Year: 2010

Sassy Fall Outfit.

fall outfit

It’s sweater weather in Utah {at least at night} and here’s the sassy fall outfit I’m about to buy, top to bottom.  When it gets a little cooler you can wear a long sleeved tee or a turtleneck underneath.  Would you wear it? I would, and will. 1. Textured Elastic Wide Belt $6.80, Forever 21 2. Women’s Shawl Collar Vest $26.99 Lands’ End Canvas 3. Women’s Tweed Trousers $39.50, Old Navy 4. Leather Ankle Booties $74.00, Zappos

What’s in Your Purse Series: Week Eighteen.

hobo bag

Have I mentioned lately how much I love playing, ‘What’s in Your Purse‘? I haven’t?  Well, I do.  Very much. Please keep sending in your purses, this whole series has been awesome.  Send me two good quality photos of your bag, one of the outside, one of the contents, along with a bullet list of what I’m looking at to: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom.  Muchas gracias. This week’s purse is from Abby of Tales and Trials. baby wipes:: for little people messy faces/hands…
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Quick and Easy Recipe for Frog Eye Salad.

frog eye salad

I don’t know if Frog Eye Salad is a Utah thing, or an American thing, or just a plain old family thing, but I love the stuff.  Chewy, delicious pasta soaked in sugary pineapple syrup and coated with coconut, marshmallows and cream? Yes, please. Here are your ingredients for Frog Eye Salad: {isn’t the name nasty? I know} -1 & 2/3 cups Acini-de-Pepe pasta, uncooked 1 can {20 ounces} pineapple chunks, drained {reserve 1/4 cup of the juice for later}…
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Weekend in Vegas.

good husband

I still haven’t written about Mighty Summit because I’m tired, and still processing the happiness of the whole weekend, and in the interim, I went to Vegas for the weekend.  Because apparently being in two major cities in one week isn’t enough, I needed to make it three.  Sigh. {this is the whole family, schlepped to Vegas, in the Bellagio hotel which is made of awesome} So a couple weeks ago my girlfriend Carina told me she had extra tickets…
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My Everyday Earrings

gem stone earrings

These sterling silver gemstone earrings are my new favorites.  They were part of the swag from SocialLuxe Lounge and have become a part of my outfit every single day.  Unless I’m going somewhere fancy and want to wear bigger earrings, I pop these in as a go-to staple.  Aren’t they fabulous?  They’re from Cambria Cove, a crowd favorite, and while I can’t these exact ones on their site right now, they have plenty like them that will get the job…
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My Laundry Room is….

front loading washer and dryer

A complete disaster.  If yours isn’t, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. This, despite the fact that I painted a completely adorable red bench from D.I. a beautiful bright red to give the kids a place to remove their shoes.  Despite the great coat rack from IKEA for the school backpacks.  Despite the new front loading washer and dryer which take up so little space it’s practically criminal.  Despite the white board on the wall from Costco that…
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Where to Eat in Park City.

cranberry chicken salad

I know I got sidetracked by life for a little while.  Hijacked is more accurate.  But I’m back, and I want to finish out the Park City series.  I started out with a post about where to stay in Park City on vacation, and I have two more in me.  This one on where to eat while you’re there, at least if you stay at The Canyons, and what to do in Park City.  Besides ski. So.  Where were we? …
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What a six-year-old packs for a trip

stuff for a trip

Since we’re doing What’s in Your Purse today, I’ll show you what Charming packed for me last week.  I was throwing together things to take to the Mighty Summit and here’s what he contributed.  He brought it over to my desk, all shoved in a little plastic make-up container and said, “Here mommy, I packed this for your trip.  It’s full of everything you’ll need in California.” Here’s what you’re looking at: – A pedometer. – 2 eyeliners, one white…
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What’s in Your Purse Series: Week Seventeen

marc jacobs bag

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series is from Danielle, of Elleinad Spir.  Thanks Danielle! My current (and favorite) bag is by Marc Jacobs. I love that it holds everything I need as a mother of a 3 ½ year old, and yet is still a cute purse. The front two pockets: Sani-Hands for kids. I love these – they are very gentle and yet still effective. ( iPhone The zippered outside pocket: a zip lock bag with flushable Kandoo…
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