Year: 2010

gift guide for her

gift guide for her

It’s pretty obvious that this gift guide is a who’s who game of cosmetics and beauty supplies in my closet right now. That doesn’t make this gift guide for her any less relevant, I happen to be a curator of all things beauty. Please proceed. 1.  O.P.I. nail polish 2. Aveda Smooth Infusion Kit 3. All in one Make-Up Kit 4. Volumizing Mascara

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gift guide for kids

gift guide

Numbers #1 and #2 are for the older kid set and #3 and #4 are completely timeless. 1. Mythbusters Board Game 2.  Nintendo DSi 3. Toy Story 3 DVD 4. Lego Ultimate Building Set

gift guide for men

gift guide for him

I guess there’s no time like the present to start tossing out gift guides for the holidays.  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Chrismukkah, or Festivus “for the rest of us”, it’s gift season time and I’m here to help. I’ll add as many guides as I can whip out in the next couple weeks, and you can sit back and reap the rewards of being the best gift giver in the house. 1. The Pacific on DVD {HBO Miniseries}  2….
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Decorate with Flowers on Your Christmas Tree


I decorated our tree with a little extra something-something this year.  A little something-something I found at the Dollar Store. Have you ever decorated your Christmas tree with flowers before?  This was a first for me, and I love it.  In fact, next year maybe I’ll get my very own tree and decorate the entire thing with only fake flowers and white lights.  It’s really, really pretty. Supplies for decorating your Christmas tree with flowers: A few stems of your…
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What’s In Your Purse Series: Week Twenty Seven

leather purse

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series purse is from Joy Crabb of The Supper Diaries. I love this purse.  I want it now. wallet. A Christmas present from my sister-in-law My insanely huge set of keys. All of them necessary change that is somehow always floating around the bottom of my purse iPhone lighter. Seeing that I’m L.D.S. I have no reason to have this in here. It’s probably left over from a birthday party random pens and pencils….
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Customized Portrait for Christmas

custom portrait

It’s the season of giveaways around here, and I have a great one for you today. My good friend Mike Loveland, husband of my superbly talented graphic designer Alma Loveland {both of Ollibird}, is doing a series of portraits for the holidays and you can get in on the love. Mike did portraits of my children, something I’ve wanted to have done for a long time, and I’m a smitten kitten.  Not only is it awesome to have customized art…
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how to: sugar scrub

I posted a tutorial last year on how to make sugar scrub, and it was such a hit I decided to vlog about it. Here I am, in all my excited glory, showing you how to make sugar scrub. This stuff makes a great holiday gift, I’m just saying. Are you here from StumbleUpon?  Thanks so much for visiting!  If you like what you see, I have plenty more where this came from.  Use the FOLLOW US buttons on my…
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the incident of the motorcycle


Today’s a random sort of day for me, so I thought instead of sharing the newest beauty secret in my pocket, I’d share a quick story with you.  I know, you’re waiting with bated breath, I can feel it. Several years ago when Precocious was a toddler, we lived in a small condominium in a different city.  We lived close enough to Viktor’s office that he decided to buy a motorcycle for the quick commute.  It didn’t hurt that his…
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rocker child

kid rocker

I uploaded a bunch of photos yesterday from my camera after doing a few tutorials, and here’s what I found: Anyone missing a little rock star? On a side note, where did he learn this?  Not from Avatar, surely. **UPDATED** Apparently, he learned it in Kindergarten.  Ahem.