited about a new year. New Year’s resolutions, fresh slate, clean house. I haven’t gotten to the clean house part yet but it’s one of my resolutions! 2009 was bananas for me. BA-NA-NAS. I traveled all over the country: Houston, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Monterey, Huntington Beach, L.A., San Diego, Chicago, Boston, New York, Huntington Beach {again}, Salt Lake City. I threw a party with a group of amazing women at BlogHer ’09, and survived to tell about…
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have a stylish new year!

I realized something when I was hanging out at my parents house on Christmas day: I am my mother’s daughter. After the present frenzy subsided, my mother brought out her hair basket to get gussied up for the day and I counted eight, {yes eight} Aveda products all stacked in a row inside a cute wire basket. Go mom. Here’s hoping you have a stylish and wonderful 2010. Happy New Year!