Year: 2010

weekend wrap-up


Friends, the house is empty today and I’m partying like it’s 1995.  An entire 2 liter of Diet Dr Pepper + an empty house + me + hip hop?  It’s not pretty, but it’s a party. A few things I wanted to remind you about over the weekend: I shared Top 10: Fashion Trends for the Holidays on Tip Junkie this week.  Hint: fur is hot, in more way than one. I’m giving away an Epiphanie camera bag and you…
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cheap idea for a family holiday card

family holiday cards

I’m feeling extra tight with cash this year, but I really didn’t want to cut holiday cards out of the budget entirely. If there’s one time of the year I enjoy picking up the mail, it’s the holidays.  Almost all human contact has been lost in the world, but personalized holiday cards remain. I really want to keep this tradition alive, so I decided to go the cheap route.  I turned my favorite family photo from the year into a…
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How To: Homemade Cookie Mix In Jar

cookie mix

Surely at one point in the history of your life you’ve received a cookie mix in a jar as a gift.  If you haven’t, you need to move to a neighborhood where people hand these out. I’m kidding. Just come over to my house and I’ll make one for you. If you have basic cookie ingredients on hand you can make a big batch of these to hand out over the holidays.  You’ll make friends and influence people all over…
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customized portrait giveaway winner!

customized portrait

I’m happy so many of you love the customized portraits as much as I do. Even if you didn’t win the giveaway, I really recommend ordering some from Mike Loveleand anyway, they’re really something extra special. The winner of the giveaway is: Juleen Kenney I would have some of my wedding photos turned into portraits. Juleen, congratulations! Now hurry and email me so I can get you in touch with Mike!  allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom

how to: line your water line

If you haven’t tried lining your water line, you’re missing out. Some of the hottest makeup looks known to man include lining your water line. Stay with me, I know it feels unnatural. How to: Line your water line What do you think? You all in? You absolutely have to try it at least a couple of times before you decide whether you like it or not. It totally takes some getting used to, but man is it worth it.

Present Wrapping Idea


This year I’ve decided all the Christmas gifts will be wrapped in brown paper.  It started when I was re-using brown paper bags from the grocery store, wrapping the gifts with the insides of the bag so nothing but the brown showed.  After I ran out of those I decided to buy brown Kraft paper from the Dollar Store {where else?} and continue on with my wrapping.  I love the look of all the gifts in the house wrapped as…
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camera bag giveaway

You know my new cute camera bag?  The one I’m guarding from my children to within an inch of my life?  I worship my camera bag.  It has taken away the common conundrum of carrying around both an ugly camera bag and a cute purse, and guess what? I have one to give away. This camera bag isn’t just adorable, it’s practical too.  I can carry around my camera, three lenses, a wallet, and a handful of my favorite lipsticks….
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The Beauty of Different Book Review

the beauty of different

My friend Karen Walrond just published a book, and it’s a gorgeous piece of work.  I put it at the top of my wish list for Christmas but I couldn’t wait that long to read it, so I ordered it early and have been enjoying the fruits of her labor every night before I go to sleep. Karen is a master storyteller and phenomenal photographer who put into words and pictures the stories of beautiful people who at one time…
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gift guide #2 for kids

kids gift guide

I put a little something for everyone in this one.  I really want a Leap Frog Tag reader for Charming, an iPod shuffle for Precocious so she’ll stop borrowing mine, the B. Toys beads are a phenomenal toy for everyone, and Silly Bandz? I’ll never understand the appeal. 1. iPod Shuffle 2. Leap Frog Tag Reading System 3.  Silly Bandz 4. Beads from B. Toys